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If you’re wanting to build and grow a serious business, you need the right email marketing tools to be able to communicate with your clients, potential customers and followers.

Email marketing will be one of the main keys to your success as most people don’t buy on their first visit to your website.

You need to have the ability to follow up with them and that’s where the power of autoresponders and money making emails come in.

Best Autoresponder Service: Aweber

What is it?: Aweber is top notch when it comes to delivering your emails. It allows you to create a mailing list and capture all the data you could possibly need.

You can view and analyze statistics related to your email marketing campaigns such as opens and clickthru rates.

Why do I recommend it?: 

Aweber provides the largest set of HTML e-newsletter templates available: there are over 700 available.

Their email templates are all ‘responsive’ which means that they automatically resize themselves to suit the device they’re being viewed on.

Where to find them:

Best Budget Autoresponder Option: TrafficWave

What is it?: TrafficWave has a user friendly interface which will help beginners to start with email marketing much faster than any other autoresponders.

It doesn’t have the advanced features of some of the top line autoresponders but they have everything you need to build your list.

Why do I recommend it?: If you want excellent deliverability, and a low monthly flat rate that stays the same no matter how big your lists grow, then TrafficWave is the perfect fit.

Compared to the price you pay for advanced features, TrafficWave provides you more value than what you pay.

Where to find them:

Top Email Marketing Templates: Autoresponder Alchemy

What is it?: Terry Dean created this 6-module video training course that comes with 80 email templates that you can copy, customize and send to start generating more income through your emails.

Terry teaches you all the email follow-up strategies and techniques that are working TODAY.

Why do I recommend it?: You get Terry’s personal collection of 80 emails that are already proven to generate sales.

Each template explains the hidden psychology behind the email and is ready for you to fill-in-the-blanks. Plus you’ll receive additional cheat sheets and guides in each module.

Where to find them:

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