Choosing The Best Products To Promote As A Clickbank Affiliate

Choosing The Best Products To Promote As A Clickbank Affiliate

In this article we’re going to discuss choosing the best products to promote as a Clickbank affiliate. If you’re into Clickbank and if you want to start an online business from Clickbank this is just something that’s absolutely going to change everything for you.

So let’s get started and let’s talk about actually how you can actually find a good product on Clickbank. This is a question that I get asked all the time and it’s critical for you to choose a good product on Clickbank that you can be proud of.

If you don’t you can end up promoting a bad product which is going to either result in no sales or if it does get any sales you’re going to get a lot of refunds and that will damage your reputation.

The first thing I look for when it comes to Clickbank is I look for products in tops niches. Once in a while I promote products from some other niches but usually you need to promote products from top niches.

Understanding Clickbank Products

The top 3 niches in Clickbank are: E-business and E-marketing, Health and Fitness and Self-Help. These are the three top niches that you need to look for products.

Let’s start with the self help niche and look at self esteem, self esteem is a subcategory of the self-help niche. The next thing I’ll usually look at is the initial sale versus the versus the average sale.

The initial sale versus the average sale, if these numbers are same this means that this product doesn’t have any upsells. So the initial sale is the money that you’re going to make if you make a sale on the product.

The average sale is how much on average you’re going to make from this product. Basically for an example, if the product you’re promoting doesn’t have any upsells and is priced at 33.00 you make $33 on this product.

But there’s a chance that you’re going to make an average $54 if it has some upsells. That’s one thing I look for when I’m promoting a product. If you’re promoting a product make sure it has upsells, there’s no sense in leaving extra money on the table.

I also like to focus on products that have a recurring income. Again, if I’m doing all the work to sell the product I might as well get paid every month from it if I can.

The next thing I look for is the gravity. The gravity shows you how many people are getting sales on average on this product. The higher the gravity means that product is really popular and a lot of affiliates are making sales on that product.

I look for products that has over 40 gravity. Now in some sub niches you won’t find gravity over 40 because a lot of these are undiscovered products. That doesn’t make it a bad product, it just means affiliates haven’t found it yet.

When I find a product I want to check out their salespage and see if it’s something that I can be proud to promote. My reputation is far more important so I don’t want to send people to a page that tells people they can make a million a month or something far fetched.

I look for a salespage that will actually educate the visitor before trying to sell the product. I don’t promote products that simply show a sales video, I want some actual written content that answers questions that people have and how they are going to provide the solution.

The last thing I check is if the product has an affiliate section. So open the affiliate product section and take a look at it. I want to see what kind of materials they’re providing for their affiliates. They should be providing articles, videos and banners that will help you promote.

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Choosing The Best Products To Promote As A Clickbank Affiliate – Conclusion

Choosing the best products to promote as a Clickbank affiliate is the first step in your journey. I suggest you focus on a niche that your passionate about and then check out the products.

Build a following in the niche that you’ve decided on. Start a Facebook page, Youtube channel or Pinterest account and start sharing great content about your niche.

Once you build a following of people who you’ve built a relationship with then you can offer them your product and if you’ve chosen a great product they will have no problem purchasing from you in the future.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share with your friends. If you ever have any questions, just leave a comment or shoot me a message.

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