The Best Way To Get Backlinks To Your Blog

The Best Way To Get Backlinks To Your Blog

Hey guys and gals, today I want to talk a little bit about authority backlinks and the best way to get backlinks to your blog. Once you’ve gotten your on page SEO down we need to focus on off page search engine optimization.

Back in the day you could literally just throw a bunch of backlinks and it would work but nowadays you have to be careful about the backlinks that are pointing to you because Google will pay close attention to these.

In this post I’m going to explain what types of backlinks you should avoid and which ones you should actually focus on. 10 years ago I could throw a bunch of backlinks, hundreds and hundreds of backlinks on my web sites and it would rank.

Backlink To Your Social Sites First

Nowadays it’s probably hurting your site, so here’s what we want to do. Google pays close attention to high authority backlinks and what I mean by that is high authority websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or any large social network.

Google especially likes authority sites that are related to your niche. Getting a direct backlink from these sites is very powerful. So let’s call your website the money site because this is where people buy from you, this is where you sell to them.

You definitely want to get links from here and it doesn’t really matter, this can be anywhere from your YouTube channel profile which are high quality backlinks but you can also get social shares as well.

Keep in mind you can still get backlinks from other sources as well but what is working better nowadays is if you link these directly to your social properties. It’s better to get your backlinks and linking to a high authority social site rather than linking them directly to your money site.

Start linking them to your social properties because in Google’s eyes this will actually boost your YouTube channel, your Facebook channel or any social media and then from those properties you link directly to your money site.

Use Majestic as a Research Tool

Now there are some cases where you could link directly to your money site but you want to make sure that they are they related to your niche site. If you have any doubt if they are related great then you want to check a site called allows you to take a look at a specific URL and get an idea about the authority and trust factor. Google no longer really pays as much attention to Google Pagerank as they do Authority and Trust.

Majestic is a paid tool but you get some free searches each day that will show you external backlinks that will tell you if the sites you want to link to are filled with spam or not. Such as all those Russian or Chinese sites that are basically just spam farms which will do you more harm than good.

Link YouTube Videos To Your Money Site

Now with YouTube videos it’s a little bit different. With YouTube videos you can hammer it with a lot of backlinks and then from your YouTube video within your description you can link them to your money site.

That will actually help your ranking because YouTube has such a high authority and it creates a buffer between your backlink and your money site.

The main thing to focus on with YouTube is creating valuable content that focuses on your niche. Nobody wants to click on a link in a description if they just watched a worthless video that provided no value.

Your videos need to help people solve a problem or achieve a goal that they desire. If you do that you will get people wanting to click the link in your description.

The Best Way To Get Backlinks To Your Blog – Conclusion

I hope this has given you a better idea of the best ways to get backlinks to your blog and the way things have changed over the last few years.

One thing I have learned in this business is that internet marketing is always evolving and we need to constantly adapt to those changes if we want to continue our success.

If you’ve found this post helpful please leave a comment and make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve.


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