Build Your Email List Using YouTube

Build Your Email List Using YouTube

If you’re running an online business one of your main focuses should be growing your email list. In this post we’re going to talk about how to build your email list using YouTube.

Now this can get a little tricky and there’s definitely some tactics and tips here, because it’s not like any other platform you use to build your email list. It’s a little different, it’s a little weird and I’m gonna get into it today.

When we’re talking about how to grow an email list using YouTube I want you to pay special attention because this is specifically for YouTube and how to get more leads and grow your email list the right way.

Be Selective

So tip number one is to not send people to your optin in every video. I know that sounds crazy counterproductive and it doesn’t sound like it makes any sense. We want to send people to our email list and now I’m telling you not to send them there.

Here’s the thing, if you are constantly sending people off the YouTube platform YouTube will penalize your channel and it will not let you show up as high in the search engines or help you grow.

YouTube doesn’t like it when we send people off their platform. Years ago that wasn’t the case but that has changed and it’s why you see so many youtubers linking to their other videos in their descriptions.

YouTube looks at it this way. If you’re a channel who’s constantly sending people off their platform it’s going to be really hard to grow your channel because the people watching your videos are leaving as soon as you tell them to go sign up for your email list.

That’s not a good cue to YouTube. YouTube starts thinking we should probably not point people to this channel because they’re sending people off of our platform.

You have to tread really lightly and not have a call out in every video that sends people to an opt-in. You want to be very selective with when you do send people to an opt-in from a video on YouTube.

There are some methods you can use to be really selective and really strategic about sending people away. You want to choose videos that make sense to send people away.

For an example, your videos that are going to rank really high as far as search terms and targeted keywords are great because a lot of people are going to see them. Those are the ones that you want to throw your opt-in on.

If you throw it on one today it might be four or five weeks before you put another one out there so that you’re not ticking off the YouTube gods. Be really selective with which videos you want to put an opt-in on.

Say you have a playlist that you want to do on your channel. You have maybe a series of five videos that all go together and make good sense together. Think about how those are going to work on your channel and how it’s going to drive people through those videos.

The thing with a playlist is that it’s designed specifically to get people to go from one video to the next, to the next and that keeps people on YouTube.

Learn more about: The Power Of YouTube Playlists

What I would do here in this strategy is on the first video that I released that’s going to be part of this series I would go ahead and pimp out my opt-in

I would say “hey this is a new series I’m doing here on YouTube on this topic and I’ve created this free guide for you to be able to help walk you through it” and then you give them the verbal cues to go download it.

Then on videos 2 through 5 you tell them you have the free guide but you tell them they have to go back to the first video to get it. So what that does is it entices them to stay. Now they’re going to have to go back to watch another video to get the guide.

This is making YouTube happy by keeping people on the platform longer than you would have if you would just be sending them away with every single video and opt-in so it’s a really nice strategy.

Add Your Links

Tip number two is you want to have a link to your opt-in in every description of every video that sounds like I’m telling you two different things but I’m not.

When I told you in tip 1 not to send people away from YouTube I mean verbally, don’t verbally say “hey go grab my opt-in” or “hey go grab this free guide I’ve created” in every video but to have it in the description.

You’re going to get people who are digging for information and those are the people who are ready to opt in and sign up.

If you include a link for them to opt-in or get on your email list in every video description it’s really going to help boost up that email list and also not send out a ton of people away from YouTube and hurt your rankings

The third tip I want to give you is to put a link to your main opt-in, the one that people are really going to want and love in your channel art links.

In case you didn’t know, on your channel you have links that you can put on that channel art. You can put a link to your website and you can put a link to your social platforms.

The main link should be straight to an opt-in that they can grab right away and you want to put good teaser text that lets them know exactly what they’re getting.

You can also use your channel art to direct them towards it. You can have an arrow pointing towards the link that says “hey you should pay attention to this.” You can also have a circle or a big bright color around it so people are really seeing that piece of your channel art.

Using Youtube Cards

The fourth tip I have for you today on how to grow your email list using YouTube is to go back to well performing videos and place cards and end screens on those videos that direct them to an opt-in.

No you won’t be verbally telling them to go opt-in but you will have cards and end screen elements that tell them to do that.

Now to have this feature you do have to be eligible for monetization. You have to have a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch time hours as of right now. I just recently covered that in another post on how you can reach that quickly.

Once you do reach that goal you could go into those well performing videos and place a card at the end or wherever that says “grab my free guide to X Y & Z” and when it pops across the screen people will see that and check out your optin.

It’s a great strategy for those videos that are performing well but know that if you start sending a lot of people off of YouTube because of that video YouTube will start penalizing you and that video probably won’t do as well as it did before so you really have to weigh this out.

Social Media Examiner has a great article that goes into How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos

Build Your Email List Using YouTube – Conclusion

I hope you learned something today and I hope that all of these tips helped you figure out how you can use YouTube to build your email list.

If you did learn something I’d love for you to hit me up in the comments below and let me know what you learned and if you have any questions.

As always make sure to share this post with your friends and check out some of the other posts that will help shorten your learning curve with your online journey.

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