Fastest Way To Make Sales On Clickbank For Beginners

Fastest Way To Make Sales On Clickbank For Beginners

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the fastest way to make sales on Clickbank for beginners. So if you’re a beginner, if you just signed up for Clickbank and you’re trying to figure all this out, I’m going to show you exactly how in this article.

I know it can be overwhelming when you’re starting out but don’t worry. I will break this down for you and if you ever have any questions along the way, simply shoot me a message. I’ll be more than happy to explain it in even more detail.

Udimi Solo Ads

The fastest way to make sales on Clickbank for beginners is actually buying solo ads on Udimi. If you’ve never heard of a solo ad or Udimi I’m going to cover both those things in this post.

A solo ad is essentially renting out somebody else’s email list, you’re paying somebody else 30, 40 or 50 dollars in exchange for them sending out an email for you to they’re already established list.

If you guys are brand new in affiliate marketing then chances are you don’t really have an email list yet and building an email list on your own is a time consuming process. To shorten that time frame you will need to spend some money.

You want to benefit from someone that already has an established list of buyers and people in a niche similar to yours and they’re going to actually send an email on your behalf with your affiliate link in it or your link to your landing page in that email. Basically you’re buying clicks.

With this method what you’re trying to do is to drive as much targeted traffic as you possibly can to your landing page or your affiliate link. That way you can start getting them on your email list.

When that happens, when they first sign up to your email list then you can start building a relationship with your list and in later emails you can send them affiliate offers that are related to your offer.

Of course you hope to make some sales up front every time you buy a solo ad but that is not going to be a guarantee. What you’re really trying to do, your main goal is to build a list. Making upfront sales is just a bonus that will pay for the cost of the solo ad.

The fastest way that I know to make money on Clickbank is by buying solo ads and these ads are like buying media traffic to your landing page. Without traffic, without any customers or people going to your affiliate offers you’re not going to get anybody to sign up for your email list.

What You Need To Succeed With Solo Ads – Autoresponder


You’re going to need three things and the first thing is some sort of email autoresponder service. That way you have some way to actually collect the emails and build your list. This will allow you to automatically send your follow up emails.

There are plenty of autoresponder services out there but I personally use Trafficwave. it’s 17.95/month and the reason is the price doesn’t keep going up like all the other autoresponder companies.

What the other companies don’t tell you is that the more subscribers you get the more the price rises for their service. If you sign up for Trafficwave thru me you’ll actually get your first 30 days completely free and you’ll have time to build your list.

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What You Need To Succeed With Solo Ads – Capture Page

The second thing you’re going to need is some sort of landing/capture page. A lot of people recommend Click Funnels but most of them simply recommend it because they get great commissions from it.

It’s $97 a month and the affiliate gets 40%. I know a lot of people don’t necessarily want to pay that especially if they’re a beginner in affiliate marketing and I completely understand that.

You can use any landing page creator or go to a site called and have one designed for 5 or 10 dollars. In the long run, if you’re serious about building a long term business I would recommend investing in a landing page creator such as LeadPages.

LeadPages offers a variety of templates for capture/landing pages for a cheaper price than just about any other service and as you grow you’ll want to start creating various pages for different offers. As of the time of this writing they offer a free trial.

You really don’t want to go to Fiverr everytime you need a new capture page as it will get in your pocket, plus you avoid the amount of time it takes to get your order complete.

Trafficwave also has premade capture pages that you can use so you could be getting an email autoresponder service and a landing page creator in just one service. The downside is they’re not the most up to date pages.

The third and last thing you’re going to need is an account on Udimi. It’s completely free to sign up so you don’t have to worry about that. So to recap, you need your email autoresponder service, a landing page creator and a Udimi account.

What You Need To Succeed With Solo Ads – Udimi

Once you have that completed you will simply go on Udimi and go to the sellers tab. They’re a bunch of settings you can change when filtering to find sellers you want to buy from.

You’ll be able to choose when you want to start your solo ad and how many visitors you actually want to purchase. You can purchase anywhere from 50 visitors to a thousand visitors.

Essentially what you’re doing here is you’re buying visitors. If you’re buying let’s say 100 visitors you’re pretty much buying a hundred clicks or a hundred people actually going to your affiliate link or your landing page. Starting out I would stick with a hundred.

You’ll notice the prices from each seller and they will range from 25 cents all the way up to 95 cents per click. I like to stick around 50 cents, no more than 60 cents per click.

The next setting you’ll notice is a little dollar sign of the percentage and it shows sellers that have generated sales on their last 100 solo ads. That is people like us have made a upfront sale from the solo ad and that is always great news.

Let’s say for example out of the last 100 solo ads that this person ran say that forty percent of the time they actually made sales. 40% or above is definitely a very high sales rate which is good of course but you can’t expect a sale every single time.

Like I said, with solo ads nothing’s guaranteed, you’re not guaranteed to make any sales upfront or any sales so you have to be careful with your money.

Of course sellers that have a higher sales percentage are definitely going to give you a higher chance of making a sale in the front end but also focus on the amount of optins to your list.

You’ll also notice the number of positive ratings they have. I usually look for established sellers and you can scroll down and look through some of the sellers.

When you see one you like just click on the person and it’ll bring you to their profile which will have a little bio and a few stats. It will show you how much they charge, where their traffic’s coming from and what niche their email list is for.

I’m looking to pay anywhere from 40 to 60 cents/click, I want to get traffic from top-tier countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia and UK. and making money from home is the niche I’m looking for.

After that you’ll notice that they already have a pre-written email that you can use. Now there are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can test that pre-written email in a solo ad and check the results.

You can use your own written email or an email that was written by the seller of the product you’re promoting and check the results.

You can also contact the solo ad seller and show them the offer you’re promoting and ask for their opinion. These sellers know their list better than anyone and can give you great recommendations. More sales for you means the more you buy from the seller.

After you have decided which route to take make sure to include the link to your landing page or your affiliate link in the email. When you  purchase a solo ad this is the email the seller’s going to be sending out to their email list with your link in it.

Another great thing about Udimi is they will actually track exactly how many clicks you get. That way you actually get the same amount of clicks that you paid for and it it’s all tracked on Udimi.

Fastest Way To Make Sales On Clickbank For Beginners – Conclusion

That’s pretty much it for using Udimi solo ads and the fastest way to make sales on Clickbank for beginners. You’re going to start generating some traffic to your landing page, start collecting email addresses and potentially make some front-end sales.

Of course you will want to pay attention to your return on investment or ROI. Let’s say you’re spending 60 bucks for 100 clicks and you get 1 sale upfront for 30 bucks. You may think you’re losing money but the fact is you’re building a list and they could buy as they go thru your email sequence.

Really the goal is to have the solo ad pay for itself. Let’s say a 2nd person purchases your affiliate product thru the email series you have set up. Now you have 2 sales at 30 bucks a piece so you’re payment for the solo ad is taken care of and you’ve now added people to your list that you can email at anytime for future sales.

Hopefully this post has given you some insight on solo ads, building your list and making sales on Clickbank and if you have any other questions about this method feel free to drop a comment or send me a message.

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