How To Install WordPress On Subdomain Using Cpanel

How To Install WordPress On Subdomain Using Cpanel

Today’s post is about installing WordPress on a subdomain. We’re using HostGator for an example in this tutorial but most hosts will probably have the same or similar setup.

From within your hosting account click my accounts and click go to cPanel. If you’re using a different hosting service you can do the same thing from within the cPanel.

When you’ve gotten to your CPanel click on your WordPress install. Once you are on the WordPress overview click install now. Here’s where things change slightly from installing a wordpress to your main site.

Your Separate Installation

In our previous installation we installed WordPress on our main URL but because I want to also have a second installation I want to go ahead and install a separate installation on the demo site.

When we get to this particular location I want to make sure to pull the drop down and select the sub domain so that I’m not overwriting the existing domain that I have set up already.

If you accidentally select the main URL you will overwrite the previous installation so make sure that you select your sub domain.

We’re going to go down and setup our username and password and change your admin email. Now here’s where I want to go ahead and click on Advanced Options.

Name Your Database

The reason I want to do this is because I want to change the database name. If I create multiple databases I want to make sure that I can locate the ones that I need to edit if I ever need to get in and edit.

Now you can name your database something related to what your new site will be about so you remember it and then you’re going to click install.

Now you have completely installed WordPress on your sub domain. Please make note that the name of the URL is much different than the regular URL so it’s actually a completely separate installation.

It almost acts like it’s a complete completely different site so actually when you try to go and log in you’ll have to make sure to type in whatever the subdomain prefix is and the and then the WP admin. Otherwise you will be editing the main domain.

How To Install WordPress On Subdomain Using Cpanel – Conclusion

I really don’t use subdomains that much but they can be useful in certain situations. If you’re wanting to create tutorials or perhaps do webinars then subdomains would be effective.

I hope this has given you some insight on how to install subdomains in Cpanel and how easy it actually is. If you like this post please make sure to leave a comment and share with your friends.

You can check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve and shoot me a message if you have a question. I will make sure and write a post answering it.

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