Facebook Live Tips To Attract More Prospects

Facebook Live Tips To Attract More Prospects

Are you wanting to start doing Facebook lives but you don’t know exactly how to structure it? Well in this article I’m gonna share my Facebook lives tips to attract more prospects and to get an engaged audience.

I have been getting flooded with questions from my followers saying “I want to do a facebook live but what do I say” or “I’ve been doing  Facebook live recently and I didn’t get a lot of viewers, I didn’t get a lot of likes or comments, what solutions do you have?”

Before I dive into my proven Facebook live structure, the formula that you’ll know exactly what to say and how to easily get an engaged audience, I need to step back and ask you a question first.

Why are you doing Facebook lives? When I first started doing videos I really was struggling to get viewers and then I finally realized that I needed to identify a group of people that I wanted to reach with my videos or Facebook live.

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Identify Questions and Problems

So what niche are you in? If you’re teaching people maybe you have a passion to teach people how to gain muscle. You want to identify what questions those people have or what problems they are having gaining muscle. Once you start to identify this you’re ready for step two.

Teach Tips

Teach tips on your Facebook live around that topic. This is going to attract people that are already interested but what I want to share with you is that when you start to do your Facebook live the first thing you want to do is to start off addressing the problem.

For example, let’s say you want to teach people how to build more muscle. You could do one that says “top five tips to pack on muscle this week”, something like that and then on your Facebook live you would actually teach your tips.

What that’s going to do is bring in a lot more people to watch your Facebook lives. Where before you may have been unsure of what to say, now you are sharing exactly what you know or are passionate about.

I remember when I first started doing videos I never knew what to say, I would always question myself and have this self-doubt but as you start to do it more and more you know exactly what to do.

So again make your Facebook lives about a problem or tips that your target market, your niche actually wants to solve. Post that and then you’re gonna attract a lot more interested people, high-quality people that may potentially be interested in buying from you.

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Call To Action

At the very end of your Facebook live it’s very important to add a call to action. Tell people exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s private message you or head to a website.

So now you know how to start structuring your Facebook live to get massive engagement with your audience.

Facebook Live Tips To Attract More Prospects – Conclusion

I hope these Facebook live tips to attract more prospects has been helpful. Remember, it takes time to get comfortable delivering your content but after 3-4 videos it will come much easier.

Do your research on what skills you have that can help people achieve a goal or solve a problem. When you can do that people will follow your Facebook lives, YouTube channel and website content.

Thanks so much for reading and if you liked this post please leave a comment and share with your friends. Let me know below what do you want me to help you with next and I’ll make sure to write an article on your topic. I’d love to help you even more.

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