Let The Training Begin!

Introduction To Cash In On Domains By Mike Erwin

The Only Way You Will Not See Results Is If You Don’t Take Action

My goal for you just starting out in this training is for you to make $30/day. I know it may not seem like much but it is an extra $900/month! The purpose of this is for you to see for yourself that it is possible. Once you make that first domain sale you know for yourself what I’m teaching here works and there is no reason you can’t buy and sell as many as you want each and every day!

Training Part 1

Where to find those low priced, but profitable domains!

Training Part 2

How To Sell The Domain You Just Bought

Here are 2 simple emails that I use for potential buyers. It’s straight to the point and you will get responses. Then you can reply with the price you wish to sell it for or have them make an offer. Remember, a pig gets fat and a hog gets slaughtered.

Letter 1:

Subject Line: “Yourdomain.com” is for sale

Body: Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am selling that domain if you would be interested. Thank you

Letter 2:

Subject Line: “Yourdomain.com” is for sale

Body: I own the domain name “keyword.com”. I was planning on using the “keyword.com” for a project, but my plans have changed recently. I’m wondering if you would be interested in acquiring this domain name.

Training Part 4

Other Places To Sell Your Domains

Training Part 5

How To Transfer Domain Once You Sell It

Step 1. Get account details from the new owner

You will need two pieces of information from the
new domain owner to begin a change of ownership.

Godaddy Account username or ID#

Email address associated with the account

Communicate with the buyer to provide these details.

If they do not have an account with GoDaddy you can
instruct them to create one for free.

No purchase is required to create an account.

Step 2. Access your domain manager

From GoDaddy.com you can access you domain manager
by clicking the “My Account” tab (top right) and then click the
“Domain Manager” link which will open in a new window.

Step 3. Select the domain you would like to transfer

Click the check-box next to the domain which is ready to change ownership.  The buttons at the top of your manager will become highlighted.  You can then click the “Account Change” icon.

Step 4. Enter new account information

Type in the customer number and email address provided in Step 1.

You will typically want to select the option to “Use details from specified customer account” so that their name will be associated with the domain and not yours. Sometimes this option will not work if the new owner has not setup their account information.

Congratulations, you’ve just transfered a domain to it’s new owner.

Below is what I then send to the new buyer that is Accepting a Domain Ownership Transfer

Within the GoDaddy Domain Manger you will notice green navigation tabs at the top of the page. Move your mouse over the “Domains” tab and select the “Pending Account Changes” link.

From this page you will be able to quickly accept any domains that are
pending ownership transfer.

Training Part 6

Don’t Over Complicate This Process

I will work personally with you to get your first sale! Once you experience your first sale you will realize the power of this method and the sky is the limit.

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