Facebook Group vs. Facebook Page For Your Business

Is a Facebook Group or Page More Effective For Your Business

So you’ve decided you want to give Facebook a shot with building your business. Now you need to decide if creating a group or fanpage will be more effective for your business. Below, I will explain what the differences are between the two. Facebook Live Tips.

Basically, when you create a page it is going to be a public profile about your business that will share your products and services. When you create a group it is more for building a community of people that share the same interests and you can share insights, tips and opinions. This is what called Growing Your Facebook PageFollowers.

Just remember, pages are business-targeted and groups are interest-targeted.

Now strictly from Google’s viewpoint pages beat groups in Google search results. What Is Google My Business So, if you decide to create a group for your business, you could miss out on organic traffic coming from Google search engine. But don’t let that alone be your deciding factor.

With business pages you really are the only one creating all the content. The users of your page can only interact with whatever you post which is why it can be a very time consuming process if you’re a small business owner trying to do this on your own. The big brands have a team dedicated to this process Build and Brand Your Social MediaMarketing.

Groups are used more for interaction and discussions about specific interests and topics. Therefore, people join groups to learn more about a certain topic or interest. Group members can be more active, as they can participate in the conversation but also start new ones. These groups gain traffic also Gain and Retain Customers.

The great thing about a group is that the people in it relate to each other and creates a communication between its members. When people join a Facebook group, they will get notifications every time another member posts something. This allows group members to be informed of any activity happening.

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Group engagement will be a key factor in growing your business and by sharing tips and insights in your group you are building relationships and establishing a trust factor with your members and Automate Your Salesperson.

Pros and Cons Of Facebook Pages and Groups

Advertising – If you ever want to invest some money then Facebook pages has some powerful advertising tools to help you reach new audiences. Groups do not have this feature but with a business page, you have access to plenty of advertising options but there is a heck of a learning curve involved to be successful and it can get expensive to run ads.

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Privacy – Facebook Pages are totally public. You will have little control over the privacy settings. Your status posts, photos and videos are visible to everyone who visits your page. Groups on the other hand can be set to Secret, Closed or Open.Facebook Live Tips.

Secret groups will not show up in search results and can only be seen by people in the group. Closed groups will show up in search results, but the communications between group members can only be seen by members of the group. Open groups are completely visible to all Facebook users. so use your email for marketing Email Marketing Tips.

Facebook The New Update – As more and more page creators are finding out Facebook has reduced the reach of page posts and really are just focusing on the pages that run ads. So if you’re going to create a page you will have to learn or hire someone to create effective ads to grow your audience by Marketing Basics for Growing YourList.

Why Facebook Groups Are Your Best Option

It’s a place for you to provide valuable content and build relationships as well as trust. You can explain, motivate, inspire, and teach the content that you love. It’s where you serve your followers and can have a real influence in people’s lives.

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One of the features of Facebook Groups is that you can poll your members. Ask your members questions and your followers will respond. Use polls to learn about what your group needs from you or wants to accomplish, find out what are they struggling with and provide a solution or help them achieve a goal by Understanding Your WebsiteAnalytics.

With your Group anything and everything you post in your Group WILL appear in your member’s feeds. The more you post, the more you show up in your ideal clients’ feeds. Where else in the world can you gather and interact with your ideal clients at any time of the day for free?

Because you have created value and built relationships and trust with your Facebook Group it will grow full of devoted fans, when you decide to announce a new offering, people are excited and they often purchase. 10 Simple Ways To Increase YourOnline Sales.

Building a group community like environment, and a place where your audience members can interact and grow, will provide them with a deeper love and appreciation for your brand Social Media Marketing PrinciplesYou Must Know. This will in turn lead them to spread the word to the world about how wonderful your business is.

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