How To Build Authority Online

How To Build Authority Online

So, you’re wondering how to build authority online and grow a rabid following of fans. Well, the one thing you must understand is that you have to provide value and by providing value you naturally attract people in whatever niche you’re targeting.

Attraction is not a choice – people naturally gravitate towards an authority figure. It’s why people read the news and quote from it, and also the same reason why people look up to and quote from the words and works of pioneers, inventors, teachers and entrepreneurs.

If you start helping people achieve a goal or solve a problem they will begin to trust you as leader or expert in that respective field.

However, some people out there have the wrong idea. They think that one has to collect the relevant qualifications and certificates to create authority. Now, you don’t have to do that. In fact, it’s not necessary at all.

Because here’s the thing: you don’t have to wait for someone to endorse you before you can start. After all, who out there certified these certificate-giving guys?

Don’t waste your time on such things. It is more often a procrastination move. Give yourself permission to go ahead and do it now (which by the way, is an Alpha trait!).

The truth is, people listen to you if you are capable of solving a problem for them or helping them achieve a goal. You just have to find ways to inspire confidence in them.

“But… How can I be teaching others when I’m not an expert or successful yet?” – this is one common self-limiting belief that hinders one’s potential.

If you don’t feel good enough, you operate from a position of lack. This is one mentality you have to change in order to succeed. All you have to do is make an effort to position yourself as an authority figure. There are four ways you can do this:

4 Ways How To Build Authority Online

1. “I’m Just Like You”

Let’s say you are trying to promote a book on developing social skills. You can appeal to people by relating to people and their current situation, like this :

“ Five years ago, I was just like you – speaking to people was a struggle for me. I was awkward, and had few friends. But then I discovered these tips and things changed for me since then. “

Since you have been through the same things before and have since then found success, you inspire trust and confidence in others because they know you know best. People are more likely to look up to you as a role model.

2. Be The Reviewer / Researcher

Take movie reviewers on YouTube – Chris Stuckmann and Angry Joe. They do reviews of newly released movies, so that people don’t have to go through a bad movie. People look to them for movie advice.

In the same way, by positioning yourself as the “researcher”, people know you know what works best, because you’ve put it upon yourself to try out all possible solutions out there. People look to you for advice, and this way, you create authority.

3.”The Expert”

Expertise is subjective – there is no clear cut criteria as to what makes an expert, particularly in the field of Internet marketing. There is no way to know everything; there will always be something new, and someone who knows more than you do.

The definition of an expert, to me here, is just knowing 5% more than what 95% of the people don’t know! Establish yourself as an expert by making an effort to know a little more than what others know, and you’ll create authority – people will look to you for solution to their problems. And plus, you can get paid!

4. Leveraging The Expertise Of Others

This can be done is by working together with industry experts. They have the expertise, and you know the right people – it is often a win-win situation for both parties. An example would be creating a short training program featuring an expert in a particular field.

Another way this can be done is through interviews. You may be new or clueless when it comes to the topic at hand, but through this way, you can gather valuable, expert-level information for your use – be it content or product creation, or the marketing or promotion of your products.

Leveraging on others’ expertise positions you as the “village chief”, indirectly positioning you as an authority figure in the field.

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Build Authority Online By Offering Value

The main reason why people struggle or fail to make money online is simply because they offer ZERO value. The income you make is in direct proportion to the value you contribute.

Take this as an example – the comparison between a general practitioner (GP) and a heart surgeon. Both are jobs in the medical field that require one to have the relevant qualifications and medical knowledge.

However, there are few heart surgeons if compared to the current number of GPs out there. Not only that, a heart surgeon’s job requires more specialized knowledge and skills, and involves a significant amount of risk.

Hence, the value the surgeon is able to provide is evidently more, which again, is reflected in the surgeon’s higher income.

Now, with this in mind, don’t just start a site offering junk to others. Be the people’s go-to guy and authority figure in your niche. Offer something of value, a product or service that will help people solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Now, you can create something from scratch, but it will take time. Use Private Label Rights (PLR) products instead – it will help you save time.

But first things first: What are PLR products?

PLR are content products that you can buy rights to, giving you the right to change, personalize or alter the material to make it your own.

This also includes the right to claim ownership over the product. And if you suck at writing, all the more you should outsource your content writing!

Another common misconception among those who are just starting out in internet marketing is to get them involved in the Making Money Online (MMO) niche, thinking it’s a surefire way to succeed.

It’s okay to be a newbie in the niche, but don’t fake it. Particularly when you don’t have the experience or authority in this area. People are not idiots; they’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Don’t just look at MMO as the only way to succeed in Internet marketing – it’s a very one-dimensional way of thinking. In fact, you stand to make money in providing services to help people save time and effort.

One way is helping people to edit their work, or doing the rebranding effort for them. You can become the go to guy or girl to solve their problem thus building your authority online in this area.

Another great area to look at is creating Ebooks for others. There is a huge market for this and a great tool that can help you create these ebooks quickly is called Sqribble.

How To Build Authority Online – Conclusion

Each and everyone of us has a certain passion, knowledge or skillset and it’s just a matter of putting that in front of people who are searching for it. I don’t care what talent you have, there are groups of people that will have an interest in it.

For an example, one of my clients had just retired and was looking for something to do to add some extra income to his retirement plan. Of course, like all of us he was getting tons of emails about how easy it is to make money online so he spent months going that route without any results.

When he contacted me and told me his story I asked one simple question: What is it you love to do? His answer was: I love to build chicken coops.

Okay then, now we have a person that has a passion and skillset that he can share with others that will establish him as an authority. And simply by doing some keyword research we could see that there are people with a great interest in it.

From there it was just a matter of using his knowledge to provide value and showing him the best way to monetize his skills. No, this didn’t happen overnight but he did start seeing results after a few months and after a year his business has grown to $1,900/month.

Is it life changing money? Well, in his case it allowed him to not stress as much about his retirement, plus he could get paid for something he loved to do.

Folks, what I just shared can apply to anything. If you have any questions about how to start building authority online just reach out and let me help.

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