How To Grow Organically On Instagram

How To Grow Organically On Instagram

In this post we’re cracking open the lock and show you how to grow your Instagram organically. None of that shady nonsense with bots or automation. You definitely don’t want to use those weird sketchy websites that promise you free followers.

We’re going to try to get you some organic exposure on Instagram without all that risky stuff. I’m not gonna waste any more of your time so let’s just jump into the first tip.

Instagram Comments

So the first method of gaining organic exposure that I want to talk about in this article is going to be through Instagram comments and no I’m not gonna tell you to go spam other people’s comments, definitely don’t do that.

I mean we all see people on celebrities pages and big main pages go into the comments and being like “check out my soundcloud.” Nobody really likes that, people hate when you do that and that’s really not a good way to get followers.

There is a right way to go about this and what I am saying that you should do is find the biggest people in your niche. Say you’re an outdoors photographer.

You search that up on Instagram, you look through the people, you land on Chris Burkard one of the biggest outdoors photographers on Instagram. What you do is turn on his post notifications so that you’d get alerted every time he posts something new.

Whenever he posts something new you would go on that picture, you look at it and comment something genuinely constructive like a good genuine comment. Not something that says “I’m an outdoors photographer fifteen years old go follow me”, don’t do that.

Nobody likes it when people write that kind of stuff in the comments but if you write something that’s a genuinely good comment what will happen is that people will like that comment and if enough people like your comment it’s gonna get top comment on that post.

If you get top comment what will happen is that when people go to comment on this post or go check out the comments the first comment that’s gonna pop up or the first few comments if you get one of the top comments is gonna be your comment.

If people see your name at the top of these comments they’re just naturally gonna be interested in who you are and they’ll go on your profile and if you’re posting the right kind of content that’s similar to the niche you’re commenting on.

You have the possibility of those people following you and the reason I tell you to turn on post notifications and be one of the first people to comment is that it’s a lot easier to get a top comment when there’s not a lot of other comment.

The older your comment is the more time it has to get some likes and to get on top of that comment section. I mean think about it, some of his posts has 45,000 likes which probably means that around a hundred thousand people saw this post in total.

If even a quarter of that went into the comments that’s 25,000 people and if you’re at the top of the comments that’s 25,000 people who could potentially see you and go on your profile and check out your content.

That’s also why you want to be commenting on the right posts. You’ve got to comment on the posts that are in your niche.

If you’re an outdoors photographer and you’re commenting on a meme page and those 25,000 people go and check out your page they’re probably not gonna follow you because that’s not the kind of content they’re interested in.

Your comments on other people’s posts should be reflective of the type of content you’re posting. I mean if you’re an outdoor photographer you should probably be writing something constructive about the photography.

If you’re a meme page and you’re trying to grow your meme page you would go on other meme pages and probably type something funny. So that’s tip number one, posting good comments that other people will like.

Remove Inactive Followers

Tip number two would be to remove some of your inactive followers, people who aren’t liking your pictures anymore or maybe they’re off of Instagram completely.

The reason you want to do that is because the way that Instagram algorithm currently works is that it shows your posts to a small percentage of your followers.

If those followers like and engage with something that you just posted, Instagram will show it to more of your followers and if those people like it Instagram will show it to even more of your followers.

So if Instagram shows your posts to the first batch of followers and half of them are inactive and nobody else is liking your post from that Instagram is not going to show it to more people.

But if you remove those inactive followers and Instagram shows it to some of your followers and they are engaging with your posts, Instagram is automatically going to think this is a good piece of content. We’re gonna promote it to the rest of your followers and maybe even put it on the explore page.

Removing some of your followers to get a better likes to followers ratio is gonna hurt you in the short term because you’re obviously going to have a smaller number but it will definitely benefit you in the long run.

If you don’t know how to remove followers there’s actually specific apps that will help you do that. For iOS there’s an app called Cleaner where you can just mass select the people that aren’t engaging with your posts.

