The Best Tool For Content Ideas

The Best Tool For Content Ideas

I find  that Answer the Public is the best tool for content ideas. It’s a fantastic resource for bloggers or anybody that is creating content. Being a content creator can be a struggle sometimes with trying to come up with topics but also topics that people are looking for answers.

Go to where they have a free version and you’ll see an odd looking guy right off the bat. Just type in a keyword or phrase.

For an example, one of my many niche sites deals with anti-aging shampoo, let’s just say I’m going to look up “hair growth”. I type in hair growth and I type in get questions.

Keyword Ideas

Now, Answer the Public scours the web and it pulls in the top questions related to the word “hair growth.” Now I can scroll down and first it’s going to give us this crazy wheel of questions and comments.

You can always go down and click the data field and see all the questions related to “hair growth”. When I was creating my website Answer the Public showed me so many topics that I never would have thought about on my own.

It showed me so many great blog topics such as “are hair grows shampoos effective”, “are hair growth products safe” and many others.

If you use the Keywords Everywhere extension you’ll notice the little number next to each keyword and these are being populated with which will show you searches/month and competition.

Starting a New Blog

Now when you’re first starting a brand new blog that has no search engine visibility and Google doesn’t even know what it is yet, your first 10-15 posts should focus on writing content for keywords or phrases with under 250 searches a month.

The reason for this is you want to have a lower barrier of entry, there is less competition typically in those areas and you can get launched faster.

Now as you continue to build your website you’ve got some visibility, some traffic and Google knows who you are. Google’s crawling your site frequently and then you can go for those more competitive keywords but don’t start at those top tier keywords, start at the bottom.

The top tier competitive keywords with thousands of searches you can put in a notepad for future use as you build up your site. There is so much good information available here to help you create content that gets searched for each month that will grow your site.

Keep in mind, not all these keywords or phrases need to be in super long form content blog posts. I mean if they’re not super competitive you can write about the topic and simply answer the question.

It might only be 400-500 words but if it’s low competition, your SEO is strong and you have valuable content you’ll be fine. You could also make a YouTube video and add it to your post.

This is a great way to get started when you are creating a niche website. Questions and answers are amazing for blog posts and if you provide valuable content people will find you.

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The Best Tool For Content Ideas – Conclusion

If you sometimes struggle coming up with content, is the best tool for content ideas and a great place to break your writers block. I hope this has given you some insight and provides you with a new way to get ideas.

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