How To Get More Clients For Your Gym

How To Get More Clients For Your Gym

Attention health club, gym and fitness center owners. Are you ready to crush your competition? Grab a piece of paper and pen, you’re going to want to take some notes on how to get more clients for your gym.

I’m about to share with you our 14 new strategies and ideas to grow your membership base and improve your retention levels. The 14 new ideas and strategies that I’m about to share with you have been tested and proven to work in clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

At the end of this I’ll give you some information where you can get more details on how each of these strategies can be implemented into your club. With that being said, let’s get going.

It’s Not All About You

Number one you need to make your website all about your prospects. If your current website is nothing more than an online brochure talking about how great you are or filled with intimidating pictures you’re using the wrong angle.

If the only offer that you have to present to somebody is to sign up now to save money you’re not going to win the membership battle game in your community.

You have to make your website all about the needs, wants and desires of the men and women in your community.

Get People Engaged

Our second excellent money-making idea is to host a monthly new member mixer for people who have joined the prior 30 days. Have them bring a guest with them when they come to your party.

Not only will it solidify your relationship with your new members but they’ll also be bringing in new potential members for you to meet and for you to offer some free giveaways and goodies to them as well.

Get People In The Door

Idea number three. Make sure that you’re offering free passes on your website. Make their delivery automatic and simple ask for their name and email address and then send it to them.

The fortune is in the follow up. By capturing their email you will be able to keep them updated on all the exciting things going on in your gym. You can also share tips for helping them achieve their goals.

This builds a relationship of trust with your readers and who do you think they will choose when they do decide to join a local gym. They will pick the gym that has proven to be helpful with free tips rather than someone who they have no relationship.

Learn more about: Building Your Email List

Fill Up Your Quite Time

Strategy number four. What’s the quietest time of day in your facility? Each and every day of the week, let’s say it’s from two to five pm. Create an afternoon athlete program for your local high school and college students offering them a low-cost way to use your facility.

Every business has a quite time and once you know that time you can focus on what you can offer to fill that space.

Get More Targeted Eyes On Your Offer

Strategy number five. I’d like you to stay away from wasting your money on direct mail postcards to people who aren’t necessarily interested in joining your health club.

Today more than ever you need to be visible from the street. Use outdoor banners for drive-by traffic and lure them in with compelling low-risk offers.

Get Involved

Idea number six you need to be a better representative of your community and get involved. We strongly suggest you host your local Chamber of Commerce into your facility for their monthly meetings.

Not only will you get a wide range of business professionals, you’ll begin promoting yourself as a business leader in the community.

Create Your Newsletter

Would you like to see your members lasting two to three months longer than the traditional health club? For membership it can mean an awful lot of money for you and your club.

One great way to get your members to last longer is to send them helpful fitness and health news at least once a month preferably twice a month. I’ve showed my clients how to utilize this strategy over the last 10 years with great success to improve their bottom lines.

Joint Ventures

Another great idea for you to implement into your club is to establish joint ventures with similar but not competing businesses within your local community.

It’s amazing the synergy that you can have when teaming up with nutritionists, massage therapists, even vitamin vitamin shops in your marketplace.

Great Info and Events

The real leaders in health and fitness in any community are not only those that are providing access to health and fitness but also great information.

Great idea number nine. Have quarterly guest speaker events at your club for the public and for your members. If you provide great information and exciting speakers, people will come.

On a similar vein sponsor a Cancer Research fundraiser. Be involved with the Relay for Life through the Americans Cancer Society or be part of a Susan B Coleman fundraiser in the spring of each year.

Again by doing so you will drive people who are interested in health and fitness into your club and positioning yourself as an expert within the community.

Utilizing Your Website

Over 13,000 members just like yours that were surveyed by us last year told us that the first or second place that they’re going before ever coming through your front door is your website.

You better be giving your prospects multiple low-risk offers on your website to grab information so that they can feel comfortable with you before they ever call or come in, this is critical.

Sponsor Contests

Great idea number 12 revolves around the fact that you probably know people come to your club not only to get fit but they also want to lose weight.

Sponsor a weight loss contest annually at your club. I can promise you that your members will embrace it wholeheartedly and they’ll have a lot of fun doing it working together.

Position Yourself

Our lucky number thirteen strategy revolves around a fact that very few club owners fail to realize. Who is the largest employer in your local town? Most likely it’s your hospital.

Work in conjunction with them to sponsor a blood drive. Again, you’re positioning yourself as a health expert. You’re bringing new people into your facility that have never visited before and you’re providing a great customer service.

What a perfect way to differentiate yourself from just the lowly gym down the street.

Your Sales Funnel

Last but not least, successful health club owners in 2020 must have an automatic prospect follow-up system in place. People need to be able to raise their hands so to speak on your website.

By setting up a low-risk offer and a sales funnel on your website your potential clients are being communicated with until they ultimately come back in and join as a member.

If you don’t have an automatic prospect follow-up system in place you need to shoot me a message or give us a call. In 2020 it’s critical to your success.

LeadPages is a great way to build your sales funnel, you may want to check out LeadPages Free Trial

How To Get More Clients For Your Gym – Conclusion

As with any local business it all comes down to being able to market your business effectively to get the largest return on investment. You want to be able to streamline the process as much as possible.

The ideas on how to get more clients for your gym will help you do that if you apply them. I know I moved through these 14 ideas quickly but I wanted to keep this article brief. If any of these 14 have resonated with you and you’d like further information I strongly encourage you to contact us.

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