5 Main Reasons You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bots

5 Main Reasons You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bots

You may not have realized it yet but you are probably engaged with some of the Facebook messenger bots at this very moment. These messenger bots save time and streamline many businesses.

If you’re a marketer or just own your own business I will share below the 5 main reasons you should be using Facebook messenger bots and how they will help you grow your business.

Reason #1: Facebook Messenger has an 80% open rate

Imagine that, an 80% open rate. Compare that with a much lower open rate for email and a much lower click rate for search engine traffic. There’s no comparison.

Interestingly enough, given how immediate messenger traffic is, it can lead to much better results compared to email. Email is already eating search engine traffic for lunch year after year.

If you set up your Facebook Messenger chat bot into actions correctly, your conversion rate might even blow email conversions out of the water.

Reason #2: Facebook Messenger enables you to create automated conversations you can fine tune

The great thing about the conversations you get with your customers on Facebook Messenger is you build up a database. You can look for certain words that keep coming up again and again and you can fine tune the answers that you give out immediately.

At first, your chat bot is probably going to be a little bit clunky because it can’t anticipate all questions. But once you see the patterns and you connect the dots, you come up with better scripts and this leads to happier customers.

Eventually, you can automate all of this using big data analysis.

Reason #3: Responsiveness helps you build a solid online brand

Make no mistake. If you’re trying to make money on the internet, you’re in for a tough fight. You have other competitors out there and they’re doing all sorts of things and saying all sorts of things to build a solid brand.

But at the end of the day, if they take forever to answer inquiries and you are able to give prospects the answers they need, your brand comes out on top.

This initial interaction may not lead to a sale, but since you establish yourself as something more credible and more helpful, you can bet that this positions you for future potential sales. You end up getting a competitive advantage and you may leave your competitors behind.

Reason #4: You can share content that can go viral on Facebook Messenger

Please understand that you can use Facebook Messenger chat bots not just to send answers to certain questions your prospects have.

They can reach out to your messenger and you can send them an article or a blog post you produced. This can serve as resources. They might like it so much that they might share it on their Facebook wall.

This is actually a form of guerrilla marketing or a back door avenue for free Facebook traffic. The more they share, the more likely your content would go viral.

Reason #5: Your competitors haven’t fully gotten on the Facebook Messenger bandwagon

Facebook Messenger chat bots are relatively new. It’s only been in the past 2 years that Facebook opened up their platform. Currently, this is virgin territory. It’s not saturated yet.

But guess what? Competitions beginning to pile up. As of now, there’s already 300,000 chat bots. Expect that number to reach into the millions sooner rather than later.

Given the tremendous amount of people on Facebook, this is a tremendous opportunity. Take this opportunity.


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