How To Be More Productive In Your Online Business

How To Be More Productive In Your Online Business

Today we’re going to be going over five simple hacks on how to be more productive in your online business and get more done in less time. That way you can feel like you’re running your business instead of your business running you.

Tip #1: Saying No

This two little letter word is one of the most powerful productivity tools that you have and that’s just saying no a lot more than you’re saying yes.

Chances are there are a lot of different opportunities, there are a lot of different clients you could have, there a lot of different products you can go after but really there’s always going to be more opportunity than there is time to capitalize on that opportunity.

So you need to prioritize and just start saying no. I know personally that I say no to about five or six different things a day whether that’s a collaboration, whether that’s a potential client, whether that’s a potential business partner or a potential product that we could offer.

I do that so I can really focus on what’s important and that’s actually tip number two.

Tip #2: Prioritizing

Chances are if you’re a content creator, a freelancer, running your agency or dropshipping, there are only one to three tasks that actually directly contribute to growing your audience or growing your email list and growing your bottom line.

You want to identify those one, two, three tasks and then ruthlessly cut out everything else because as the entrepreneur, as the business owner it’s your job to do the one or two things that really push the business forward.

Tip #3: Delegating

I can’t tell you how many of our clients and coaching students were going through their Asana task manager or their Trello or their to-do list or Evernote and we’re looking at all these things that they’re doing that they should be delegating.

Now I get it, when you’re just getting started chances are it’s really hard on the budget to begin to delegate and outsource things. I completely understand that, I’ve been there and some of our businesses and some of our clients are still there.

But there are always ways to either find software or just hire someone one or two hours a week to take something off your plate.

That’s  setting you up for success, that’s setting you up to help you scale in the future because as the entrepreneur it’s not your job to do everything.

So we’re saying no to about 90% of the opportunities that come across our desk, then we’re prioritizing just on one two three things that really are going to push our business forward in terms of our bottom line or growing our audience and then everything else we’re delegating as quickly as possible.

Tip #4: Time Blocking

This is all about helping you be productive when it comes to actually doing those one two three tasks that are actually important. Time blocking is an intentional way of setting up time throughout your day to focus on those important tasks.

So you’re essentially giving yourself permission and you’re training everyone else on your team or your family or friends that you are not to be distracted because you’re focusing on those one or two things that are vitally important to moving your business forward.

The best way to get started with time blocking is if you are a morning person block out three to four hours in the morning where you focus on the one or two things that are super important to moving your business forward.

If you’re a night owl then block out those two to three hours at night. Personally I’m a morning person so I block out the first four hours of my day.

I check my email and I check my to do list really quick and then my team and my business partners don’t hear from me for the next four hours and they’re all ok with that.

They know that I’m working on the most important things and that I’m responsible for pushing the business forward and making sure everyone else on the team can be successful.

Even if you’re just a one-person show time blocking will allow you to eliminate all the distractions and focus in on that one thing you really need to do to push your business forward.

I’m definitely not a multitasker, I know there’s a lot of productivity and time management stuff out there that says you could jump between tasks but really science has shown that our brains are not designed to jump between tasks.

You’re going to get your best deepest work done when you’re able to focus on one thing for an extended period of time and of course if 2 or 3 hours is too long that’s ok, you can start at an hour and work your way up.

I have time blocks as much as six or seven hours depending upon the tasks, it just depends on how much time you can give yourself to focus on those most important things and that leads me in to tip number five.

Tip #5: Logging

So you want to log all of your time throughout the week and I use something called Rescue Time. It logs my time automatically in the background, it’s a chrome plug-in that pretty much just tracks everything that you’re doing.

You can use something like Google Calendar and just throughout your day instead of just leaving your calendar you set it up at the beginning of the day or the week and adjust how you spent your time throughout the day.

I definitely don’t recommend meticulously tracking every single second because that can actually start to get in the way of getting things done.

I really think Google Calendar is the best way to go making notes to ensure that you can look back over the week and see how you spent your time.

This shows you where you you should have said no and you actually said yes and tasks that you were doing that weren’t part of those one, two, three things that are vitally important.

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How To Be More Productive In Your Online Business – Conclusion

I’m curious to hear from you what you think of this list and if you would add or subtract anything to these productivity hacks to help your own business move forward.

Go ahead and comment below because your insights and experience is going to help other entrepreneurs figure out the best solution and strategies for them to push their businesses forward.

If you got some value out of this article on how to be more productive in your online business share with your friends and make sure to check out my other digital marketing tactics and strategies that will help grow your online business.


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