The Fastest Way to Get Freelance Clients

The Fastest Way to Get Freelance Clients

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently asking me how to get new clients. You tell me that it’s your biggest concern, it’s your biggest struggle and look I totally get that.

I don’t think it’s the easiest thing in the world for some people so I’m going to give you my quick tips and thoughts. I’m going to tell you the fastest ways to get clients.

Let’s start with the main reason that you guys are struggling with this right now. It’s because there’s this whole build it and they will come philosophy.

Whether you’re a marketer, social media person, video producer, editor, photographer or graphic designer, there’s this I’ll just build my portfolio, I’ll build my website and they will come. That doesn’t work, those days are dead and gone.

Yes, social media can help, inbound marketing strategies work, content marketing strategies work. Yes, you can attract the type of customers and clients that you want to yourself.

But the fastest way to get clients while you’re waiting on those systems to do some work for you is to literally beat down doors and beat down the right doors.

How To Find The Right Clients

Now I’m not saying you have to go door to door to your neighborhood businesses. What you can do is look at who’s buying ads in Google, who’s buying ads in Facebook, who’s buying ads in Instagram.

Find those brands and take a hard look at them. Think about what you can offer those brands. Are you good enough, do you have work in your portfolio that’s representative of what they do and who their audience is and who they’re trying to reach.

If you find brands and businesses that fit that criteria then you start a dialogue with them. You can either go ahead and straight up email them or call them to pitch them or you can do what I do which is start interacting with them in social media.

You start looking up people in the niche that you work in on LinkedIn. You start making those connections and contacts, that’s how you get the ball rolling. If they have the money to advertise in these platforms they have the money to hire you.

It’s just a matter of getting them to reallocate budget to you and you having the body of work to sell them. This is where building a relationship with them will help you. Help them solve a problem or achieve a goal, provide value before trying to pitch them.

If you’re not really savvy online, you’re struggling to find these brands, you can’t use hashtags, and you don’t know how to lookup the ads, it’s okay.

Finding Local Clients

Go to all the local small businesses in your area that are taking out ads in the newspaper, that have billboards, that have local commercials and again look at their work.

Find out what they are looking to accomplish. What are the things that you can provide that these businesses suck at. If they don’t suck at anything, if it’s all well done then you have nothing to offer them in terms of your service.

Just move on to the ones that you do find a vulnerability that you can address and pitch them. You build a relationship with them, you contact them.

These people are going to be your best clients, they already have a budget to spend, they already are interested in advertising. You’re not selling them on the religion of marketing or advertising so they have that money in a budget somewhere you need to just start getting some of it.

Okay so now you’ve identified them you have to actually be able to have a body of work that reflects that you can do the kind of thing that they need done. If you haven’t done that you have to build it up.

Show Off Your Skills

I’ve talked about the value of working for free or doing trades and building up that body of work, building up the referral system because the referrals are going to help you.

By having a body of work and referrals you can create some leverage and momentum because you need your name out there and you need people to recommend you.

Regardless of any upfront money involved in these things your goal is creating a funnel and there are multiple ways you can do that.

You can do that with in-person marketing, you can show up to the small business events in your community and do business development that way. Shaking hands, networking, handing out your business cards and following up with people.

You can be doing the same thing online with social media and if you have your website with a free opt-in to grow your email list you’re ahead of the game.

I’ve talked about this in other posts before. If you’re doing content marketing and building your personal brand, if you’re doing all these things at once you are creating so many opportunities to get noticed.

You’re creating these multiple funnels by which you can accomplish your goals but it’s not just about doing it passively. Don’t think if you build it they will come. You have to actively go out there and make one-to-one connections.

Find the people you want to work with. Think about who it is that you can deliver real value for and what you want from them. Put yourself in a position to be successful instead of just waiting for opportunity to magically show up for you.

The Fastest Way to Get Freelance Clients – Conclusion

These are the fastest ways to get freelance clients and grow your business, build your client base and get some new work in the door. Start with a plan of how many businesses you will contact each week, stay consistent and offer value.

Everyone starts out slow, believe me I’ve been there. The first six months are the hardest but once you get those first couple of clients the momentum builds and snowballs into a machine.

If you guys are still struggling with certain things in your career or your small business I want to know. What is it that you’re struggling with right now in your career or in your business or with your clients. Let me know in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

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