How To Start A Gaming Channel On YouTube

How To Start A Gaming Channel On YouTube

In this post we’re going to discuss how to start a gaming channel on YouTube. If you’re a big fan of gaming content, then you probably already know that there are a lot of YouTube gaming channels out there.

Maybe you’ve followed them to beat tricky stages or levels. Maybe you’ve watched reviews to see if you should check out a new game that you’ve been wondering about. Maybe you’ve watched them just for fun.

Whatever your reason for tuning in, you know that you’re not the only person online who wants to make or watch gaming videos on YouTube.

You know that there’s an audience for the kinds of videos you want to create, and you know that you have a lot to contribute as a YouTube gamer. That’s awesome! As you make a YouTube gaming channel and begin your journey, keep these five things in mind:

Create a Unique Experience for Your Gaming Videos

First of all, you don’t just have to create a gaming channel with a bunch of videos of you playing through games without commentary or any input.

These might be useful to a lot of viewers, but they don’t really give your viewers any particular reason to choose one of your videos over any other play-through video. Take some time to add your own personal spin to your videos.

Let your personality shine through to give your content a unique vibe. Provide viewers with a reason to choose your content, and make them look forward to seeing new gaming videos from you.

See It as a Marathon and Not a Sprint

Next, as you make a YouTube gaming channel, remember that you’re probably not going to get a huge following overnight. You’re not going to put up just a couple of gaming videos and miraculously get millions of viewers.

Expecting that is like taking off to run a marathon thinking that you’re running a sprint race. In other words, you’re going to burn out fast, and you won’t hit your goal.

Your channel will grow, slowly but surely, and you’ll see new viewers and subscribers engaging with you on YouTube and across social media.

It might not happen all at once, but if you stick with it and let your passion for gaming push you through the hard times, you’ll get there.

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Viewers Are Essential to a Gaming Channel’s Growth

However, you can’t really get there if you ignore your viewers. They’re the people who tune in, like your videos, and subscribe to your gaming channel.

They’re the ones who’ll share your videos on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re the ones who’ll help you really grow your channel – if you engage with them.

The more you build a relationship with your audience, the more they’ll support you and the faster your gaming channel will grow. This means responding to their comments, taking video requests, giving them shout-outs, and inviting every opportunity to engage with them.

From asking questions on Facebook (and responding to answers) to making Q&A videos on YouTube that specifically answer the questions your viewers have asked in the comments.

You Need to Build a Presence Outside of YouTube

In addition to your YouTube presence, when you make a YouTube gaming channel, you need to have presences across social media.

Create pages and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, and use these platforms to give your audience content that they can’t get from your videos.

Take them behind the scenes. Show them some bloopers. Share gaming tips and content. Host a live streaming Q&A. There’s a lot you can do!

Have fun engaging with your audience and providing them with more content on social media, and your channel’s brand will see a lot more recognition.

Make sure that you post different content to each of your social media pages, though. You want to give your followers exclusive content, posts, and videos on each platform so that they have a reason to consistently follow you on all of your online presences.

Maintain an Uploading Schedule for Gaming Videos

Finally, when you make a YouTube gaming channel, you have to be consistent with your videos. Post your uploading schedule on your channel’s home page, on your social media profiles, and in your video descriptions.

That way, your viewers will know when they can expect more content from you and when they should click over to YouTube for more videos.

This helps create more momentum for your channel because your return viewership will increase as people know when to come back for more content.

Of course, just posting your uploading schedule isn’t enough. You also have to stick to that schedule. Choose a frequency that you can live with. If you can’t upload a gaming video every day or every other day, that’s okay.

Uploading one video per week consistently is better than uploading randomly and constantly falling behind on your promised schedule.

How To Start A Gaming Channel On YouTube – Conclusion

These are five important things to keep in mind when you make a YouTube gaming channel. If you understand them and take them into consideration throughout the process, you’ll be able to create and grow a channel with successful results. Have fun gaming!

Thanks for taking your time to read how to start a gaming channel on YouTube. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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