Choosing The Right Niche For Your YouTube Channel

Choosing The Right Niche For Your YouTube Channel

In this article we’re going to talk about choosing the right niche for your YouTube channel and how to hit it out of the park on YouTube. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt anybody, no matter what, is capable of great things and growing a massive channel on YouTube.

Now when you get started thinking about the niche you’re going to enter and the channel you’ll create on YouTube, the first thing that’s absolutely imperative is that you decide on a niche based on big picture thinking.

Now what I mean by this is I see so many individuals and they really focus on just maybe one or two things and this is a huge recipe for disaster. This is what I mean when you start out, the first thing you’ve got to identify is why are you starting on YouTube in the first place.

What Are Your Motivations Behind Your YouTube Channel

What are the motivations behind you spending the time to launch a channel, create videos and grow the channel over time? For example if you really are set on making money then that’s a huge factor to take into consideration, however maybe you want to do it just for fun.

At that point then, that fun part is what you’ve got to focus on, that becomes the driving force but like I started out saying you don’t want to focus just solely on one particular thing. You’ve got to think big picture and you’ve got to think about what matters to you as an individual.

This is what I mean if you select a niche solely to make money and you select the niche because there’s a big payout. You may think a niche like weight loss can make you a lot of money but maybe you’re really not that passionate or that knowledgeable about weight loss.

Well if you do that then you’re really setting yourself up for failure because you’ve got to have the excitement and the passion to continue making videos day after day month after month in a year after year.

So first identify what is the motivation behind you starting a niche. Where do you want be with the channel in two years? If it’s just for fun then the decisions you make should be focused on that very thing.

Now here’s where it gets a bit tricky when we talk about just for fun. You see a lot of youtubers, they get started because it looks like it’s going to be fun but what they really want is a big audience.

They want all kinds of views, they want all kinds of subscribers, they want the whole thing happening on their channel and they make decisions based on their own personal needs. In other words they make the videos they want to make.

Think About Your Audience

Be aware that if you want to grow a channel then you’ve got to make decisions based on a group of people and their needs and wants. In other words, what kind of videos are they going to click on, what kind of videos are they going to want to watch and so on.

When you start thinking about the audience that really changes the dynamic and this is where most youtubers struggle because they solely make videos based on what they think is fun and exciting and they completely miss the boat.

So these are the things I want you to think about as you move forward. Is this for fun or is this for money? Do you want to grow an audience? You want to really account for all of these things as you move forward.

Now if money matters then take the time to really think through the different types of niche websites or YouTube channels that you can launch and really think about this.

The thing you want to do when it comes to making money with a Youtube channel is you want to focus on a niche over any one particular affiliate program.

Identifying Your Niche

The reason why is, you want to identify a particular topic such as scuba diving or maybe arts and crafts or maybe weight loss or health and fitness or possibly internet marketing because you’re super passionate about that.

So focus on the big picture when it comes to making money and here are some tips and ideas that can help you really move forward to select one particular niche that has a big enough audience to allow you to move forward and make money with YouTube.

So now you know you want to really focus on one particular niche and that audience. What I recommend you do is look for a handful, at least maybe five, preferably ten youtube channels that are doing well with that particular niche. You want to identify how they are making money.

On YouTube there are all different types of ways to make money so don’t get hung up solely on ads. Sure, you can get in the Adsense program and make money with ads but there are a lot of other ways in which you can get paid.

Andy Halfell has a great course about monetizing your YouTube videos with affiliate marketing so you may want to check out Passive Affiliate System.

How To Get Paid

For example, if you happen to livestream then people can super chat you. All that means is they can thank you for the content that you’ve published and can donate during your live stream.

If you premiere a video the same thing can occur. As the video is a premiering any viewer watching the premiere of the video can donate five, ten, twenty bucks and that really can add up.

Of course there are other ways to make money – like brand deals, sponsorship and affiliate marketing. So think about those five to ten channels and identify how are they making money.

You might think well I don’t want to enter in a niche like weight loss because it’s so saturated. Well sure its competitive but let me tell you there are all kinds of people spending money in that particular niche.

There are all types of channels that are have already proven that it’s very possible to make money on YouTube in the weight loss niche but you will have to be very specific on your channel niche.

The next thing that’s really important for you is you’ve got to get honest with yourself and you’ve got to ask yourself these questions.

First is, can I create video content on this one overall broad topic for months and even years because that’s what you’re gonna have to do. Obviously you don’t want to take all this time to build a channel and then find that you’re not interested in making content about that anymore.

Now one of the things you can do is keep your channel niche broad but really focus when you start off and go deep and you can do that by creating playlists.

For example you might have a channel that covers health and fitness and when you start you might really focus on eating right or exercising and what I recommend is go deep with one or two playlists and really hone in on one’s subtopic.

Learn more about: The Power Of YouTube Playlists

Stay Focused

Now a lot of creators get really hung up on coming up with video ideas but if you do this, if you follow these tips and strategies what you’re gonna find as long as you keep publishing week to week and you don’t get down in the thought process of making it happen.

This is what I mean, a lot of creators they sit around and they think about well what’s going to happen if this happens or that happens, don’t do that. Focus on this week I’m creating this video for this playlist, that’s it, the only thing I have to do is make a video for my channel.

When you do that over time you’re going to get into week five and you’re gonna have five videos up. You’re going to start getting comments and some of those comments are gonna give you more ideas on the content you can create moving forward.

Furthermore as you go deeper and deeper into a particular niche you’re gonna see so many topic ideas for your channel it’s gonna help you evolve.

The thing you don’t want to do is really get inundated with thinking about launching a channel. We call it analysis paralysis, it’s really easy to overthink all the steps that you got to take.

But at the end of the day if you focus on the simplicity of what you’ve got to do, which is publish another video for your channel and you just focus on that one thing and over time you’ll find it’s actually easier than you think.

Choosing The Right Niche For Your YouTube Channel – Conclusion

It can be overwhelming when you’re first starting out but follow the tips for choosing the right niche for your YouTube channel and stay consistent. It won’t happen overnight but with passion and dedication it will happen.

For more tips and tricks to help shorten your learning curve make sure to check out these additional posts below and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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