3 Types Of Blog Posts That Get The Most Views

3 Types Of Blog Posts That Get The Most Views

Hi guys and gals, today I’m going to talk a little bit about blogging, specifically the top types of post that I found get the most views and the most traffic.

Believe me, if you have followed my website and read my various posts you’ve noticed the different styles of post I’ve written so I have tested many variations lol. It really wasn’t testing when I first started years ago I just didn’t have any idea of what I was doing.

List Posts

The first type of post that gets the most views in my experience has been doing posts that are written out as a list. These are great because they offer helpful info for the reader in a way that’s easy to digest.

Rather than paragraphs upon paragraphs you have a list, so it’s like number one ____, number two _____ and there’s something about this type of post that just really gets a lot of traffic.

So some examples are, 10 ways to ____ or my top 5 tips for _____ or 10 things I wish that I knew about _____. So I definitely recommend doing list type posts especially if you have a lot of information to give.

It’s just an easy way to format it for the reader and for you actually, because you don’t have to write paragraphs upon paragraphs.

How To Posts

The second type of blog post is a how-to or tutorial. Again this is great for the reader because it provides a lot of helpful information, it shows them how to do something.

The great thing about this type of post is it’s also searchable so it’s good for SEO. You know a lot of times people will search how to ____ and your posts could be one of the things that comes up especially if you do a good job of creating Pinterest images and pinning your post there.

This is the type of post that adds a lot of value which is really important to keep in mind when you are blogging. Some examples of these type of post are more of like the DIY or creative side.

Things like how to create a floral arrangement or you can go more on the text side of things and show a screen shared text tutorial. Maybe if you’re a photographer you could do how I edit my photos.

If you’re starting a beauty or a fashion blog or channel you could do things like “how to style skinny jeans” or you could do a makeup tutorial, a hair tutorial or you can even get into more abstract types of posts like “how to move on from a breakup”.

Pretty much any topic that you can think of or any skill that you have you can make into a really helpful blog post that shows people how to do what you know how to do.

Secrets or Helpful Tips Posts

The third type of post is post that gives out secrets or helpful tips and tricks. I think a lot of people are scared to give out secrets or tips and tricks they’ve learned because they’re afraid that someone will copy them or bunch of people will start to copy them and cut into your business.

In my opinion and in my experience that has never been the case. Oftentimes if there is something that is like a secret or just something that took you a long time to learn it’s going to provide the most value for people.

You’re going to get the most traffic to that because it’s obviously something that people don’t know how to do if it took you so long to figure it out. I’ve done those type of posts and these are things that took me years to figure out.

When something takes you that long to figure out I think sometimes you do want to just kind of keep it to yourself but why not help other people. If you’re working on building traffic in and positioning yourself as an expert this is a great way to do it because you’re providing so much value.

Some examples of these type of posts can be your process on how you reached a certain result. If you do something creative for a living you can give them more specific information on the tools that you use to do your jobs and things that you’ve learned over the years.

3 Types Of Blog Posts That Get The Most Views – Conclusion

Well, that wraps up the 3 types or blog posts that get the most views and I hope you take action and start using them in your website posts or even your YouTube channel. They are effective and you will notice a difference if you’ve done your keyword research.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, please leave a comment if you liked it and share with your friends. Make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve and get you on the right path.

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