What Is The Best Internet Marketing Course

Choosing The Best Internet Marketing Course

This is a pretty broad subject because we first must define what you’re looking for in a Internet Marketing Course. If you’re wanting to learn how to make money online then I recommend getting started with affiliate marketing or ecommerce.

But only you can decide if you’re willing to take the time to learn how to build a website, create funnels, setup emails, learn seo or paid traffic strategies or if you would rather pay people to perform the tasks for you. It really comes down to how much money do you have and how much time do you have?

With that being said, if you have the time, some extra cash, enjoy learning new skills that can change your life and like a more hands on approach there are some great internet marketing courses available, start with the free ones to learn the basics.

But, realize by taking this path expect to invest some serious time. Think of it as going to college and getting your degree.

If that’s not something that interests you and you have more money than time there are plenty of places that you can outsource the work and get up and running much quicker. In my case, I love learning new skills and applying them plus I had more time than money.lol

If you’re just wanting to get started as quickly as possible with the least amount of setup for earning a passive income I recommend Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income. It’s a solid and inexpensive program that will get you up and running quickly plus it offers additional training you can study in your spare time.

If you google internet marketing courses there are plenty that can be found but knowing which ones are legit, and which ones happen to be scams or simply unreliable is the problem. Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income has been around for about 5 years now, and it has been continuously updated.

Affiliate Marketing Courses I Recommend

CB Passive Income This program focuses on affiliate and email marketing. The program is a complete done for you solution which allows you to start earning as an affiliate marketer right away and provides great training when you’re ready to learn more.

The one drawback is that you’re not building your own list. Eventually you’ll want to do that, but for people just starting out and don’t want to deal with the learning curve of setting up landing pages, autoresponders and emails, this is a good solution.

Authority Hacker If you are seriously willing to invest some money and time into a life changing skill set then I suggest Authority Hacker. They deliver in depth blueprints, training, and templates that teach you how to create authority websites that get ranked and lay the foundation for a truly successful business online.

This course is only for action takers and is not a overnight magic pill to make millions. It is a step by step success guide for creating multiple websites that will rank and bank. If you need money now this is not the course for you but if you want to build long term assets and build your business the right way this is it.

No fluff, this will take work but it’s not like you’re digging a ditch. When you follow along with the tutorials you can expect to see income rolling in about your 4th to 6th month and then it grows more and more each month.

This training is like a college degree it is that in depth and these guys are not just teaching theory, what they teach is exactly how they research and build their sites.

Ecommerce Training I Recommend

In the last 3-4 years there has been a huge shift to ecommerce. People are dropshipping, selling on ebay, amazon, shopify and etsy. There are some free courses that will teach you the basics and can get you earning some money but with ecommerce there are alot of moving parts and it can get overwhelming.

When I got started in ecommerce  years ago it was with ebay and dropshipping. I made some good money but soon realized that this particular business model was tough to sustain so I added being an Amazon seller to the mix.

Great profits and more sales with Amazon for a while until eventually another seller would come in and undercut the pricing on me. lol

You can make decent money if you’re willing to put up with the constant headaches but if you want to build a truly successful 6 figure business model there’s only 1 program I recommend.

The Wholesale Formula –  This is a real examples training program that teaches you how to build your own scalable and sustainable wholesale based Amazon business. Dan and Eric walk you thru exactly the steps they took from starting with retail arbitrage to building a mutli-million dollar business.

The Wholesale Formula shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to the exact email templates Dan & Eric use to negotiate for discounts on wholesale products.

With The Wholesale Formula, you get video training where you are taught how to find and identify wholesale products using Dan & Eric’s proprietary strategies Reverse Sourcing and Leaf Sourcing, the blueprint on how to get approved to buy manufacturer direct, how to negotiate for the lowest prices on products, and how to streamline and automate your business.

I’m not sure if they’re open for new enrollments as they only take on new students once or twice a year so if you’re serious about getting into ecommerce check them out.

Folks, there are plenty of ways to earn money online such as freelancing, teaching online, graphic design and content creation to name just a few and I’ve covered them in some of my other articles.

Sometimes you just need a mentor, someone who has been thru the same thing you’re going thru now. If you have some questions just reach out and I’ll be more than happy to answer and get you on the path that fits your goals.

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