3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Restaurants

3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Hey guys and gals, today I’m gonna give you three Facebook tips that you can use in your restaurant business right now to help you grow your Facebook following and convert those Facebook followers into business leads and sales.

There was a huge Facebook update recently and I’ve got a lot of emails and questions about that so I wanted to write a really quick article to get right to the point and give you three things that you should be doing and that I’m doing to help our customers grow if they’re willing to do it.

Facebook Live

The number one thing you need to start looking at when you start to market on Facebook besides banner advertising is video. Whether that be create a video and upload it or if you can and you can get away with it, Facebook Live.

What I mean by get away with it is just being comfortable in front of the camera. A lot of people are afraid to do video because they feel like once that camera gets on them they get nervous and don’t really know what to say and they feel like they’re gonna look bad.

Now with Instagram stories and Snapchat and just a camera on your phone you can practice at home or at work while no one’s really watching and if it comes too bad you just delete it. Once you do that 4, 5 or 10 times you’re gonna get much much better at it.

The reason I usually don’t suggest you record the video and then upload it to Facebook after is because I tend to find that when people record videos it’s never good enough for them. They never hit Send or submit, they always want to do it over especially when you’re new at it.

That’s why I say try to go live if you can do live and get away with it. It’s gonna make your reach much bigger and that’s the cool thing about when you go live.

Facebook Bot

The second thing you should do, hire someone to do or learn how to do is Facebook bots. I hate the word bot because to me it feels phony or fake and when I say Facebook bot I don’t mean automate your whole Facebook page so you never go there and check on it.

What I mean is think of it as a way that you do an email subscription. When someone opts in to your email you send them an automated message after they opt-in.

The message could be saying “welcome to our email list, this is what you should expect from us in the future” or “thank you so much, here’s who we are and what we do and what you can get from us in the future.”

Think of the Facebook Bot that way, you can use it to broadcast messages a couple times a month or get people to subscribe to your Facebook page.

What you can do is give a coupon or a deal out or an offer and say “leave a comment below with the keyword and we’ll message you that coupon code.

This way you don’t have to message the code out in the public and you can actually see who opts into that message. Then you can follow up with them later.

The main thing this does is if when they use the key word it’ll automate a message to them that says “hey can we send that code here” and then by them responding back yes, they get the code and they are now technically a subscriber of your page.

What that does it’s the same exact thing as building your list except you’re building it on Facebook and that allows you to send messages through Facebook later on.

Now I don’t suggest you send messages through Facebook all the time because it could probably be annoying and it’s like a mix between text message and email.

Email is not that intimate, text messaging to me is very intimate. My personal friends and family are the only ones that have my texts and the only ones I want to get texts from so I don’t want texts from businesses.

The Facebook message is kind of in the middle, it’s not as intimate as text but it’s not as open as email so you want to be careful with how many times you send those messages or broadcasts through your Facebook Messenger. Maybe once or twice tops a month.


The number three thing you should be doing is retargeting and when I say retargeting it doesn’t necessarily mean just retargeting your email list or retargeting people who watch a video.

Sometime we get caught up in how many people like our Facebook page or how many likes we got or how much interaction we have or how many new customers we got.

What about the customers who already know you and like you, watched your whole video or already liked your page or have already interacted with your page. Use those tools in Facebook’s arsenal to communicate with them.

Moving forward you’re gonna have to spend money on advertising and you want those advertising dollars to be as cost-effective as possible.

Retargeting is a way for you to do that. Upload your email list to Facebook, see if there’s any of those people who are not liking your page already.

Retarget people who watch those videos, you could set segments of audience members who watch a specific amount of time of a video you put on Facebook.

If they watch 50% of that video that’s probably a pretty engaged user or customer. If they watch the whole video that’s a really engaged user and you may not need to send them as aggressive deals.

You may want to just send them general awareness posts but if someone only watches 20-30 percent of your video you may have to get a little bit more aggressive with your offers for that customer because they weren’t super engaged with that video.

Retargeting allows you to do that so retarget people who watch videos. There’s also a part on Facebook where you can retarget people who have already interacted with your page.

Anybody who’s liked, commented or shared to your page, you can go in there and create an audience based on those those things that that person has done.

The third thing you can do with retargeting is retarget people who already like your page. You can promote your posts to people who live in the area and on the people who like your page right now and their friends.

So if you do a post and you target people who like your page, their friends will see it popping up and it gives you a little bit of social proof. Basically it’s like “hey, Jen likes this page you should maybe like this page too” or this ad is in your feed and three friends liked this page.

3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Restaurants – Conclusion

So to recap three things you should be doing moving forward with this Facebook update. Use Facebook live video, you’re gonna get better at it as you do it. Practice on Instagram stories or Snapchat or just on your phone at home.

You don’t need any fancy technology all you really need is your phone and you can get a twenty dollar mic on Amazon that connects to your phone so the audio can be really crisp and clear inside of your restaurant.

Number two is to use Facebook bots. Many Chat will allow you to do that, it’s really simple and it’s almost like setting up an email automation sequence.

Number three is retarget. Retarget people who watch your videos, retarget people who have interacted with your page in the past, retarget people who like your page and their friends.

Alright that’s it for me guys, I hope this has helped you learn the 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Restaurants. If you need some help or have any questions just leave them below and I’ll make sure to answer.

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