Facebook Messenger Bot Etiquette

Facebook Messenger Bot Etiquette

If you decide to use a Facebook Messenger chat bot to engage with your target audience members you must know that there is a certain Facebook Messenger bot etiquette. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, you have to always comply with Facebook’s terms of service.

If you play the game fast and loose, don’t be surprised when Facebook blocks you or flat out bans you. That’s bad news. And sadly, it happens all the time.

If you are serious about generating a legitimate business from Facebook, you have to play by the rules. All these Facebook Messenger bot etiquette rules flow from Facebook’s terms of service.

Be Professional at All Times

You cannot assume that your visitors are mind readers. You have to basically assume that they have very little knowledge of your business so your messaging has to gently guide them through the wide range of information options your bot makes available to them.

You can’t just assume that they know what your business is about and your full range of services and merchandise and you’re just waiting for prompts that go directly to a specific page.

The problem with that approach is that very few of your actual Messenger bot users would actually get the message that would benefit them the most. Instead, your Messenger bot would be sending out one generic message after another.

This is sad. Seriously. You’re wasting a tremendous amount of opportunity precisely because you assumed that people finding themselves in your Messenger bot dialog system know what they’re looking for.

Most consumers don’t know what they’re looking for. Even if they find themselves on your website and even if they are interested generally in what you have to offer, you have to hold them by the hand.

This is not a headache nor is it a hassle. In fact, you should look at it for what it is. It’s a golden opportunity. When somebody’s kind of fuzzy regarding what they need, they are very suggestible.

This means you can position the conversation in such a way that they may buy something that they normally wouldn’t buy or they would buy more of something that they already are intent on buying. Do you see how this works? It’s an opportunity.

Don’t think of it as just a customer support hassle and you’re just basically going to give them the bare minimum. Instead, create a fairly open-ended logic tree for your chat bot so there are many ways your customers can trigger pre-written messages.

How to Avoid Spamming

It’s extremely important to make sure that you stick to Facebook’s terms of service. Their main rule is that once your customer initiates contact with your Facebook Messenger chat bot, you can send them an automatic reply. And after 24 hours, you can send a follow up.

You have to keep this in mind at all times. This is Facebook Messenger bot etiquette. You cannot violate this. You cannot try to cheat this. It’s very important to make sure that whatever message you send, it is strictly related to your business.

This is very important. It can’t be unrelated spam. It can’t be seemingly purely personal because you only have one shot, really, to make a great first impression.

If you send off-topic messages, it would seem that you’re wasting your prospect’s time. Keep it short and laser-targeted to the business at hand.

Also, whatever message you send out must add value to the life of the person inquiring. This is crucial. They have problems. They have needs. You know this. That’s why they’re speaking to your bot in the first place.

Accordingly, get straight to the point. What is the best solution that you can bring to the table? Clearly describe it so they themselves can quickly and easily see the value.

It can be a link to your main website, or it can be a basic answer like “these are the holidays that we’re closed on” or “this is our procedure for getting some sort of special deal.”

Whatever the case may be, make sure that whatever you say to your prospects adds value to their lives. A great tool to use if you don’t know exactly what to say with your chatbots is called VIP Bot Club.

Get Done For You Chatbot Scripts With VIP Bot Club

Always Let the Customer Lead

Americans are very independent. The same applies with Western Europeans. So, it’s really important to make sure that they lead the conversation.

While we all know that the main reason why they’re at your Facebook Page in the first place is because you called them to action, you can’t rub their faces in it.

Make it seem like they are always leading the conversation. Never take the lead. Always follow up. In other words, make the deal or the engagement look like their idea.

How to Qualify Traffic

Here are the dos and don’ts of qualifying traffic so that people who are engaging with your Facebook Messenger chat bot are the right people.

Let me clue you in on a powerful marketing secret on Facebook: volume is worthless. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people because a lot of marketers view big traffic numbers with filtration in mind.

They’re thinking that as long as they can convert one in a hundred, this means that they can pump millions of people through a sales funnel and their income will explode.

