Get Paid To Write For Other Blogs

Get Paid To Write For Other Blogs

Today I’m going to share with you how to get paid to write for other blogs. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in online earning, paid blogging. Many of the blogs you know and love pay freelancers to write stories for them quite well.

In this post I have compiled a list of 17 of these paid blogging websites so if you’re ready to start earning a living plugging away on your keyboard, strap in.

Number One: The PennyHoarder

If you love saving and making money like I do you’ll absolutely love They’re a seemingly inexhaustible source of useful information in the world of saving and making money.

Even better they pay freelancers to write for their website. All that you have to do is write a relevant money-saving or earning type of story and then you get paid for how many views it gets. The pay scale starts at $100 per every fifty thousand views and maxes out at $800.

Number Two: List Verse

At this website you get paid to make lists and nothing but lists. Your posts must contain 10 items or more and an explanation of why each item belongs on the list and your word count for each post must be 1500 words or more.

From there it’s really your world. Write whatever you want and best of all you get paid $100 per published article. The entire premise here seems pretty easy and most of all profitable.

Number Three: The Escapist

This is the writing job for all of you gamers out there. Everything in the video game nerd wheelhouse is covered. Cosplay, gaming, releases, reviews, new technology and everything in between.

They do require you to pitch your idea in advance so don’t go and start writing your article just yet. They also write in the formal journalistic ap style so you might want to brush up on those rules but the pay is quite good at up to two hundred and fifty dollars per accepted article.

Number Four: The Matador Networks

If you’re a traveler or just love the international lifestyle then this is the paid blog site for you. Write about traveling or anything else interesting dealing with international travel.

They pay up to $60 per accepted post however typically you will get paid about $25. There’s not a focus here on minimum word count however the maximum word count is 1500 words.

Number Five: International Living

Speaking of travel this is another website for you to share your stories of your trips abroad. They really focus on your experiences here so it’s important that you have an interesting story to tell. Accepted posts here pay a cool seventy five dollars each.

Number Six: Great Escape Publishing

Another travel website except the focus here is on the craft as well as the business side of getting paid to travel. You can make up to $200 here writing articles for their the right way to travel newsletter. Not a bad way to turn a profit off your business trip if I do say so myself.

Number Seven: Text Broker

This website will pay you anywhere from three to five cents per word based on the results of a sample writing test. If you get a low score don’t worry you can raise it and eventually get paid more.

You also have a wide range of topics you can write about since Text Broker really isn’t a blog site itself, it’s a site that hooks up people who need stories with writers. This is pretty great considering that you can specialize in whatever kind of topics that you want.

Number Eight: i Writer

Here is another website that helps pair content providers with freelance writers. Once you move up the ranks you can make $80 per every 500 words that you write. Again here, you only have to write about topics that best match your background so writing theoretically should be a breeze.

Number Nine: The Christian Science Monitor

If you have a taste for international news, national news and news about people just making a difference this would be the best place for you to get started.

They have a very different take on the news here so you might want to survey the site thoroughly for tone before you get started. You can make up to three hundred dollars here per accepted article.

Number Ten: Funds for Writers

If you’re a great writer share your wisdom with everyone at but most of all share about how you made money from your writing.

Articles only need to be between 500 to 600 words and once your article is accepted you will get paid fifty dollars in cold hard American cash.

Number Eleven: A List Apart

Here is something for all of you design and business minded people out there. Articles must be 1500 words or more and well written. The pay is pretty good here too at $200 per article.

Getting approved however is much tougher as they publish less articles than many other websites, still not bad if you’re into these specific interests.

Number Twelve: UXBooth

This is another website for all of you business and design minded people. Topics range from content strategies all the way to visual design. Writers can make $100 per accepted post however they can take up to 8 weeks to be approved so don’t hold your breath.

Number Thirteen: Linode

This website is for those who are knowledgeable about the Linux operating system. Here you can get paid to write educational blogs about it especially if you’re knowledgeable about open change, web RTC and gaming servers. The pay is great at $250 per accepted article.

Number Fourteen: Compose

Here’s another technology focused blogging site. This one however is about all things databases if this is your sort of thing. Each approved article pays $200 plus $200 in Compose credits that you can use on their web hosting.

You also have a chance to win $500 every quarter if your article is picked as a favorite for that time period.

Number Fifteen: Profit Bricks

Yet another technology-based blog site except here you get paid to write tutorials for installing and configuring software. The focus here is to make sure your tutorials are accessible and easy to follow. Pay here is decent paying up to $200 for each tutorial that’s accepted.

Number Sixteen: Semaphoreci

Here is another technology tutorial blog where you get paid to write about configuring in rating, deploying and developing software. Narrow topic articles pay $100 while longer and more in-depth articles pay 200.

Number Seventeen: IDeni

Closing out today’s list is one more tech blog. If you’re really good with firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches or servers IDeni would love to hear what you have to say. If they publish one of your stories you will earn a cool $200.

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Get Paid To Write For Other Blogs – Conclusion

Alright that about does it for how to get paid to write for other blogs. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments below. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback.

Make sure to check out my other articles to help you shorten your learning curve. Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you in my next post.

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