7 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Personal Brand

7 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Personal Brand

In today’s post I want to show you how you can instantly start building seven streams of income and how you can start doing it today for free.

I was thinking about you guys and gals today and why you might be so overwhelmed, confused or frustrated with trying to start your online business.

The fact of the matter is there’s a number of ways to quote unquote make money online or start an online business but there is one way that I think is the absolute best way because it’s actually one of the easiest.

Your #1 Advantage

It leverages your number-one competitive advantage and it also sets you up for long-term success by creating a system that helps you get stronger with time.

Really what happens is as your competition gets knocked out because of various factors such as fads, trends or increasing ad costs you actually gets stronger and what it’s all about is building a personal brand.

I think there’s a lot of confusion about building a personal brand because there is this misconception about a personal brand. A personal brand is so much more than just posting selfies on Instagram and then hoping for e-commerce stores to pay you for a shoutout.

It goes so much more beyond that and it can really set you up for long-term success. That’s really what I want to talk about today, that way you can get some focus, some clarity and really get a clear understanding of the whole opportunity that is building a business online.

We’re going to talk about the seven ways that you can monetize a personal brand and obviously you’re going to be the center of everything so we’re just going to talk about seven different revenue streams that you can easily create around you.

Ad Revenue

The first way you can monetize you or your personal brand is through ad revenue. The cheapest fastest easiest way to get started with your personal brand and building your audience is to go on YouTube.

With YouTube you can rank quickly unlike blogs which can take a lot of time. Obviously it’s free to post videos on YouTube, all you need is a little bit of information, a mission, some sort of expertise and the cell phone in your pocket and you can start a YouTube channel.

The cool thing is YouTube takes in more than 3.4 billion dollars in US ad revenue alone and they pay a considerable portion of that to their creators.

What I want to do is give you permission to screw it up. Go out there, think about how you can help other people. Start your YouTube channel, make a couple videos and if you don’t like them go ahead and delete them.

The point is you’re getting practice, you’ll get more experience, you’ll find your voice and you’ll realize it’s not that hard and the potential is amazing.

One on One Coaching

The number two that you can monetize you or your personal brand is through one-on-one coaching and this is often overlooked. People are desperate for help and like an actual human connection. Information is everywhere, what people really want and need is guidance.

They’re trying to improve their life, improve their situation whether it’s financially, emotionally, spiritually they’re trying to improve. Once again the information is out there, what they need is guidance they need a mentor.

If you know anything and I promise you that you do, then I can guarantee there’s someone probably a lot of people out there who wants to know what you know.

The Internet allows you to reach four billion people across the world, why are you not charging those people for your experience or expertise. They are desperate for it, get out there and start coaching one on one.


The number three way that you can monetize your personal brand is through sponsorship. If you build a personal brand really what you’re building is an audience. You’re building an audience of people who know you, like you and trust you.

Third party companies are more than happy to pay you for access to your audience and brand deals have the potential to be very lucrative. If you structure the deal correctly it can be an easy source of passive income.

Digital Courses

The number four way that you can monetize your personal brand is through digital courses. What you have to understand here is what are people really buying when they buy a course. Well, they’re buying access, experience and guidance of the creator.

Courses are a great way to make money but they don’t hold a lot of value without a brand behind them. If you’re selling a course or you’re considering selling a course forget about the funnels, forget about the ads, the go to webinars. You want to build up the brand behind the course.

Hosting Events

The number five way that you can monetize your interest, your passion, your personal brand is by hosting events. I have a friend who lives in Hawaii and she holds in-person workshops where she teaches people how to do breath work.

I don’t even know what breath work is to be honest with you. Apparently it’s really popular with people who are into yoga but the bottom line is she makes money teaching people how to breathe and she lives in Hawaii.lol

In-person events and workshops are a great way to monetize you and your personal brand and share your experience, your passion and your interest.

Affiliate Marketing

The number six way is affiliate marketing. Now if you’ve been following me then you probably know that I’ve done pretty well with affiliate marketing over the years but here’s the thing, affiliate marketing is not spamming links.

You don’t just simply start spamming your links across the web and start raking in the commissions, it doesn’t work like that. Affiliate marketing can be easy if you just simply add value, build trust and then make a recommendation of the product you believe in.

That’s why having your personal brand is so important. When you do this you find products for your audience that match the interests of your audience.

When you’re passionate and experienced then there is no selling, there’s no sleaze, there’s no worries. You simply build a brand around your passion and then you recommend products to your audience that you believe in and you get a commission.

It’s so simple and so straightforward but you need to build the brand around you first. This is without a doubt the most lifestyle friendly business you can possibly create.

With the affiliate marketing you don’t have to worry about charging their credit cards, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling the product, you don’t have to worry about customer service or even creating new products.

You simply build the audience, find products for your audience to buy and that company will handle everything else and they’ll pay you a commission. It’s a really great business model if done correctly.

Selling Tools

Finally way number seven that you can monetize you or your personal brand is to sell tools. Say you’re a designer, you can sell design templates. If you’re a fitness guru you can sell meal plans or workout journals.

These are tools that people love to buy because they act as the vessel that take people from where they are to where they want to go.

7 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Personal Brand – Conclusion

Okay, so there are seven ways you can monetize you and your personal brand. I encourage you to put yourself out there. Stop looking for the shortcuts and build the brand around you to secure your future.

I hope this has given you some insight on the 7 ways you can make money with your personal brand. I want you to choose at least one of these strategies in order to start building your income stream online and growing the business of you.

Leave a comment with your thoughts and share this post with your friends. Don’t forget to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve.

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