Common Mistakes People Make Trying To Grow On Instagram

Common Mistakes People Make Trying To Grow On Instagram

Making these common mistakes can literally kill your chances of getting anywhere with Instagram. I’ve seen a lot of people make some mistakes that have absolutely killed their growth so in this post I want to dive into those mistakes so that you guys don’t make the same.

The first common Instagram mistake and it’s a huge reason why some people can’t grow on Instagram is that they’re not niching down.

Niche Down

Here’s the deal, if you’re not an athlete, an actor, big on Youtube, you don’t have any fame or nobody knows you for anything and you want to start off and make a name for yourself on Instagram you can’t just be posting personal pictures and expect to grow a following.

Now if your Ronaldo or a famous athlete you obviously don’t have to be posting and being in a niche on Instagram. You can just post pictures of your family or whatever because people already care about you and they care about your personal life.

I’m not going to try to sell you guys the dream here, I’m going to be straight up with you. It’s very unlikely that you can grow just by being a personal page or you can get big just by posting pictures of yourself.

Some people have done it but they usually fall into a category of either the modelling niche or some sort of traveling niche. Even then, even if you’re just posting pictures of yourself you’re still niching down.


Mistake number two is going to be that you’re only engaging with your page and with your content. Engagement on Instagram is a two-way street, if you’re not engaging with other creators in your niche you’re losing out on a ton of free exposure.

If you think about in terms of YouTube there are accounts on YouTube that don’t post any videos that have thousands of subscribers. There’s one famous one that has over a 100,000 subscribers because they’re commenting on everyone’s videos and they’re leaving good comments.

You don’t have to be that extreme commenting on every single post in your niche but you should be leaving genuine comments on other creators posts and content. I’ve talked about this concept in the past I don’t want to spend too much time on it but let’s go over a quickly.

For example, say there’s a post that has 26 thousand likes, so probably around fifty to a hundred thousand people have seen it. Let’s say only a fourth of those went in the comments that’s 25 thousand people who went into the comments and could have potentially seen your comment.

Now imagine you’re writing these good comments on a ton of other posts similar to your niche. Eventually people are going to start noticing that you’re commenting, you’re writing good comments and curiosity is gonna kick in and they’re gonna check out your account.


Another mistake is not caring about your Instagram captions. You can’t just be dropping a couple emojis and calling it a day. That’s not how your audience gets to know you and that’s a huge mistake.

If you’re starting on Instagram your caption is like one of the only places where people actually find out who you are and what you’re like as a person.

You might be posting amazing content but here’s the thing, so is everyone else so it’s gonna separate you. What’s going to make you different is going to have to be your captions and the personality you show through those captions.

People are much more likely to start a conversation in the comments and engage with your post if you’re actually writing good captions rather than a couple of emojis.

You absolutely don’t have to write out essays or long paragraphs, in fact captions that are extremely long a lot of people aren’t going to read those. So keep it short and simple but still put some effort into it.

Numbers vs. Engagement

Another mistake is caring about numbers rather than engagement. A lot of people get caught up with the number of followers they have or the number of likes they’re getting but that’s not really what you should be focused on.

If you want to get far with Instagram, if you want to make a lot of money with it down the line you got to focus on building a community. This is why you should never buy followers or do some sketchy type stuff to gain followers like giveaways or that kind of thing.

Those types of things might boost your follower number but a week from now even the people who followed you from that giveaway aren’t going to care about your posts which is going to result in inactive ghost followers who will drag you down and kill your Instagram engagement.

Like I said, if you want to make some money down line and do some brand deals realize companies would rather work with people who have strong communities around their pages and around their instagrams rather than ones that just have a high follower count.

I can tell you that I can look at some of these pages and I don’t care that they have two million followers. If they’re not getting any engagement then most of those followers are ghosts or inactive and I’m not gonna work with them.

I would much rather work with a page that has a hundred thousand followers but their followers are active, those followers care about what the individual is posting rather than a two million dead followers page. Just remember, community and engagement over follower count every day.

Getting Featured

The next mistake I want to talk about is focusing way too much on trying to get featured on big theme pages. These big theme pages in your niche repost you. I mean it’s obviously a good thing you’re gonna gain some exposure from that but it’s not really as much as you think.

I see what kind of growth people get from those and to be honest I mean yeah, its growth but it’s not that much so really you shouldn’t be focusing on getting on these theme pages.

Instead try to focus on collaborating with other people in your niche, other creators. You can honestly benefit a lot more from collaborating with another small creater than getting featured on a big theme page.

The last mistake is a little different than those other practical ones. This one is sort of a mindset one and that’s that some people see Instagram as a get-rich-quick scheme, that you can get big overnight, start living a glamorous lifestyle and that’s just not the truth.

I hate to say it but if you’re going to give up on Instagram within a month or two of starting then don’t start at all and waste your time. I’m sure can succeed a lot quicker than most by following my articles but you still got to keep in mind that it’s not overnight.

There’s a ton of different strategies that you can try out, different things work for different niches and you just got to keep on exploring different things so you can find something that works for you.

Common Mistakes People Make Trying To Grow On Instagram – Conclusion

There are many ways to make money online and none of them are as fast as many people want you to think. I don’t care what social media you choose or what niche you choose it will take consistency and effort but it is worth it.

I hope you guys enjoyed it this post and you got something out of it. If you did make sure you leave a comment down and share with your friends.

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