How Do I Start Streaming On Twitch

How Do I Start Streaming On Twitch

Hey guys, in this post I’m going to show you how to start a Twitch stream. So let’s go ahead and get started.

The first thing you need to do is go to and we’re just going to download OBS studio. Make sure you get the correct version for your operating system.

I’ll describe OBS studio for you. OBS studio allows you to take multiple sources of video and audio and then kind of put them together into a stream.

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So I can take the video from a game overlay, the video from my camera and then maybe put some text in a logo and then that can be pushed to Twitch in a stream. It’s very easy to control and set up so now we’re just going to install OBS.

Setting Up OBS For Your Twitch Stream

I recommend including the different sources because these are going to be the sources of videos. Make sure that you include all the plugins that you need to have a full all-encompassing stream.

Now that you have installed it make sure that the box is checked to launch OBS studio and then just click finish. Now that OBS studio is running I recommend going through the auto configuration wizard.

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This makes it really simple and you can choose what you’re going to be using OBS for streaming which would be for Twitch or YouTube or just recording which is going to be recording your games or recording videos.

You want to pick the resolution and frame rate, I’m fine with 1080 and then we select the streaming service. It’s very easy to connect OBS to Twitch just by clicking the stream key link.

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You must be logged into Twitch but what it’s going to do is it’s going to bring you to a secure key that you put into OBS where OBS is allowed to stream live to Twitch so we’ll just click that.

I’ll give you an example. You can select show key and this is all within your account. Your stream key will show up then you’ll copy that, open up OBS and then paste it and then from there you’ll just select the region that you’re in.

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So now what it’s going to do is optimize, figure out the best settings for my location and where I’m trying to stream which is the United States primarily. Now that it’s completed optimizing the settings we just select apply settings and we’re good to go.

Now that OBS is kind of set up we have to configure all the sources and create the scenes, that’s how this works. So a scene will be a group of sources, I can have a bunch of different groups of sources configured in separate scenes.

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Setting Up Scenes For Twitch

So say I only want to stream the game then I want to switch over to the game with my webcam. I can easily do that by creating a different scene with each of those different configurations and just selecting it will switch.

Let’s go ahead and create one scene to get you started. Press the Add button, then I’m gonna go to display capture create new and then I’m going to select a display that I’m currently using. Here are 5 Tips For Making Money With Etsy for you.

If you wanted to add the source of the game you just hit the plus button, go to game capture and then in here we can select the actual application that we want to configure.

You could decide any full screen application, if you’re playing a game it’s going to be full screen specific window. You can decide those kind of configurations, it’s very configurable.Can you imagine To Start Making Money With A Drone.?

You can also add an image, this is how you have a logo in the background or something like that. You can kind of just slide that around wherever you want it and you can add some text.

You just select the text that you want the font, Comic Sans is the best font in the world. Select the color and then you can just drag and drop to make it bigger and that’s going to be your Twitch stream.

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How Do I Start Streaming On Twitch – Conclusion

I hoped this post has helped you with learning how to start a Twitch stream. Twitch is not for everyone, it is an acquired taste so to speak. But it is growing and if you have extra time it is just another place and way to get noticed.

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If you have any questions please leave a comment below I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Take some time to check out some of my other articles and let me know if there is something you may be having an issue with and I’ll cover it in my next post.

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