Getting Pinterest Traffic To Your Website

Getting Pinterest Traffic To Your Website

In this post will be going over getting Pinterest traffic to your website and understanding the best techniques for using Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the most popular image-sharing social networking sites nowadays. If you don’t know what it is, well, you’re in for a surprise. It’s the 25th most visited site in the world according to Alexa.

People don’t use Pinterest in the same way they use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The platform helps people who are looking for inspiration and ideas by letting them create ‘boards’ for any category they want.

To date, there are over 1 billion boards with over 100 billion pins on the platform!

For instance, people can create a board for what their dream kitchen would look like, what their dream ideal wedding reception set up would look like, and so on.

Users can pin images from websites by installing a browser extension (more on this later) or by re-pinning from other people’s boards. At this point, you may be thinking that Pinterest will only work for more visual niches.

But what about if you’re in a more ‘serious’ kind of business? One that doesn’t depend on taking high-quality photos of your products to make sales?

Well, you can still crush Pinterest. You just need to think outside the box. Even if your business is not in a visual industry, there’s still quite a number of ways you can use Pinterest to your advantage.

Why Your Business Should Consider Being On Pinterest

If your business is not on Pinterest, you could potentially be leaving a lot of money on the table. Read on to find out why you should seriously consider this platform to market your brand.

Over 200 million people use Pinterest every month!

Pinterest is commonly known as a female-dominated platform, but this may no longer be the case in the near future as more men realize the power of Pinterest.

According to Pinterest itself, 50% of new account sign-ups are from males. For now, however, women still rule the platform with 70% of pinners or users being females, with only a third being males.

But still, don’t let that number deter you if you mostly target the male demographic. If more than 200 million people access the platform each month, that still translates to millions of male users!

With that said, whether you target a mostly male or a mostly female audience, Pinterest may be a great social platform for your business if you can capture even just a small percentage of the audience.

Pinterest users are highly engaged and ready to buy, they are one of the most highly engaged audiences on social media.

According to various reputable sources including Pinterest itself, more than half of pinners have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

People often create boards to plan out what they want to buy. For example, they’ll create a board for their dream bedroom. They’ll pin and re-pin images of stuff they want to buy for their bedroom.

What kind of wallpaper they plan to use, what kind of curtains, bed sheets, that sort of thing. Basically, anything that people can think of!

Pinterest reduces the steps in the sales cycle and increases conversion rates 

As an image-centric and visual platform, Pinterest makes it easy for users to scan through hundreds or thousands of images in one sitting. If they’re looking for the best leather jacket, they can simply type in their query on the Pinterest search bar.

When they find an image they like, they can either save it to their board, share it on social media, or click on the image to read more info about it.

If they want to buy it, they can simply click on the image itself or click on the Visit link, and they’ll be redirected to where they can buy that product. That’s it!

You get more inbound links to your site and free passive traffic

Whether you’re running an eCommerce store, a blog, or any other type of website, you can surely benefit from pinning your images on a Pinterest board. This is because each pin includes a link.

So, for example, if you pin an image from your website, you can add a link back to your site!

It’s true the links are “no follow” which means you don’t get any SEO juice from Pinterest’s powerful domain authority, but that’s okay. You’ll still get people heading over to your site just by clicking on your pinned images!

Even if you just get an extra thousand visitors per month from Pinterest, that’s still a lot of passive, referral traffic from one platform. Imagine getting that same number of visitors every month for the foreseeable future!

You only did the work once, but you’ll benefit from it for a long time to come.

How To Attract Highly Targeted Website Visitors From Pinterest

In this section, you’re going to learn some of the top methods Pinterest marketers use to drive highly targeted traffic to their website.

Make it easy for people to pin images from your site

You can install the Pinterest Save button on your website. This lets your site visitors pin your images to their Pinterest boards which in turn will drive traffic from Pinterest back to your website.

You can choose to have the Save button appear by default or have it appear when someone hovers their mouse on your images.

Once you’ve installed the button, you can then use Pinterest Analytics to see how many impressions and clicks you’ve received on your site!

Alternatively, if you’re on a self-hosted WordPress site, you can easily install a free plugin like AccessPress which will give you a few more options over the default Pinterest button.

Pin images from your site and re-pin from other people’s boards

Before you start announcing you’re on Pinterest to your social media followers, you should be proactive in pinning images from your site and posting it to relevant boards.