If you have a small amount of followers you can actually do this manually. Just go on your followers list, look at the accounts maybe that don’t have a profile picture or that look inactive and if you block them and unblock them they won’t be following you anymore.

Follow People In Your Niche

Organic method number three is gonna be to follow people in your niche. So this kind of sucks because you might have a lot of different interests that you love, following all kinds of different people.

If you’re taking Instagram seriously and you want to grow a business out of it a good idea would be to follow people who are very similar to your niche.

Let’s say you’re in the fitness niche. A good idea would be to follow all the people who are big in the Instagram fitness space. What this is going to do is show the Instagram algorithm that you’re following people in the fitness industry.

Your liking people’s pictures that are in the fitness industry, your commenting on people’s pictures that are in the fitness industry, you’re probably in the fitness industry.

Once Instagram knows that you’re into this specific niche it’s going to start promoting you to other people in this niche. Whether it be through the Explorer page maybe even the suggested users tab.

You know when you go on the person in the fitness industry, you go next to their follower little follow button, there’s an arrow you click on it and it shows other people in the fitness niche.

How does Instagram know that those people are in the fitness industry? There can’t just be one person sitting at headquarters deciding where people should be placed.

There’s a specific algorithm that places people in different parts of Instagram and you can help that algorithm out in determining who you are by following accounts that are similar to yours, engaging with them and commenting on their posts.

Going further into this topic of niches I probably should have started with this but you have to be in a niche. Instagram won’t really know who they should recommend your post to and how to organically grow you if they don’t know what specific type of content you’re posting.

Instagram algorithm aside you have to post the same type of content so that people know you, know who you are and what you’re posting.

Let’s say you’re posting some soccer trick shot videos. You need to make it known to people, you’ve got to make it obvious that that’s what you’re doing. When someone visits your profile they should only see trick shot videos.

Same thing with travel, photography, food bloggers, whatever it is you have to stick to one thing. Let’s say I’m out here posting some soccer trick shot videos but I’m also throwing in some different food blogging content. All this is going to do is confuse people.

People who want to follow you for trick shot videos aren’t going to want to see your food blogging posts and people who follow you for your food blogging aren’t going to want to see your trick shot videos. You got to stick to one thing.

Also let’s say you’re an outdoors photographer and I go on your page and I’m really liking your outdoor photography pictures but I also see that you’re posting some family photos, you’re posting pictures of your dinner.

I might wonder is this a personal page and by following it am I kind of creeping on them, that’s kind of weird but if you’re just posting your outdoors photography photos then I know okay this is an outdoors photography page. Boom follow

Niching down and posting specific type of content is huge, it’s going to give a reason for people to follow you and it’s going to help the Instagram algorithm show your content to the right type of person. The person that’s interested in what you’re doing.

Before I wrap up this post I do want to quickly mention a couple of things that you should also do that will help your Instagram.

Optimize your profile. You can start with your username, try to do something that doesn’t involve periods or underscore and also something that’s very short and easy to remember.

Look at all the big people on Instagram, most of them don’t have any underscores or periods in their username, it just looks a lot cleaner if you don’t.

For your bio maybe put something that describes the type of content you’re posting or what you’re doing. If you’re a wedding photographer maybe add in San Francisco based wedding photographer.

This way people don’t have to guess about what you’re doing, it’s very straight forward and it helps people decide whether they want to follow you or not.

Going down to your feed make sure it looks nice. There’s different apps you can use to help you organize your feed. You can upload posts to them before you upload to Instagram and kind of organize the way things are so it’s a aesthetically pleasing.

How To Grow Organically On Instagram – Conclusion

So those are going to be my tips for growing on Instagram organically but you got to remember that none of this stuff is going to work for you unless you’re posting good quality content that people actually want to see. Just remember, Instagram growth strategies don’t work unless you do.

Thank you so much for checking out this post and if you made it this far you might as well scroll down and leave a comment. If you have found this helpful make sure to share with your friends.

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