3 Common Digital Marketing Questions

5 Common Digital Marketing Questions

Today I would like to go over 5 common digital marketing questions I get asked all the time. These questions go over a variety of topics and I will create some other posts to go more in depth on each. But for now, let’s get started.

With the rise of voice answer services like Alexa and Siri, how can we update our websites with them in terms of SEO? That’s a great question from one of my followers and I really like that question because it’s really where the world is going.

With these little devices like Siri, Alexa and Google Voice a lot of people are simply picking up their phone and just talking into the phone and trying to find things.

Getting Ranked With Voice Searches

Whether it’s a local pizza joint, a plumber, or any home services, regardless of what you’re looking for in 2020 70% of the searches are going to be by a voice. So how can you be optimized for that and how can you be ready for that type of transition when the time comes?

The answer is very simple, you have to build up your brand and your domain authority. If you’re building up and focusing on creating a brand, over time Google is going to think that you’re the most relevant search result for that specific phrase.

For example, if somebody were to type in website design agency near me we’re going to pop up because we’ve taken the time to actually build a profitable and serious business and that’s going to impact the search results in the rankings.

Now one thing that it’s gonna be very big on is answering questions. If you’ve watched videos of mine before you’ve probably noticed that I talked a lot about creating frequently asked questions types of things and that’s where voice search is already going.

If you ask a question into Google most likely you’re going to get a result back in that little question snippet. They call it Rank 0 and that’s where you want to start optimizing your content for voice.

Most of the people when they talk into their phones they’re asking a question. Now if you’re looking at a local business perspective you’re going to want to make sure that your name, address and phone number are all consistent throughout all your listings.

That’s because it’s going to be heavily based on reviews, local proximity and google map rankings so make sure that you’re making your your NAP’s consistent.

Make sure that you have a review generation system put in place so you can start to get those reviews and you don’t fall behind when 2021 hits which is just a few months away.

Content Management System and SEO

When setting up your site to be optimized another of my followers asked if Squarespace is bad for SEO? The answer is no and there’s a lot of misconception out there that WordPress is better and there’s like preferable CMS’s for a lot of this stuff.

To be completely honest with you I’ve seen a lot of Squarespace websites ranked just as high as WordPress if not higher. It really depends on the engine behind that CMS.

The CMS itself is not going to make it rank, it’s going to be the person behind the CMS doing the work that’s going to get it to rank but in terms of capacity in SEO they’re both the same.

Both can be submitted to Google search console, both can be submitted to Google Analytics, both can build backlinks to you, both can have content created on.

You can set your title tags and meta tags on both of the platforms and you can even create your content very similarly in any CMS, you can rank any CMS. There is no difference between WordPress, Squarespace or any of these other different types of CMS’s.

Don’t think that there is, don’t read the BS online. Just note that it’s all about the engine behind it. WordPress, all of this other stuff is just a framework, the CMS’s are just a framework.

What you put into the framework aka your business, your capacity, you’re willingness to do the SEO work is going to be how successful it becomes not the CMS.

Please understand if you’re comfortable with Squarespace stick with that, don’t make yourself uncomfortable because you think WordPress is better.

The reason why people say that is because they have little things like Yoast SEO, they have little things where you can change your permalink instantly, they have little plugins that you can use which is great but ultimately it can slow down the website.

What Type Of Site Should I Build?

Should I start a funnel or a website or should I run a webinar? That’s another common question and it depends on the type of business that you’re in.

I personally think that funnels, the word funnels and the whole click funnels and all of this other hype is just a bunch of spoon-fed BS to try to get you to buy a software.

If you’re creating a fly-by-night company do a sales purchase funnel. It makes sense to use Click Funnels if you’re selling one product, if you’re running PPC or Facebook ads then yes have a funnel because that’s a completely different story.

But if you’re going to build a long term business then you need your own website with it’s own url. Do not use a purchase sales funnel, stick to a website.

Use a CMS like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. but make sure that you build your website and have it as an actual domain. Don’t use the Click Funnels URL, don’t use the Leadpages URL. Remember, Click Funnel and Leadpages are strictly for targeted landing pages that are targeted by ads.

How Do I Schedule My Day?

This is a great question. I have 35 clients on a monthly basis so as you can imagine scheduling my day is very hectic. The first thing that I do is I wake up at 4 a.m.

I start by going back through my emails and through my text messages. Then if I have meetings I’ll make sure that they’re on my calendar and I’ll make sure that my whole team is notified of this inside of their calendar so they know exactly when I have a meeting.

The last thing that you want to do is forget a meeting, that’s going to create a terrible business reputation for you. The one thing that I recommend is scheduling your day. You’ve got to build up some type of business acumen and that comes with preparation.

What I try to do if at all possible is schedule all my meetings on the same day. The reason for that is I don’t have to keep running out everyday for a meeting. It gives me time to actually do the work uninterrupted without having to leave in the middle of work.

Plus when all my work is completed I can enjoy my days doing anything I want instead of having to show up somewhere at a certain time for a meeting. If you schedule things right you can make this work.

How To Find Your First Client?

That’s an excellent question and what I recommend is listening to what people want. If you can help someone achieve a goal or solve a problem you will get new clients or customers.

In my case I simply went to the local library and asked the librarian if they would be interested in me coming in 1 Saturday a month for a couple of hours and offering to show people how to build their own website.

I’m sure you’re thinking how the heck am I supposed to make any money doing this. lol I know but what happens is when you show people how fix a problem most of the time they will say go ahead and do it for me.

Out of the 25 people that showed up to learn how to build their website, 15 of them asked me if they could just pay me to do it for them. Then of course they have friends that ask who did their website and I get recommended.

That’s how it all started for me and you can use the same strategy for just about anything you have a certain knowledge or skill set for. I’m sure there is an interest in the skill set you have, just get out there and share it.

Sometimes we always think that we have to cold-call these different types of businesses or cold emails these different types of businesses when in reality you don’t have to do that. You can simply just ask a friend what they’re struggling with.

Conversations will turn up and then you simply figure out how you can help. For example, people knew I did websites but they would ask if I knew anything about SEO or social media. So that turned into more work.

When you get your first client make sure that you cherish them, make sure that they are happy with your work. They’re going to literally make your future when it comes to getting clients.

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5 Common Digital Marketing Questions – Conclusion

Getting started with an online business can be overwhelming but I’m here to help you shorten your learning curve. Believe me if I can do this you can as well. Simply listening to what people are struggling with and providing a solution is the quickest way to start earning online.

I hope these 5 common digital marketing questions has given you better insight into starting or growing your business. If it has make sure to leave a comment and share with your friends.

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