You don’t want them scratching their heads wondering why you’re inviting them over to check you out on Pinterest when you don’t even have any boards or pins in your account yet.

Most experts suggest creating one board per category on your website to make it focused and specific.

This makes it easy for people interested in a category to scan other relevant images on your board which could lead to more re-pins and more visits to your website.

Make your images stand out from the crowd

The key to succeeding in Pinterest is using high-quality images that make your audience go ooh and aah.

When you’re competing against hundreds or thousands of pins for a specific keyword, then you need to make sure you pin only images that can make people stop scrolling down their screens.

You want images that grab people’s attention. Images that quite literally invite people to take a closer look and click on the pin so they can view a larger version.

If you pin only so-so quality images, then you’re probably not going to get much traffic back to your website. Not even if you do your best to promote it using paid adverts on and off the platform.

Add the right website link to your pins and write a brief description

Every pin includes a link and a description. Make the most of these two. When people click on a link, you want them to go directly to the product’s landing page.

You don’t want to link all your images to your homepage because that would leave people disoriented.

For example, if they clicked on a pinned image depicting a nice jacket they want to buy, you want them to land on that jacket’s landing page on your website.

You don’t want them to land on your site’s homepage where they may need to click around many times until they find the right jacket!

Also, it’s important you write a brief description of your pin. If you’re targeting keywords, make sure you use it properly. Don’t just keyword-stuff. Instead, try to provide your audience with the information they’re looking for.

Using the jacket example, you can write a description of the materials used for the jacket, how it feels like when worn, any discount code, etc. Don’t forget to insert your target keyword somewhere in the description.

Use Pinterest’s rich pins

To use rich pins, all you have to do is just claim your website or prove to Pinterest you own your site. You’d need to upload some code to your site. Don’t worry, Pinterest gives a detailed and step by step guide on how you can do this.

The good thing is once you’ve verified your site, you’ll have plenty of advantages over non-verified accounts! These include:

1. Your profile picture will appear on every pin from your site.
2. You’ll be able to see what Pinterest users are pinning from your site.
3. You can choose from four types of rich pins: article, product, recipe and app pins.
4. People will be able to see more information directly on your pins like real-time pricing, availability, and more, depending on the type of pin.

Many marketers have seen a marked increase in their website traffic once they switched over to rich pins, so do consider setting this up as soon as you can!

Showcase the lifestyle your brand promotes

You don’t have to be in a heavily visual niche to succeed on Pinterest. The truth is that many brands are using the platform to show people their behind-the-scenes activities.

They pin high-quality images that showcase the kind of lifestyle their brand promotes.

You really just need to think outside the box and think about how your product or service can impact other people’s lives. Don’t just post photos of your products, rather try to show people what your products can do.

Think about how they can improve their lifestyles using your brand and capture that in your pins. Make it easy for people to relate to your brand by pinning images that speak to your target audience directly.

Consider using custom graphics

Custom graphics like infographics work really well on Pinterest. People search for infographics on Google all the time and well, if you do a search now, you’ll notice many graphics come from Pinterest!

If you do try this technique, you may need to shell out some money to hire a graphic designer, if you’re not much of a designer yourself.

The good news is infographics are link magnets so if you upload your infographic to other places (don’t forget your own website!), then chances are high you’re going to get backlinks which is great for your site’s SEO!

Cross-promote your pins on other social platforms to drive even more traffic

Pinterest makes it easy for you to share your pins on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If you want to email your pin or paste its link somewhere, then you can easily do that too.

The point is that you’re not limited to promoting your high-quality images on Pinterest. Leverage your other social networks and let your followers know you’ve also got a presence on Pinterest.

That’s what makes social media such a massive traffic source – you can be active on many platforms and then cross-promote your posts on to other social platforms too!

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Start Getting Pinterest Traffic – Conclusion

Getting Pinterest traffic will take some serious effort on your part. However, the good thing is once you get the job done, and you get the ball rolling, then you basically only need to check in on your account for, say, an hour each week.

As attested to by many expert marketers, Pinterest has been a major source of referral traffic even from pins they uploaded months or years ago!

With millions of people browsing the site each day, even just a tiny percentage of that traffic can go a long way for any business, especially when you consider you only need to do the hard work once!

Learn how to earn money from your Pinterest followers.

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