Email Subject Lines That Work

Email Subject Lines That Work

If you’re trying to increase your email open rates and I bet you are, these email subject lines are gonna do the trick.

I talk all the time about how important a good email marketing strategy is to the health of any small business, come to think of it a business of any size but if you want emails to be read and ultimately clicked on it all starts with a great email subject line.

So let me start with a quick stat, in 2019 average email open rates are right around 20 percent but inside my business we’re seeing email open rates between 35 and 45 percent.

I want to go over some of my best tips you can start using today to make those subject lines much more intriguing and clickable so that more people open your emails and read all that great content that you’re spending time on.

Numbered Subject Line

The first type of subject line is a numbered list. Most human beings are drawn to lists and we especially like numbers. It’s no surprise that the most shared articles on Facebook or LinkedIn or any of those platforms are these BuzzFeed style numbered lists.

So why not just take a page out of their playbook, in fact if you’re stuck for ideas just go to BuzzFeed and do a search and see what kinds of articles come up in your niche.

An example could be if you were to promise seven Home Staging tips that you’re not gonna find on HGTV your audience is probably going to be very curious to see what those tips are.

Curiosity Subject Line

Our next type of subject line is curiosity. There are a million ways to peak curiosity through a subject line and teasing the items in a numbered list is just one of them. You can also tease the content of an email with just a simple statement.

An example of this could be, This is the subject line I use to double open rates. Another example could be, What every small business website needs in 2019.

This is the method I use to double email open rates because just mentioning them in the subject line makes people curious and much more likely to open to see what’s inside.

Quick Fix Subject Line

Next up we have the quick fix. Most people are kind of lazy and want the highest return for the lowest investment and this quick fix email feeds right into the need for wanting that short cut by offering a quick and easy solution to a problem that our subscribers are likely facing.

They’ll definitely want to open that up, so emphasize that what’s inside can somehow help them in just 5 minutes or is the secret sauce they need to get a quick win.

You can use phrases like one skill, simple tweaks, simplest technique, use today or easy ways, etc.

Name Recognition Subject Line

The next one is name recognition. One easy way to get attention and to build Authority by proxy is to simply mention somebody that your audience likely already knows and admires.

People usually use this one with a bit of curiosity. An example of this could be, This productivity hack from Oprah will finally get you moving in 2019. Another example could be, Did you hear what Gary Vaynerchuk said about Facebook ads yesterday.

This tactic basically allows you to borrow influence from others and then inside the email you can give your own take on it and start building your own influence.

Case Study Subject Line

Next we have the case study subject line. People like case studies for two reasons, they provide proof that a technique or strategy actually works and they usually offer a step-by-step repeatable process that your readers can follow to get the same results.

When you create a case study that shows a proven system that’s gonna help your readers just say so in the subject line. Here’s an example from Derek Halpern, How I got twenty six thousand seven hundred seventy eight subscribers in thirteen months.

Perceived Value In The Subject Line

This next one is very near and dear to me and that is just using the word video. Remember how I said earlier that my email open rates are between 35 and 45 percent. I attribute most of that to the fact that I put video inside my emails and I call it out in the subject line.

People are just naturally drawn to video rather than reading an article. Video is generally easier to digest and understand and it has a higher perceived value than written text does.

Whenever I add a video to an email all I do is use the word video at the very front of the subject line simple as that.

Use Exclusivity In Your Subject Line

Next we have exclusivity. People love feeling like they’re on the inside track of something. Whether that’s getting special deals just for them or insider info of some kind. It just gives him a sense of belonging that can build loyalty and increase conversions down the road.

Using the right phrasing in your subject lines can make your subscribers feel special and the results can be pretty significant. A few ideas for phrasing include: these insider tips, you’re invited, private invite or exclusive offer.

These can work really well for your content based valued emails as well as your periodic offers.

Compelling Questions Subject Line

Next we have compelling questions. Asking the right question can really draw your reader in especially if it’s something that’s really relevant to them or kind of addresses a problem they’re likely having.

A realtor might ask do you know how much house you can afford or I might ask is your website getting this wrong. There’s a natural curiosity in the right question that people just have to have answered.

Dont’s For Subject Lines

Do not use all caps or lots of exclamation points. Not only does this look obnoxious but it also looks spammy. It’s probably gonna get your email ignored.

Even worse, your subscribers email program like Gmail or outlook will probably take one look at that subject line and just reroute it to either the promotions tab or even the spam folder.

Another this is don’t use a question mark and an exclamation point in a subject line. Using those two in the same subject line even if they’re not together can actually flag your email as spam.

So rather than resorting to shouting or using a million question marks try using one of these other tips instead if you do it right hopefully your email is going to be seen, read and then clicked through to your website.

Email Subject Lines That Work – Conclusion

Now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these types of subject lines have you personally used or which kind are you excited to use in your next email.

I want to know all about it so put it in the comments below along with any questions you have and I’ll read through all of it and answer everything I can.

I hope this post has given you a better idea of how to write email subject lines that get opened and if you liked this post share it with your friends and check out some of my other informative articles.

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