How To Get Clients For Photography

How To Get Clients For Photography

Here are my top five ways on how to get clients for photography. Now when you’re starting out as a photographer of course the challenging thing is getting paid.

You might have a decent camera and you’ve gotten good at taking pictures but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people are going to start throwing money your way and hiring you to to take pictures for them.

So here are five ways that I think are extremely important and can definitely help you get some clients that are willing to pay you money to do photography work.

#1 Sharing

Just take pictures and share them. You need to be showing everybody that you’re putting work out there. If you’re not showcasing what you’re doing and sharing that with others, people won’t even know that you exist in the first place.

Simply telling them that you do photography and that they can hire you isn’t going to be enough. People need to see something, they need to fall in love with something, they need to be able to connect with your work.

Photography is very visual. I mean, you can’t explain to somebody how good of a photographer you are. They’re going to see a photo that they like and they’re going to decide to hire you based on that.

The more you can get out and take pictures and share that stuff with other people in your area the better but don’t stop there. Make sure to share across social media and your website.

#2 Instagram & Pinterest

Harness the power of Instagram and Pinterest that everybody uses and share your photos there. If you have a personal account consider setting up a secondary Instagram account for your photography.Facebook is also important.

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Your photos need to speak for themselves and you need to use social media and you need to have a website that you’re at least sharing the photos on. The website doesn’t have to be amazing, but it should look professional.

I recommend using WordPress, it’s a great way to get started and showcase actual sessions or events that you’ve done. If you haven’t done any sessions or events maybe you’ve done some for free and you can build up your portfolio.

You’ll need a domain name and hosting for your new site and I recommend BlueHost because you’ll get your domain name free for the first year and they have the best hosting around.

On your website share a little bit of a story of what that event, session or whatever was about. If it was a high school senior portrait, you can write up a little blurb about you know that high school senior and some of their interests.

Talk about it a little bit and then put some of the photos in your blog. Share that so people are able to see that you’re not just able to take one good photo but that you’re able to take a series of good photos for somebody.

It’s the power of people falling in love with the images that you create, so showcase actual sessions. You don’t have to post every single photo that you took but take the best five or best ten and put them up in a series for people to look through.

#3 Networking

Network with other people in industries that compliment yours. That doesn’t necessarily mean networking with other photographers.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with that but in smaller areas it becomes harder to network with other photographers because everybody feels that they’re battling for the same small pool of clients.

You can network with people who are in industries that compliment yours and what I mean by that is if you’re wanting to get into wedding photography as a paid job go and network with florists.

Go and network with the people that own the event centers that have the weddings. Go and network with the DJs and stuff like that and get to know them.

Meet with them for coffee, talk about the industry with them, get some tips from them, buy them coffee. Nobody asks the DJ for their advice on the wedding industry in the area. It would be huge for you to go and talk to a couple of the popular wedding DJ’s.

Just say “hey, I’m getting started and I want to shoot weddings and was wondering what advice you have” or maybe you can talk to the deejay and say “hey I’d love to shoot a team photo for you guys for free”.

I’m a big believer in givers gain, the more that you give the more you get in return. It’s the law of reciprocity and getting out there and just helping other people that have the power to help you as well is going to definitely help you get clients.

#4 Pro Bono

Occasionally do pro bono work. People get a bad taste in their mouth because they say “oh I don’t want to shoot for free” or “I don’t want to get stuck shooting for free” and I totally believe that if somebody can afford to pay you they should pay you.

You should not shoot for free for any reason other than maybe just out of the kindness of your own heart but the chances of you getting them to ever pay you is going to be challenging because they’ve gotten it for free.

In doing pro bono work I mean finding causes that you believe in. If you feel the same way, go out and do projects benefiting the community or nonprofits.

Whose photos are they sharing, whose photos are on their website, whose photos are on their social media and who’s name do they say when somebody asks “hey, who took those great photos at your event”.

It’s going to be your name! So your name is getting spread around because of that and all you had to do is go and shoot for a couple of hours once in awhile.

Don’t do it because you expect things in return. Go and do it out of the kindness of your own heart because you believe in whatever that cause or whatever it is and if you get something back out of it then great if you don’t it’s no big deal.

But you’re also going to be able to take those images that you shot for them and share them and show your sphere of influence. Your audience will start to grow and know that you care about your community or cause and it’s going to give them another reason to love you.

#5 Advertising

Advertising can be expensive but there are inexpensive ways to do it. If you do a Google Ad so you can show up in Google when somebody searches for wedding photographers in whatever your town name it’s going to be expensive.

It’s actually going to be kind of a waste of money unless you have a big budget so what I recommend doing is actually using social media paid ads.

With social media ads you can highly target the type of person that you’re looking for and show them an ad that actually speaks to them. Not some general ad like “hey I’m a photographer”.

If you want to get into doing newborn baby photos you can target people who are new mothers. I mean there’s just really unique ways to use Facebook marketing.

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There are a lot of the other social media networks out there such as Instagram and Pinterest that work great for this niche. With the photos that you’ve already taken you can market those to others so that they can see you and spend pennies on the dollar.

Of course there are other forms of marketing such as using search engines or Youtube, which if you check out some of my other articles you’ll get some great ideas.

How To Get Clients For Photography – Conclusion

So those are five ways on how to get clients for photography. Actually it’s five ways to build a photography business. I mean that’s just not five ways to get a couple of new clients, that’s five ways to actually become a professional photographer and make it your main job.

If you do those things and you continuously practice them you’re going to have a business in under a year easily. You’re going to be quitting your day job, you’re going to be shooting photos full time if that’s what you want to do.

If you have any questions about growing your photography business just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to share some tips and strategies. You can also check out my other articles that will help you understand various marketing techniques that will grow your business.

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