The Best Autoresponder For Your Money Aweber vs Trafficwave

The Best Autoresponder For Your Money Aweber vs Trafficwave

Hey there guys, today I’m going to be talking about Trafficwave and the differences between Trafficwave and all the other auto responders out there.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options as far as choosing an autoresponder and one thing you have to consider when starting your online journey is pricing.

When I first started years ago I seen on Trafficwaves homepage they had a question “why pay more”. I didn’t understand that for a couple of days. I mean the other companies were charging about the same monthly price 18.00/month.

What I didn’t realize at first glance was that all those other companies charge you more as your list gets bigger. Many people don’t realize this either. A lot of people just join an autoresponder and don’t really look at the long term pricing.

Basically what sold me on Trafficwave was that they charge a flat rate and it never goes up. Now if you compare that to Aweber, Constant Contact and Get Response the price is pretty much the same starting out.

That all sounds fair but then as your list gets bigger you can see the prices start going up and up and up and look at Trafficwave stays the same. You can go to their actual websites to verify this but I’ll break it down for you here as well.

Pricing Comparisons

Aweber is 19 bucks a month and then as soon as your list gets to 500 they charge you 10 more so now you’re paying $29/mo.
2,500 you’re going to pay $49/mo. 5,000 you’re paying $69/mo. 10,000 you’re paying $149/mo.

Listen, your main goal trying to earn online is to build a big list, your goal should be to have 10,000 subscribers on your list but you’re going to start paying 130 dollars a month once you get to 10,000.

Okay, let’s go over Get Response. $15/month starting out sounds great but once again as your list gets bigger your price just keeps on getting bigger. When you hit 1,000 subscribers it’s up to $25/mo. Once you get 10,000 it’s $100/mo.

Alright let’s go over to Constant Contact, this is another popular one. Well the great thing is you get a 2 month free trial but after that it’s $45/mo. for up to 500 subscribers. $70/mo. after 500, $95/mo. after 2,500, and once you get to 10,000 it’s $195/mo.

I’m sorry but I’m doing all the work to build my list and I’m not just going to give my money away when I can get most of the same features with Trafficwave with a list of 10,000 people for $17.95/mo. and in the 11 years I’ve been with them it has never gone up.

Plus Trafficwave also offers a 30 day free trial. I could understand if it was a subpar autoresponder that doesn’t have good deliverability rates but they rank right up there with the other companies.

The Best Autoresponder For Your Money Aweber vs Trafficwave – Conclusion

Now to be clear, Trafficwave may not have a couple of the bells and whistles that the others do but I’m not trying to cure cancer here, I just want to build my list and Trafficwave does a great job and saves me a ton of money each month.

If you’re starting out I suggest you at least try out the free trial and if it fits your needs then you can upgrade. I’m always here if you have any questions plus they have great training videos to help you as well.

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