How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Grow Your Audience

How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Grow Your Audience

While you can get quite a bit of traffic from Facebook, using bots responsibly enable you to build a sustainable business. This is not some sort of one-time big-time bot technology. Get that idea out of your head. In many cases, less is more.

Sure, using the techniques that I’m going to share with you below, you may get a lower volume of traffic compared to a spamming strategy. But if you are looking to build a sustainable business, this is the way to go.

Please Understand that the Facebook Messenger Chat Bot is Not a Spam Bot

I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s very easy to think that just because Facebook has opened it’s Messenger platform to automation, marketers can go wild with it.

No. If you go nuts, Facebook will not only block you, but cancel your account. And, to add insult to injury, ban you. That’s spamming on Facebook.

Whether you’re using page spammers, group spammers, comment spammers or messenger chat bot spammers, it is not a winning strategy.

If you want to truly make money on Facebook, you have to do it the legit way. This means building a brand, and conducting yourself with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. In other words, use Facebook like a legitimate business would use it.

I just want to get that out of the way because it’s very easy for a lot of marketers to think that Facebook Messenger automation is some sort of backdoor or shortcut to getting a tremendous amount of traffic from Facebook.

What’s the point of getting millions of visitors only to see a tiny fraction of them convert? Worst of all, you only get one chance to drive that traffic.

After Google has banned those accounts, you then buy new accounts and start over again. And on and on it goes. That is not a sustainable business. That is not how you build the kind of online brand that would withstand the test of time.

Bot-Based Traffic Recruitment, Comment, and Profile-Based Messenger Marketing

The best way to use Facebook Messenger bots to grow your audience is to start with the existing presence you already have on Facebook. This means people must come to you.

Facebook Messenger bot is not going to be the tool that is going to drive visitors from the rest of Facebook to your particular page. It doesn’t work that way. Well, at least the responsible use of Facebook Messenger bot doesn’t work that way.

Instead, Facebook Messenger chat bots are intended to automate the engagement your Facebook marketing has already driven to your Facebook Page.

In other words, it is an inbound tool. It is not an outbound spam software that you use to pull traffic from other places on Facebook.

A lot of people might think that since it is inbound, it necessarily cripples or greatly diminishes the power of Facebook Messenger bots. Actually, it doesn’t. It actually increases the likelihood that your visitor would have a favorable view of your brand.

The most common way you can use Facebook Messenger bots is when somebody posts a comment on your Facebook Page. You have many posts on your page and somebody visiting your page leaves a comment.

Normally, this comment just stays there until you have the time and opportunity to view the comment and respond. Usually, business owners would respond with another comment.

With Facebook Messenger bot automation, the moment somebody leaves a comment on your post on your page, Facebook Messenger opens up and sends them a reply.

Facebook then allows you, within the span of 24 hours, to send another message. You get to send out an initial response, and then you follow up.

After this point, if the prospect likes your response, they can then send another inquiry and the process repeats itself over again. This back and forth between your prospect can lead to many great things.

It can be an opportunity for you to share even more content links with your prospect. It can also lead to that person getting the kind of answers that they need.

A lot of times, they have very basic questions like “What are your hours?” “Do you have certain things in stock?” “Do you have a tracking code?” “What is the status of my order?” – that kind of thing. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and money as far as customer support goes.

This page-based automation can also lead to actual sales. When somebody leaves a comment on your product listings on your page, you can respond with the available options for a product. They can then select a product and close the deal right in Messenger.

This is a very powerful opportunity because over 50% (closing in on 80%) of all users use mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets to interact with the internet.

Your business really can’t afford to assume that your customers are going to be in front of a laptop or a desktop computer. By starting, processing and closing the sale using Facebook Messenger, everything takes place in a mobile environment. This can explode your sales volume.

Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Qualify Your Prospects from Your Facebook Page

I wish I could tell you that the vast majority of people that find themselves on your Facebook Page are actual buyers. If you have been doing any kind of online marketing and you know your way around Facebook, you know that this isn’t true. You know that this is a fantasy.

For the most part, the vast majority of people on your page are somewhat confused. They’re not quite clear as to what they’re looking for or what they need. They have a lot of questions. This is a tremendous opportunity.

There is some filtration process going. Maybe for a hundred people, ten will end up buying. Still, those are ten sales you would not have had if you did not have this sales filtration process in place.

Use your Facebook Messenger bot to qualify your prospect by answering their questions, creating some sort of decision tree for your responses, and, if they are the right type of person with the right need at the right time, you can close the deal off Facebook Messenger itself.

In other words, you give them the answer they’re looking for precisely at the time they are most interested in buying the service or merchandise you are promoting.

Use It as an “Info Delivery” Platform for Your Comment’s Call to Action

When you leave a comment on blogs that use Facebook’s comment plug-in, you can generate sales. I know that sounds outlandish to a lot of people. I mean, after all, you’re just commenting. You’re just sharing your thoughts.

Well, you can comment as your page. And if people think that what you have to share is credible and adds value to the conversation, you end up positively branding your business.

They can see that you are credible. They can see that you know what you’re talking about regarding your niche. They then are more likely to click on your profile and end up on our Facebook Page.

Once they are on your Facebook page, they can then chat with you through the chat widget or icon. To turbocharge this process, you should share high quality content on all your comments to posts that are closely related to your niche which use the Facebook comment plug-in.

A critical piece of your comments is the call to action. You’re basically saying to the person who found your answer credible to check out your Facebook Page.

Or, if you’re feeling quite aggressive, tell them, “Click on my page profile for more information. And if you want to get a hold of me, click on the chat button.”

This might seem like a stretch but it actually works if you post high quality content. If your content positions you as some sort of expert or a credible authority in your field of expertise, people will take you up on your offer.

Please understand that real experts are few and far between. Often times, the people who post comments to blog posts post irrelevant comments that are simply off-base.

When it’s readily apparent that you know what you’re talking about, people would at least be interested in your Facebook page. And from there, they can engage with you on an automated basis by simply clicking that Messenger icon on your page.

When people take you up on your call to action, what can you do? Well, as I have mentioned above, you can send them more content. You can also qualify them to possibly get a sale from them.

There are many ways you can do it. What’s important is that they reach out to you first. This is inbound. This is not you spamming and pulling people into a chat. They have to make the first move, and then you send them an automated response.

From there, they can then make certain decisions which triggers specific pre-written responses from your bot and this can lead to sales or can lead to the prospect viewing more content which would later qualify them for conversion.

Where can You Post Your Comments with Your Call to Action?

You can do this on blog posts that use the Facebook Comments plug-in as I’ve mentioned above. You can also use this on Facebook Pages. You can post as your page account on other businesses’ Facebook Pages.

You can also do this on your own Facebook Groups. You can post content that has a link to your chat bot on your Facebook Group’s content posts.

How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Grow Your Audience – Conclusion

Hopefully this post has shown you how Facebook messenger bots can grow your audience and build your brand. It can take some time to wrap your head around the power of messenger bots but once you understand you can really reap the benefits.

If you’ve found this post useful leave a comment below and share with your friends. Make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve when it comes to online marketing and growing your business.


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