How To Get More Real Estate Clients

How To Get More Real Estate Clients

How to get more real estate clients? That’s a great question I got from one of my newsletter readers the other day. Here’s the thing, real estate is one of the most competitive businesses to get into.

If you’re a real estate agent it’s so hard to stand out because you’re all selling the exact same product. There’s tons of people out there and you’re all selling the same thing.

You’re being crunched down by online resources, by agents who would just sell on like 1% commission or flat fee. So how do you stand out? The way to do it is to make it personal and combine your passions.

It’s funny, all the real estate agents that I know, nobody does a good job with this. Real estate agents are so happy to put their face on business cards, on signs and put their face all over their website and yet nobody tells their story.

Share Your Story

Who are you? People need to know who you are, what you stand for and why are you interested in real estate. Tell me your story, make me feel something besides just looking at your face.

Why are people going to refer you, why are people going to work with you? It’s because they like you, they know you and they trust you.

I’ll use me as an example. People come up to me on the street or they come up to me at conferences, they write emails to me. They feel like they know me because of the content I share and the personal stories I tell.

They ask me about certain things that happened in my life, I don’t even know who this person is but they feel like they know me and that’s the relationship you need to create with people.

You want people to feel like they know who you are. They know your passions, they know what gets you excited and they know why you got started in the real estate business.

Who talks about that? Nobody!! That’s how you stand out. Start a YouTube channel and create some videos that tell people how you started in real estate.

Make a video sharing some of the mistakes you’ve made or answering questions that you get asked all the time. On top of that I’d combine the passion, because real estate alone isn’t enough.

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Share Your Passion

Find something else that you love, it could be from your personal life or something else that you love and combine those passions together. That’s where you going to have a lot of success.

A great example is not in real estate but from a financial services perspective. A client of mine is a financial adviser. Financial advisers  are the same as real estate agents. Same in that you have tons of competition and you’re all selling the same product.

So how do you stand out? It’s going to be through service. In my client’s case we spoke about it and how he loves hockey, that’s his other passion. He loves financial planning and he loves hockey.

So how did he combine hockey with financial advisory services? I suggested to him to start working with NHL players, with hockey players as clients and now he is the guy who a lot of NHL stars go to for financial advice.

It’s a dream goal of every financial adviser, to work with the high net worth clients. It’s a dream of every real estate agent to sell the multi-million dollar homes not the $300,000 ones.

He combined his passion and the hockey players love working with him because they love hockey too, they have a common interest.

So you have to find out who’s in your target market, who loves what you do, who understands your story and says I love this guy. I believe in the same thing he does.

Find something that’s close to your heart and this isn’t a marketing thing. It’s not just I’m going to join this church group or I’m going to join this charity because it’s going to help my business.

My client didn’t go off watching all those hockey clips because it’s gonna help him. He did it because that’s what he loves, that was a deep passion of his. So you have to find out what it is for you, what’s another passion of yours and how can you bring it into real estate.

When you combine your passions and you tell your story in the way that makes me feel something towards you and I feel like you’re a genuine person who I can relate to then people are going to hire you and they’re going to talk about you.

They’re going to spread the word about you and your business will explode. That’s how you attract clients like crazy in the real estate business.

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How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Conclusion

I hope this post has given you some insight on how to get more real estate clients. Start building relationships by sharing your story and your passions.

People want real, they want that connection. Be open, be honest and let people in. It will make a huge difference in your business, I don’t care what niche your in.

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