Brand New Youtube Ad Strategy

Brand New Youtube Ad Strategy

If you’re looking for a powerful new YouTube ad strategy I’m going to go over my favorite new method in this post. One of the most untapped online marketing opportunities to drive people to your website, grow your email list and customer base is by YouTube ads.

Video lets you connect in ways that images or text ads just can’t, giving people a glimpse into your business to what makes you unique or special and letting your potential customers feel like they know you before they even talk to you which gives you a really big advantage.

Up until recently there was a pretty big problem with YouTube ads. You know you could run a single ad or multiple ads but there was not really a good way of controlling the sequence that people would see them in.

I mean technically you could with retargeting but that took a lot more knowledge and was a lot trickier to set up and it kind of resulted in really low numbers of audiences in the end.

Now there’s a new YouTube strategy you can use that basically lets you put your videos in a specific order which gives you a lot more control over the message your customers are getting.

If you know anything about marketing you probably know that it doesn’t really work very well just to advertise your product or service straight up unless you’re selling some sort of commodity or an emergency service.

We now know that we have to think of advertising as much more of a funnel system where you get people in, then you continue to send them helpful content over a period of time where they get to know you and trust you.

You want them to feel like they know you in order to make that decision that you’re the business they want to work with. So this strategy plays right into that.

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Problem or Pain Point

I’m going to show you a really powerful series you can run in a specific order that has the power to 10x the results you would likely get if you were to just go right for the sale.

All you need to get started is a lead magnet to promote and if you have any issues with that just let me know. For now let’s go ahead and get started.

First you need to create a simple helpful content video that answers a problem or addresses a pain point that your target audience is likely facing. I need to stress that this video is not promotional it’s simply giving advice or actionable tips that your audience would love to know about.

Ideally it should be really closely aligned with the topic of your lead magnet but possibly a little less in-depth. If it helps start with your lead magnet topic and then reverse-engineer it.

Create a video that offers maybe a higher level overview that’s not quite as detailed as the lead magnet or the video could focus on one aspect of the lead magnet.

So let’s just say you’re a headshot photographer for actors in LA. Your lead magnet might be a checklist of everything you need to have for a relaxed stress-free shoot. Then that first video might be one simple tip every actor needs to nail your photo shoot.

So you’ll just outline the video and then shoot it with your smartphone. Honestly with YouTube your smartphone takes pretty good video these days and you’re totally fine just going with that, don’t overcomplicate it.

What Are They Going To Learn

So start the video by calling out your audience and letting them know exactly what they’re gonna learn in the video. “If you’re an actor thinking about getting new headshots I’m gonna share with you a photographer’s little secret that you can use to nail your photo shoot every time.”

This is going to make your customers pay close attention and basically signal to everybody else who is not a good fit for this that they can just go ahead and skip the video. That way you don’t have to pay for their view.

After that spend a few minutes teaching the content and then end the video with a call to action to download your lead magnet or freebie. That’s it, that’s the entire video.

The purpose here is just to make your ideal customers see you and associate you with good advice and a helpful attitude. This helps the process of selling to them later on.

Pique Curiosity

For video two you want to start it by bringing up the last video and then seamlessly segue into a pitch but not for your services. It’s the pitches for your lead magnet such as.

“I hope you enjoyed my videos secrets for nailing your photo shoot and I’ve actually got a free checklist I’d like to offer you that goes into even more tips and tricks that you can use to make your next photo shoot a success.”

Then talk about three main things that they are going to learn inside but here’s the catch, you need to pique curiosity with each of them.

Don’t say “I’ll teach you how to use a specific breathing method to calm you down” instead say “you’ll discover the expert method I’ve personally developed over years of working with actors to stay calm and look relaxed.”

The idea with using curiosity is they read that and they think I have to know what that secret is right versus if they read the breathing method they may think I already know how to breathe, I’m good.

Calls To Action

You’re going to want to give a few verbal calls to action in the video. One at the very end of course but several within the the body portion of the video itself and you’re probably going to want to work it in within the first thirty seconds.

Tell them to click on the link in the video and that link is going to bring them to a landing page on your website that’s all about the lead magnet. They just have to give their first name and email and then the guide or checklist or whatever it is is delivered immediately.

Now you have a new email subscriber that you’ll want to nurture with weekly helpful content. Sprinkling in a few promotional emails every now and then.

So once you’ve already delivered the the two videos that we talked about now it’s time for a more direct offer based video. This is the type of video that shows what you do, the benefits you bring and how you ultimately transform your customer clients life for the better.

Generally you’re not just going to talk about your business in glowing terms, you’re going to want to have a call to action or an offer. That can be a discount, add-on service or it can even be a free consultation but be sure to end the video with that offer and a clear call to action.

Getting Them Off The Fence

For our final video we want to get people off the fence. So for everybody who saw your last video but didn’t take action you want to add some fuel to the fire and bust through any objections they might have.

One excellent way to do this is with a video testimonial of a client you’ve helped in the past. Telling that story start to finish about what an amazing experience and great results that you got them.

Now that video should start with you for 3 to 5 seconds introducing your old client or customer because if you just go right into the testimonial they’re not going to associate you with that testimonial necessarily.

Your face doesn’t have to be on camera the whole time as long as your face was on the rest of the videos then it seamlessly transitions into the testimonial. Then you would end the video with the same offer the you ended the last video with.

No testimonial video, no problem. Another thing that works really well is a “are we a good fit style video.” Basically that is you addressing every common objection you are likely to get followed by an answer that addresses each objection and makes them feel better about working with you.

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Brand New Youtube Ad Strategy – Conclusion

Those videos in order are very powerful because they take a cold prospect let them get to know you. They start to trust you because you’re giving them lots of free valuable helpful content.

You’re providing a very clear offer then you’re busting through all their objections which is really going to increase the likelihood of getting that customer in the end.

I hope this new YouTube ad strategy has given you some ideas and I want to hear from you. I want to know are you currently using any of these kinds of videos or are you on the fence about advertising on YouTube at all. Go ahead and leave them in the comments below and I’ll check them out.

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