How Do I Promote My Gym

How Do I Promote My Gym

In today’s post I’m going to answer a question from one of my newsletter readers who is opening up a gym and he wanted my advice on how do I promote my gym.

From my experience with gyms the first challenge is getting people to come in the door. What I recommend to a lot of gym owners is to partner up with local retailers and give them a commission for when they refer people to come into the gym.

So they’ll have little boxes at the retail outlets and people can sign up there, leave their contact information and somebody will call you. The retail shop owner gets a commission when somebody does come in and sign up with the gym.

Get Involved

Another really common way to do it is get involved in the community. You either sponsor or get involved with different events around your community that are that are related to fitness and activity. Try to get involved in those things and be seen in the community as a leader.

I think the bigger challenge is getting people to stay and one of my favorite ways to get more business is to really wow your customers and get them to keep coming back and then also bring their friends right.

A referred customer is going to spend more with you, be more loyal, ask less questions and definitely a lot less headaches than dealing with brand-new customers who have no point of contact with you yet.

I definitely think you should focus on wowing your customers. I think it’s hard with gyms because a lot of times people might come in in January and sign up because of a New Year’s resolution and they want to lose the weight that they gained over the holidays.

Then within the next month everybody drops off. So if people aren’t coming back then it’s harder to get them to sign up again and they’re not going to bring their friends along to come and try out the gym.

Start a Newsletter

A couple of ideas that might help you is to have a newsletter. Get people on your email list then send out a newsletter, either weekly or monthly.

Send a newsletter that has lots of valuable information, tips, ideas and resources to help them get the type of body that they want. Give a lot of value and you can promote new classes you have coming up or things like that but make sure every newsletter has a lot of value.

The second thing is having classes and you want to have interesting things that people want to come back to. As a added bonus to becoming part of the gym make it that they can bring a friend to it.

You can offer a free price or really discounted price where you can bring your friend once for free because you want people to bring their friends and feel like it’s a comfortable environment.

So if you have a Zumba class or karate class lasting eight weeks or nine weeks maybe they can bring their friend for free to the first 2-3 classes and gets them hooked. Then afterwards they’d have to set up a membership.

You want to make it easy for people to be able to bring their friends, refer them and make it a fun experience. Now somebody’s coming with their friend they’re more likely to stick with it then if somebody’s coming by themselves.

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Create Videos

Another thing you might want to do is try to create some videos. You can answer questions from people or get some of your trainers to answer questions from your customers.

Just think about the most common questions that are always asked. The goal here is to be seen as not only the experts but also really friendly people and people that you want to go and learn from.

So if I’m watching a video of somebody who’s a karate expert and I wanted to learn but maybe wanted more info and here were these videos that were helpful and the person seemed knowledgeable and friendly and he’s in my area I’m probably gonna go sign up and check out a class.

That’s a great way to be able to connect with your community and showcase your staff, your trainers or your teachers as experts and friendly people and put your gym in a really positive light.

Then you can promote your videos with ads and any sponsorship deals that you do get. Now more people in your area watch the videos and the more they watch it and the more they like what they see the more likely they’re going to want to come and sign up.

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How Do I Promote My Gym – Conclusion

So hopefully there’s a few ideas that can help you promote your gym. This method can be applied to most business models but it does take a consistent effort and the need to treat your business like a business.

If you really want to ramp up your efforts trying to promote your gym, your best course of action is to set up a sales funnel. LeadPages allows you create many different forms of pages and right now LeadPages is offering a free trial.

If you liked this post please share it with your friends. I’d also love to hear what you have to think about it so if you want to leave a comment or if you have another question for your business feel free to leave it in a comment section below.

I always read those and try to respond to as many as I can so thank you and I’ll see you in my next article.

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