You can’t have that volume mindset with Facebook Messenger chat bot because you run the risk of seriously and irreparably damaging your reputation. Don’t do it. Resist that temptation. Stick to the Facebook Messenger bot etiquette

Here’s what you need to do: Target Only Niche-Specific Pages

The name of the game in marketing brands on Facebook is to find niche-related pages. Since the people that go to those pages are already interested in the same niche you’re in, the more active you are on those pages’ comments sections, the more visible your brand becomes.

As long as you’re not spamming those pages, your comments make for great branding opportunities. Your comments, which are linked to your Facebook Page profile, can actually pull traffic from those pages.

This is a great way of qualifying traffic because you’re only advertising on pages that are specifically related to your niche. This means only people who are actually interested in your niche would see your link to your Facebook Page and end up on your page.

Target Only Niche-Specific Groups

Another way to pull traffic from Facebook is to hang out at groups that discuss issues and brands related to your niche. Now, group marketing is a little bit tricky because until recently you couldn’t advertise your Facebook Page.

The best way to pull traffic from niche-specific groups is to actually share your Facebook Page posts. This is why niche-specificity is crucial.

If people in the group get the impression that you’re simply just trying to spam and your page really has nothing to do with the needs of the people in the group, you will get blocked. And before you know it, your page might even get banned and deleted.

Still, when you target only niche-specific groups, you’re basically engaging with people who have self-segregated themselves based on their interests.

Learn more about: How To Get People To Your Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

Use Your Page to Call Visitors to Action

Once somebody finds their way to your Facebook Page, you have a tremendous opportunity. Don’t blow it.

Maybe they found you through an ad, maybe they found you through a post you shared in a group, or maybe they found you through a comment on another page. Regardless of how they find you, call them to action.

Now, here’s the secret. You have to call them to action based on their needs. You can’t just say, “Click on this button to get a hold of me.” Well, any random bum can get a hold of you and that may not be the right customer for you.

You have to use emotional triggers targeted to the needs of your prospect. For example, if I sell agricultural support services on my Facebook Page, a good call to action may be a pinned post saying:

“We offer a wide range of solutions for small organic farmers. If you are looking for higher yields or you’re looking for local community sales resources, click here to chat with us. We have the right resources for you.”

See what I did there? I specifically addressed their needs. These are people who are looking for places to sell. These are people looking for tips to improve their organic farm’s output.

I’m not being broad, I’m not being vague, and I’m not assuming that they know how to read my mind. I’m not doing any of that. Instead, I was very specific as to what they have problems with.

This requires a high level of knowledge regarding your typical customer’s profile. What are their problems? What are they struggling with? What frustrates them about their business?

Your call to action must speak to those so as to pump as much qualified traffic to your Facebook Messenger chat bot.

Make it Easy for Prospects to See Your Chat Bot Link

The more you engage with people on social media and on many different messaging platforms, the more people can see your competence, credibility and authority. In other words, they get an opportunity to see your brand in action.

Remember, when you are actually sharing useful information with people, your brand improves. You stand out from the crowd. You’re not just another person blasting out generic information that everybody already knows.

Instead, you’re getting straight to the heart of their concerns and resolving problems at the individual level. This means you have to always have a way of pulling people to some kind of page that has your chat bot link.

This is very important. Because if you don’t have some sort of payload or call to action in your overall messaging strategy online, you’re not that visible.

People might think you are a genius, they might agree that you’re an expert, but there’s really no way your brand could benefit from it because you’re not pulling them to your Facebook Page.

You’re not telling them to check out your website. You’re not doing any of that. You’re not even drawing attention to your profile.

Whatever you do, draw attention to yourself in such a way that somehow, some way, an interested person will end up on a page with your chat bot link.

That’s the payload. That’s the whole purpose of you getting out there, looking at all these conversations, and sharing your two cents.

Facebook Messenger Bot Etiquette – Conclusion

Hopefully this post has given you some great insight into Facebook messenger bot etiquette and you take advantage of it. Remember, you are building your brand not some fly by night scammy business.

Everybody has a certain knowledge or skill set, share yours with people that are looking for it. Put yourself in front of people that are interested and let the chatbot streamline your business.

If you found this post helpful leave a comment below and share with your friends. Be sure to check out some of my other posts that can help you grow and streamline your business.


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