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Best Free Marketing Courses & Guides

Have you been spending days or weeks trying to learn internet marketing and have nothing to show for it? Not sure about shelling out thousands of dollars for training yet?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some of the best free marketing courses & guides that will help you get on the right path.

I’m sharing a wide variety of free trainings for the simple fact not all people will want to choose the same platforms.

Some may want to focus on YouTube or Funnel building, while others may want to learn about Ecommerce and other things.

Since I share internet marketing strategies & tips with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I'll earn some coffee money at no extra cost to you.

Free Guides, Courses & Webinars: Thrive University

What is it?: Thrive University gives you access to all of their guides, courses & webinars.

You’ll learn how to create websites, landing pages and opt-in forms that are built for maximum conversions, from the ground up.

Why do I recommend it?: Their behind some of the best looking and converting websites online.

They will show you how to integrate Google Analytics and other marketing tools with your site, how to build an engaged mailing list, how to maximize your conversions and much more.

Where to find it:

Free YouTube Masterclass: Sean Cannell

What is it?: Sean Cannell is the CEO of Think Media and co-founder of Video Influencers.

He is one of today’s leading online video experts and the world’s most watched YouTube strategist.

Why do I recommend it?: You’ll learn the tools and tactics to build a successful YouTube channel.

You’ll learn how you can make money by sharing products you already use, how to create search base niche videos and much more in this 2 hour free training.

Where to find it:

10X Funnel Builder Secrets: Russell Brunson

What is it?: If you want to learn from one of the very best in creating sales funnels then you need to check out Russel Brunson’s free webinar.

Why do I recommend it?: In this training you’re going to learn: The simple process to 10X your company in the next 12 months, how to spy on your competitors’ funnels.

You’ll also learn what type of funnel to use for YOUR specific business, how to get the best sales person on planet earth to close sales for your product 24/7 and much more.

Where to find it:

#1 FREE Clickbank Training: CB Workshop

What is it?: If you ever were curious about making money with Clickbank then Patrick Chan is the guy to listen to.

In his webinar you’ll discover 3 proven strategies he used to help over 3,000 documented customers to make money with ClickBank.

Why do I recommend it?: Patric walks you thru a very simple process showing you how to get more traffic to your opt-in page and then automating the sales process with a hands off approach.

Where to get the Workshop:

#1 Amazon Dropshipping Webinar: SaleHoo

What is it?: Over the last few years ecommerce has really exploded and many people are banking some good money with dropshipping.

This webinar is perfect for those that have always thought about selling on Amazon.

Why do I recommend it?: You’ll learn how to spot a profitable product to sell and how you can do it without wasting time, how to look for suppliers that sell those profitable products and how to contact them and start selling.

Where to watch the webinar:

#1 For Building Authority Sites: Authority Hacker

What is it?: This is one of the most respected companies when it comes to sharing what it takes to build authority sites.

They have a proven system that works, plain and simple if you’re willing to put in the work.

Why do I recommend it?: You’ll learn how to pick your niche, the best way to find profitable keywords, they show you the exact setup they use for their authority sites, content creation and efficient link building.

Where to find the Webinar:

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