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Social media has come along way in a very short period of time and anytime there is a medium that is popular you can bet that marketing to that fan base will follow.

I suggest that you focus on 1 or 2 platforms at the most that fit your niche and build a following, then you can add to them if you wish.

Below I will share some of the best social media marketing tools that will allow you to build, grow and automate your business.

Since I share internet marketing strategies & tips with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I'll earn some coffee money at no extra cost to you.

Best Social Media Ads Course: SAS

What is it?: Super Affiliate System is a course by John Crestani that shows you how to run successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

If you don’t want to spend all that time trying to grow a following and want traffic to your product, this course is the quickest route to take.

Why do I recommend it?: John literally sets up campaigns using these traffic sources that you can follow step by step and gives you tons of targeted data.

The course includes buyers lists and these lists allow you to create look-alike audiences that you can easily target.

Where to find SAS:

YouTube Keyword Research Tool: TubeBuddy

What is it?: A If you’re going to focus on YouTube for your business then you need to use a tool that can help you grow your channel in the shortest amount of time.

TubeBuddy is the premier YouTube channel management and video optimization toolkit. Their innovative software platform integrates directly into YouTube.

Why do I recommend it?: TubeBuddy can accelerate your YouTube views & gives you the analytics that can get your videos on top of the search.

It suggests the best keywords for your video which can help you rank better on YouTube as well as on Google search. It also gives you a full YouTube SEO check list and much more.

Where to find it:

Best Course To Monetize Pinterest: AffiliatePin

What is it?: AffiliatePin is a course that combines affiliate marketing with Pinterest.

The course shows you how to skyrocket your traffic with Pinterest SEO along with other tips that will help you to grow and monetize your Pinterest following.

Why do I recommend it?: AffiliatePin shows you exactly what affiliate products to choose before promoting, how to automate earnings and add new niches.

If you have a Pinterest account and you know how to create a board then you can earn some additional income.

Where to find it:

Top Pinterest Automated Tool: TailWind

What is it?: TailWind will save you a lot of time if you’re serious about building a following on Pinterest.

I’m talking about automating your business instead of wasting time having to login to Pinterest each time to pin.

Why do I recommend it?: Tailwind is the only Pinterest-approved software that solves this problem.

With TailWind you can schedule an entire week of Pins in 20 minutes flat.

You can quickly find fresh, quality content from consistent Pinners and you can easily reshare Pins to drive traffic.

Where to find it:

Free YouTube Masterclass: Sean Cannell

What is it?: Sean Cannell is the CEO of Think Media and co-founder of Video Influencers.

He is one of today’s leading online video experts and the world’s most watched YouTube strategist.

Why do I recommend it?: You’ll learn the tools and tactics to build a successful YouTube channel.

You’ll learn how you can make money by sharing products you already use, how to create search base niche videos and much more in this 2 hour free training.

Where to find it:

Create YouTube Thumbnails: Thumbnail Blaster

What is it?: Thumbnail Blaster is a new AI-based app which makes it easy for you to create attention-grabbing, stunning thumbnails for any types of videos.

Thumbnail Blaster gives you all the automation features you need to get 3X more views, traffic and leads.

Why do I recommend it?: When it comes to messing with photoshop or any type of designing, it eats up a lot of time and if you want to outsource it can cost you.

With this tool you can save your time and money because it comes with a library of over 100 stunning templates and you can customize everything without any design skills!

Where to get it:

Automate Your Social Media: Social Pilot

What is it?: Social Pilot lets you add all your social media accounts, and then some. You can post all your updates without ever worrying about running out of limits.

It gives you the ability to compose posts for multiple social networks from one place.

Why do I recommend it?: You can easily schedule and publish your social media content across all major social networks with their social media scheduler.

You can check analytics and so much more. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than Buffer, Hootsuite and all the others. Hey, anything that can save you money is a good thing.

Check Out Social Pilot:

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