This Is Better Than Boosting Your Post On Facebook

This Is Better Than Boosting Your Post On Facebook

Today I’m going to teach you a really fun Facebook ad trick. This is something that a lot of people don’t even realize you can do and I want to teach you how to do it.

When it comes to Facebook Ads you may have heard Facebook ad experts talk about how you shouldn’t be boosting posts. There are so many reasons behind this but basically you don’t want to boost a post because you can’t control the outcome of that boosted post.

You can’t control what Facebook is trying to get people to do on it, you can’t control how you’re spending your money the best. It’s just not the best way to do it.

People are always saying “I already created the post, I don’t wanna have to create it again, I don’t want to lose those likes and those comments.” Well guess what, you don’t have to.

Create Your Ad From Existing Post

You can create an ad from an existing post on your Facebook page, it’s actually one of the easiest things you could possibly do.

So instead of boosting that post next time, read this post and create an ad so you can choose the objective and all the other things and get the most bang for your buck, even if you’re wanting to boost a post that’s already on your site.

When you’re on just your regular personal profile in Facebook you’ll scroll down and go to ads manager. Now that could be in a different place for you depending on how you have your Facebook set up but that’s where mine is.

When you log in to ads manager you’ll want to go to the little hamburger menu and go to all tools and page posts. Now the screen will show all your page posts for a certain page that you pick.

You want to make sure you have it on posts like publish post or whatever you want to use there but most the time we’re going to want to use published posts.

So let’s say I want to go to my page and do published posts and I see the one I want to run an ad to. What I’ll do is click the box next to it, hit actions and create ad.

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The Ad Process

From there you will run through the Facebook ad creation process exactly the same as you would for any other ad. Now this is not an in-depth how to do Facebook ads post but everything is exactly the same as a normal ad.

You name your campaign, you name your ad set, you choose the audience and everything. The only difference is that when you do create an ad from an already published or scheduled post you cannot edit the creative.

This means you can’t edit the the verbage, the text or the image or the video or anything like that. The reason is because you put it on your page and it’s already gotten engagement.

It’s already gotten comments, likes and feedback and you want that carrying over to this ad but you can’t change anything because you published it.

So once you make it into an ad just know, you can’t change any of the creative parts other than you’ll be able to add links and how you want it to be served to your audience and all of that just like a normal ad.

This allows you to choose your objective, it allows you to choose what you want Facebook to push your ad out to do which is not something you can do on a boosted post and it is an integral part of running an ad.

So next time you’re tempted to hit boost post for $5 or whatever just take a quick minute and create an ad from that existing post. You keep your likes, you keep your engagement, so it’s good all around and you get the best bang for your buck.

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This Is Better Than Boosting Your Post On Facebook – Conclusion

So there’s your friendly Facebook Ads tip for the day and I hope this gives you a better option than just boosting your Facebook post.

If you’ve found this helpful leave a comment below and share with your friends. Got questions? Leave them below and I’ll make sure to answer them with a future post or video.

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