Great Blog Titles Ideas

Blog Titles Ideas

Today I’m going to share some blog titles ideas and break down the perfect blog post title formula. I have used this exact formula to build my Google traffic on numerous sites.

Let me start by saying that post titles are more important than the actual words of the post and the reason why is that the Google click-through rate is a major component of their algorithm.

The post title has the biggest impact on the google click-through rate so if your post title doesn’t get clicked then it’s never going have a chance to rank high enough on Google to get traffic.

Here’s another reason why blog post titles are important. 8 out of 10 people will read the post title or the headline copy but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Here is the perfect title formula that I used in the majority of my blog post titles across all of my blogs and the blogs of my clients. This will help when you’re trying to come up with blog titles ideas.

The perfect title formula is odd number + superlative + exact keyword phrase.

The first example I have here is:

21 best photography tips for beginners

The 21 is your odd number, the best is the superlative and photography tips for beginners is the exact keyword phrase.

In the second example it’s:

11 great WordPress plugins for SEO

The 11 is the odd number, the great is the superlative and wordpress plugins for seo is the exact keyword phrase.

Your keyword phrases you use should be identified during your keyword research. So never overlook that part when you are trying to come up with blog titles ideas.

You may be asking yourself why do you start your blog post title with a number. Well, people prefer to click on titles with numbers because they can expect to get an article that they can easily scan.

They’ve been conditioned over years and years with Google whenever they click on a title that has a number they know that that post is gonna be a nice list post that they can scan through all the key points of the list.

It’s also been proven that people prefer titles that start with an odd number over an even number. Now no one’s ever been able to say why that is but the research consistently shows that this is the case.

When it comes to starting off your titles with a number I don’t want you to just take my word for it. There have been expansive studies on the overall headline preferences and they found that the numbered title is preferred across the board.

Here’s another study by Backlinko and Content Marketing Institute which looked at the odd-numbered headlines versus the even number headlines. Odd-numbered headlines were clicked on 20% more than the even-numbered headlines.

Blog Titles Ideas – Using Superlatives

Now let’s talk about the reason for using superlatives in your titles. There was another study that found adding just a single superlative to a title dramatically increased the click-through rate.

Here are some superlatives that have been proven to produce an emotional response which is really important for getting someone to click on it or share the title with someone else.

Some of these are: free, new, best, greatest, better, sensational, amazing, important, remarkable, unique, simple, and secret.

Also negative superlatives work very well like worst or never. Results of a study by Outbrain showing the negative superlative giving a 30% bump over titles that didn’t have a superlative at all.

One superlative within a title performs the best. I mention all those emotional words that you want to use for your superlatives because that’s gonna get your title and your post to get shared over and over on social media.

The final part of the perfect title formula is using the exact keyword phrase. The exact keyword phrase will be the phrase that you identified in your keyword research so if the keyword phrase is apple pie recipes then your title might be 13 incredible apple pie recipes.

By using the exact keyword phrase it’ll make sure that your post gets indexed by Google and this allows you to show up when people do searches for apple pie recipes.

Now that we’ve covered the perfect title formula let me go into some other musts that you need to make sure that you do for your titles.

You want to use sentence case for all of your blog post titles. This essentially means the first letter of each word is going to be capitalized except for small words like: for, or, to.

Sentence case headlines are massively preferred over all the other types of headlines in regards to capitalization.

Another thing that you want to be aware of is that google searches performed by computers cuts off long titles. On average google cuts off titles after 70 characters when the search is done from a desktop or laptop computer.

It used to be 57 characters but Google changed the layout of their search results and it’s now 70 characters.

For mobile results it’s really important because mobile traffic makes up more than 60% of all blog traffic so you want to make sure your titles are optimized perfectly for google search and mobile traffic.

If you’re anything like me you may be a little bit confused about the desktop versus the mobile titles and Google search results and trying to figure out what to do with your title.

So I’m going to try and simplify it. Ideally I prefer doing titles that have character counts between 55 and 70 this is going to ensure that your title shows up completely on Google computer and mobile search.

Titles that get cut off will hurt your click-through rates and keep you from rising up the Google rankings so it’s really important that you do character count on all of your titles before you publish that blog post.

Another thing to consider is that when you try to address the reader in your blog post title, people want to feel as if you’re talking directly to them. By using the words you and your in your title you’re addressing them individually.

The first example I have here is: 15 Best Ways To Improve Your Subject Lines

The second example is: 9 Easiest Ways To Double Your Blog’s Traffic

By combining that perfect title formula and adding the “you” or “your” when it makes sense that really adds to the amount of shares you’re going to get and the amount of clicks that you’re going to get through Google.

Blog Titles Ideas – Conclusion

I hope this post gives you a better understanding for blog titles ideas and how to apply them. The key is to not get overwhelmed and just stay consistent with writing your content.

Do your keyword research and help people solve those problems or help those people achieve their goals. When you do that you will start to see your visitors increase and those visitors turn into a loyal following.


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