Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan

In this post we will discuss the new Aweber autoresponder free plan. So it appears Aweber now has a new free plan that you could actually sign up for.

When I say free, I’m not talking about some 30-day free trial where you have to sign up with a credit card. This is no credit card required, it’s free access for life and you could use this account for as long as you want.

But the question is: Is this new Aweber autoresponder free plan actually worth it? Should you sign up for Aweber or should you go with a different email autoresponder altogether?

Don’t worry, I’m, going to be going over all the details, everything that you need to know about this new Aweber autoresponder free plan.

This way you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to use Aweber or if you want to use something else entirely. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

So initially, when you signed up to Aweber, you would sign up for a free 30-day trial and then you would pay 19 bucks a month afterwards, if you decided to keep their membership.

They have now taken away the 30 day free trial, but instead you can now use Aweber for free until you reach 500 subscribers.

So obviously, with the Aweber autoresponder free plan, there are going to be some limitations and i want to go over exactly what those limitations are and what features that you do get with the free version.

This way you decide for yourself if you want to go with the free version or if you want to go with the pro version, or maybe you just decide that you want to use a different autoresponder altogether.

Check out the Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan

Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan

So with the free version it allows you to build up one email list, so one email list and it can be up to 500 subscribers and then you can send out 3 000 emails per month.

Now 3,000 emails per month.might sound like a lot initially. However, if you get your email list up to 500 subscribers, you can broadcast to your list only six times, because when you do the math it’s six times.

So that is pretty much what you are allowed to do with the free version. Of course, if you decide that you want to send more later on, then you would ideally want to upgrade to the pro version.

But if you’re someone who is just getting their feet in the water, if you are brand new to email marketing, you’re just building your very first list, then this is definitely something that you might consider checking out.

I also want to go over some of the other features that are inside of the Aweber autoresponder free plan and I want to compare this to other email autoresponders that have free plans.

You have ones like Convertkit that offered a free plan. You also had Mailchimp which also offered a free plan and if you’re reading this right now you might be thinking what to do.

How does this new Aweber autoresponder free plan compare to Mailchimp or Convertkit and should I go with one over the other. So I want to talk a little bit about that.

So with Aweber the nice thing is that they do give you quite a lot for the free account and again this is not some free trial. This is not you having to enter your credit card.

You could have access to this for as long as you want and it’s completely up to you when you decide that you want to upgrade with Aweber.

The nice thing about Aweber is that you can create and send newsletters, of course that’s the main feature with all the ones out there.

What I found very cool about the Aweber autoresponder free plan is that they allow you to set up email automation with your list. You can set up a series of emails that go out for you on your behalf.

In my case I’ve got a series of 35 emails that go out on my behalf when someone opts into my free training.

If you really want to build your online business properly, you want to automate a huge portion of your business, where you don’t have to constantly be there communicating with every single person that just opts into your list.

So having something like this is definitely must have and with Convertkit they actually do not offer this feature with the free plan.

So if you want to build out an email list and if you want to use email sequences where the emails go out on your behalf, you would not have that with a Convertkit free plan.

I believe that is the same with Mailchimp as well, they do not have the option where you could follow up with your list and have like a series of emails that go out.

Aweber also gives you the drag and drop email builder. It’s very easy to start writing emails as it’s set up to be very newbie friendly. You could set up an email, create a message and click on drag and drop email builder.

This will bring up elements where you just drag in whatever elements that you want. You could drag in an image, you could drag in a paragraph, headline or video. They also have hundreds of email templates.

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Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan Limitations

With the free plan, like I mentioned, it is a bit limited, so you will not have access to the email split testing. There is no behavioral automation, tracking links and you can’t remove the Aweber brand in your email.

The downside to the free plan is that you, don’t have the email tracking features. It won’t tell you how many subscribers have opened your emails or clicked the links inside. Also you can only send 3 000 emails per month with the free version.

You can only build one list but again if you’re just starting that’s all you should be focusing on anyway.

Listen, if you’re just starting out this does give you the opportunity to build your list with a quality autoresponder for free.

To be honest it’s a better deal than the 30 day trial because if you’re just starting out I doubt if you’re able to get 500 subscribers before your free trial ends.

Once you do reach 500 subscribers you should be making a little bit of money to afford the 29.00/month to upgrade to the regular level.

You also have the option to choose the pro plan instead of the free plan. You can have up to 500 subscribers but you get all the bells and whistles and can send unlimited emails to your list with pro.

You can have unlimited sends, unlimited lists, split testing, unbranded landing pages and reporting with the pro plan.

So those are a few things to really keep in mind. However, if you’re someone who is completely brand new these features aren’t really that big of a deal.

More Things I Like About the Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan

One other thing that i think is really cool about Aweber autoresponder free plan is that they do allow you to build out landing pages and it’s not just a few landing pages.

You can create unlimited landing pages, this is included with both the pro and the free version. You can create as many landing pages as you want which you can then use to build up your list.

They’ve got thousands of nice images and video landing pages. They also have google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking.

If you’re planning to do any sort of Facebook ads or google ads, ideally, you want to be able to track exactly where your leads and sales are coming from.

Otherwise you can’t really scale up properly, so this is one of those thing you definitely need to have in place if you really want to exactly understand where your leads and sales are coming in from.

If you don’t really know where their coming from, then you’re basically going to be shooting in the dark and this is offered inside the free plan.

The last thing that I want to share, which i feel is very important, Aweber autoresponder free plan still offers 24-7 live support.

You can chat, email or phone and this for whatever reason is not included with Convertkit or Mailchimp free plans.

So anytime, you have a question about something. If you aren’t sure of how to create a landing page or if you need help with setting something up, you could always contact their support desk.

Aweber Autoresponder Free Plan – Conclusion

A lot of people starting out are strapped for cash so if that’s the case grab the Aweber autoresponder free plan for now. As you grow then you can spend some money for a valuable tool that you absolutely need.

Keep in mind with the free version you are not able to have custom branding, but you have that with pro. And you will want to be able to track your opens, build more lists and access analytics down the road with the pro version.

If you want to check out Aweber for yourself that link will be down below you can get access to the free trial and you know again it’s pretty much no risk for you.

An autoresponder is definitely something that you will need to have if you’re really looking to build up your business in the long term.

If you want to automate your business properly, you definitely need to be building up your email list because this is your biggest asset when it comes to growing your online business.

So that’s everything I wanted to go over about the Aweber autoresponder free plan and hope you got lots of value. Check it out down below.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share this post with your friends that might be interested in a free plan.

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