How To Create Your Google Review Link

How To Create Your Google Review Link

If you’re looking to generate Google Review links to send to your clients so you can get more reviews, today I’m going to show you not one, but two ways how to create your Google review link. So let’s go through both of them right now.

Even though I’m gonna show you two ways, I strongly suggest you use the second method because the first way doesn’t work as well in some browsers, and I’ve seen it completely fail on mobile devices.

The first one is the easier of the two ways. You’re gonna go to Google or anywhere that you can search Google and you are gonna search for the name of your business.

It automatically comes up on the right side because I’ve registered my business with Google Business. Hopefully you’ve already done that. Now you’ll scroll down to where it says “Write a Review.” This pops up for you to be able to write a review.

Then you want to go up – back to the top of your browser bar – it’s got this super long long address but you just want to copy that. You should use a some sort of link shortener or text link before you send it out to a client.

Now when they click on it it will automatically populate with the ability to leave the rating. Like I said before, there are some issues depending on the browser and device the person is using.

Google used to let it pre-populate where it had five stars and then they had to change it (which was really cool), but they wised up and that is no longer available. So that’s the first way.

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Look Up Place ID

The second way is more complex but I think you’ll find that it will work well in more places. So let’s learn this method. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna look up the place ID for your business. Here’s the place id link, you go there and then you’re gonna do the same thing, type in the name of your business.

It should hopefully come up in the list. Click on it. Now if you look down here it says “Place ID” and then it has this big long crazy thing.

So what I’m gonna do is take the link that they gave us, I’m gonna copy that, put it in the address bar, then I’m gonna come down and copy my place ID. Then I’m gonna put that at the end in place of where it says Place ID. Now that becomes my review link. Tada!

Now it pops up with the box and also works on mobile so use that method. Getting those reviews is important. Not only does it give your brand social proof, it shows credibility for other potential clients and customers, and Google reviews helps you in Google search results.

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How To Create Your Google Review Link – Conclusion

If you have a lot of reviews, and especially positive reviews, they see that as, “Hey, I should show this brand to more people because obviously people like this brand.” So get those reviews.

If you got something out of this how to create your Google review link post, leave a comment and share with your business friends to help them get reviews.

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