Websites You Can Use For Making Money Online

10 Websites You Can Use For Making Money Online

In this article I’m going to share with you 10 websites you can use for making money online. All of these are legit and most of these I’ve used when I was just starting out.

Some of you might be able to use these because you might need a little bit of extra cash in the next 30 or 90 days. Hey, money isn’t everything but I think we can all agree that being broke just sucks. So let’s go ahead and jump into it.


Let’s start with something really simple, let’s start with For those of you who don’t know teespring, it’s a website where you can make shirts.

If you have a social media presence you can make shirts and sell it to your followers. If you don’t have any followers it’s still okay, they have a marketplace and you can have people find your cool t-shirt in the marketplace and usually depending on how you priced your shirts you get four to seven dollar commissions which isn’t bad.

So how do you make shirts for Teespring? Well for any of these things you probably need some design software such as Photoshop. You can open up Photoshop and you can make cool graphics and t-shirts.

They also have a built in design tool that you can use but it’s a little bit more generic. I would recommend doing something custom, eye-catching and trendy.

You could also use GIMP as a software or Pixlr so you have options when it comes to designing this stuff. Now obviously it’s easier to sell things that you make if you have a following in social media so do not neglect building an audience in social media.


Freelancing is something that can help you break out of the nine-to-five and be able to make a independent income. Before I built a coaching business freelancing was a decent income.

The gig economy is growing and there are more entrepreneurs out there like me who hire people for freelance and gigs. I hire people all the time to do little things for me especially when it comes to digital artwork or assets.

Sometimes I hire people to do things that are audio related so there’s a great opportunity there. I’m gonna recommend two websites for you. The first one is Fiverr where I hire a lot of my freelancers and the second one is Upwork.

Fiverr is probably the most popular freelancing marketplace right now they. There are many services offered, go take a look around and get some ideas that would fit your skill set.

If you’re looking to make extra money freelancing is a great opportunity and you can make money. So if you want to make upfront money freelancing is usually the fastest way to get paid in my opinion and I would say Upwork and Fiverr are the two best options for you.


So now you have three websites out of the ten for making money online. Let’s move on let’s get something obvious out of the way Website number four is YouTube.

YouTube is a website where you can make decent money quickly depending on what type of business model you decide to use. You can use it to promote and sell things thru affiliate marketing or your own products and services.

YouTube is not for everybody and to monetize a YouTube channel and get ad revenue is not a simple or quick thing. It does require work but if you do it right and if you’re patient you can make a lot of money with it. But realize it’s a longer term game plan.


Number five is building a Twitch channel and becoming a Twitch affiliate. Twitch has a system called bits where people buy their digital currency and then they spend it with you.

Twitch also has subscriptions for people who are Twitch affiliates for you to be able to get donations from people and to be able to make money in the subscriptions. It’s probably in some cases a little easier to do that than to become a youtuber and start making money.

However, Twitch is a completely different culture. It’s primarily focused on gaming and nerd culture so there’s less opportunity depending on what you are an expert in so I don’t think twitches for everybody.

Amazon Affiliate

If you have your own website or blog or any social media presence at all then number six and number seven are going to be relevant to you. That is Amazon’s affiliate program over at You become an Amazon associate and sell Amazon products.

You can sell almost anything that exists because Amazon has it all and you can get a small commission. There are some things that are better than others such as flat rate commissions.

Commissions on things like Audible as a membership or Amazon Prime delivery or Amazon video these commissions are actually the better way to go because you get five and ten dollars straight-up commissions.

I like that a little bit better because if you’re selling a book or small priced items you’re gonna make pennies on the dollar. If you sell a laptop it does cap you out at $25 usually so just take that with a grain of salt.

Of course you can try to sell higher end items but people start to hesitate when spending a large amount of cash. It might be easier to sell things like their Amazon Prime membership, audible, Amazon direct video or Amazon fresh. Any of those things with the bounty program.

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If for whatever reason you’re not able to be an Amazon affiliate you can become a Clickbank affiliate. Clickbank has digital products such as ebooks for just about any topic.

You might know a group of people that are struggling with diabetes, Clickbank has a product that you can offer to them where you can earn good sized commissions from.

Clickbank is free to join and simply go to their marketplace and browse thru their selection of products. In some of my other articles I go into more depth about finding the best products and the best ways to make sales with Clickbank.

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Stock Photography

If you’re a halfway-decent photographer and have a good camera and at least one good lens I would recommend making stock photography. Selling stock photography and stock video with Adobe stock you just sign up to be a contributor.

You could actually start making money off of your photography. If you already have photography, photos and videos just sitting around on your hard drive, submit them and see if you get approved. You can try and make money off of that existing inventory that you’ve already created with your camera.

I think a lot of people underestimate this and I think that it’s actually a really good way for people to make more money. People that are sellers on Amazon and Ebay are always looking for great photos of products that they are selling that are different than other sellers.

Just take really good photos of it on a white background or on a wooden table. Then all of a sudden you have things that marketers or advertisers might buy to use for one reason or another on their website. So it’s something to think about.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is not the easiest thing in the world but if you’re talking about short blog post or even short Facebook post there’s a website that’s actually really good for that it’s called

Hire Writers is not going to pay you a ton of money but you can earn your way up into higher pay brackets and start making money for these very short posts that won’t take you an hour to write. If you want to make a few extra bucks every week scrape that together Hire Writers could be a good option for you .


People who make websites that sell their products and services like to test things that they’re doing and make sure that they’re up to par and that they work the way that they’re intended to and that means they need people to take a look at a site and tell us what’s wrong. is a website service that you can sign up to be a tester as long as you have a webcam and a microphone. It’s going to help if you have a better webcam and microphone because you can get a higher payout.

Usually between 10 and 20 dollars is what I think I’m used to hearing from people who use usertesting. I haven’t used this in quite awhile but people I know who are still on it say they make decent money every week sometimes up to a hundred dollars or more a week.

Most user tests take between five and ten minutes tops so I mean it’s pretty good considering that you get the equivalent of an hourly wage in most cases for just a few minutes of work.

So if you can find enough user tests that you’re qualified to take then that can add up pretty quickly. So definitely make sure you’re checking that out, I think it’s a good website for some of you that are trying to make a little bit of extra money.

10 Websites You Can Use For Making Money Online – Conclusion

If you need to scrape together some extra cash these are great options to explore. I remember how hard it was when I first started out online and if you’re serious the one thing I can tell you is you must start out focusing on 1 project.

Build your skill set up in that one area, whatever it is. Each of us has certain skill sets, explore what others are doing to get some ideas and then shoot me a message. Let me share some tips that can help you turn your skill set into an extra income.

If you liked this post leave a comment and share. Don’t forget to check out some of my other articles.

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