10 Ways To Make Money Driving

10 Ways To Make Money Driving

In this article we’re going to touch on 10 ways to make money driving. 10 ways that you can actually drive your vehicle and make money, so let’s get to it.

Number One: Ride-Sharing

Ride Sharing is the most in vogue one over the last five or six years. Uber is the biggest player in the game. They’ve been around since 2009, man time flies almost ten years. Lyft came in a couple years later but there’s also different local ones.

So Uber and Lyft are pretty much everywhere in the US and a lot of places in the world but there’s also local ones. Check between those two as well your local ones. Most drivers use Uber and Lyft because it gives you more opportunities to pick people up and earn money.

Number Two: Delivery

Whoever thought delivery would be so much fun. There’s actually a few now, Uber eats and DoorDash – among other smaller ones but there’s plenty of apps that let people be more lazy like me and have things delivered to your doorstep.

Number Three: Renting Your Car

Turow and Get Around are two different applications that’ll let you rent your car to random people. It may sound a little weird, if you have a Ferrari this may not be an option but those with normal cars it might be a good idea.

Especially if you’re in a more city or urban based neighborhood where they charge for parking or have a parking space you have to pay for.

Maybe you can rent out the car part-time so you don’t pay for that. In some places it’s insane what they charge for parking so this might be a total win-win for both parties.

Number Four: Wrap Your Car

Wrapify is a website that allows advertisers as well as people with vehicles to mingle and see what makes sense. They can give you up to four hundred dollars a month for having a full wrap around your car.

Number Five: Mover

If you’re in a city like New York City, San Francisco or very very densely populated areas you may be able to hire yourself as a mover. Now that doesn’t mean you have to put your muscle tank top on and walk a bunch of boxes around.

Actually just using your vehicle and lugging people’s stuff from one space to the next can make money. If you live in the suburbs this is not for you but being in a tightly knit metropolitan city it may be a good side hustle for you and who doesn’t like extra money.

Number Six: Safe Driver

Insurance companies are now cutting checks for safe drivers. Now safe drivers means no accidents and no tickets so and Allstate cuts a $50 check every six months for no accidents.

State Farm gives you up to 50% off your premiums if you’re a safe driver and may actually have the sensor that plugs into your vehicle to track to make sure you actually are a safe driver.

Number Seven: Amazon

Now what would be a list in this day and age without Amazon on it. Amazon allows you to deliver pretty much everything from foot cream to vegetables to plasticware and everything in between.

It might be worth looking into being a driver for them as more and more Amazon warehouses are popping up all over the country looking for drivers.

Number Eight: Veyo

If you’re a person who has a soft spot in their heart for older people you should think about eldercare transportation. Veyo and ElderCare is a way to make extra money helping older people get to doctors appointments and various other chores.

Number Nine: Driving Kids

Having someone responsible to transport kids is another route you can try. There is a service called HopSkipDrive and it operates in a few different markets right now and it helps transport kids six years old.

Number Ten: Local Businesses

There’s so many other occupations that don’t require an app on the phone or anything online to do that. There’s many local businesses that require reliable transportation and that’s where you can come in.

Delivering for a specific restaurant, dropping off prescriptions, etc. There are many options if you just look around your local neighborhood.

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10 Ways To Make Money Driving – Conclusion

So that was our 10 ways to make money driving and I know there’s probably a ton more so leave some comments and let us know your ideas.

To get some more information and start making your side hustle a reality, check out some of my other articles that will help you shorten your learning curve.

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