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How to Improve Your Competitors Videos

Once you have gone through their videos, you are left with several choices in terms of improvement. Generally speaking, when you’re looking to improve on your competitors’ content, you can improve on the following five points.

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Studying Your Competitors Videos

If you’re trying to build a successful YouTube channel the good news here is that your competitors have done most of the heavy lifting already. What you want to do is figure out your niche and focus on your keywords.

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Create Successful Amazon FBA Listings

Hopefully, you’ve followed the advice in my earlier posts and have chosen an awesome product. And hopefully, you’re now marketing it well so that a huge amount of people are rushing to place their orders.

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Sourcing Amazon FBA Products

There are lots of places that you can find products to resell and of course you do have the option of going direct to the manufacturers. You can also opt to create your own products and get them shipped to Amazon!

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Getting Started With Amazon FBA

Let’s start from the beginning: what exactly is Amazon FBA? Essentially, FBA stands for “Fulfilment By Amazon.” This does exactly what it says on the tin: it means that Amazon will handle your fulfillment.

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How to Create Your Own Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook has opened its Messenger architecture to developers. They basically laid out the different commands and different structures that Messenger bot developers could use to interact with Facebook’s core messaging technology. Usually, this is done through an API system.

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Facebook Messenger Bot Etiquette

Please observe the following etiquette rules when using Facebook Messenger chat bot to engage with your target audience members. As I have mentioned earlier, you have to always comply with Facebook’s terms of service.

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How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Grow Your Audience

While you can get quite a bit of traffic from Facebook, using bots responsibly enable you to build a sustainable business. This is not some sort of one-time big-time bot technology. Get that idea out of your head. In many cases, less is more.

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