how to grow your youtube channel fast

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re probably a small YouTuber. You might be struggling on YouTube, and you want to know, how to grow your YouTube channel fast.

Well, I’m actually going to tell you things you probably have never heard in this post. I’m going to talk to you about how YouTube helps find an audience for your videos.

I’m going to teach you a few things you don’t know about the algorithm but I’m going to tell you right now, if you don’t know how to make quality content and if you don’t have the time to make videos, I don’t honestly believe this is going help you.

You can’t grow a channel on crappy content. It just isn’t going to work. So, if you want the real deal on how to grow your YouTube channel a little bit faster, read the rest of this article.

A few very important questions, where is YouTube going to find an audience for your videos? How is YouTube going to find people to serve your videos to?

These are important questions and it’s the core of how you grow a YouTube channel at all. Let alone how you grow a YouTube channel fast and if you can’t answer these questions, that’s your first real problem.

If you’re wondering why certain people blow up in YouTube, if you wonder why it is that commentary channels grow fast, if you wonder why product reviews grow fast in YouTube.

The answer is that its very obvious for YouTube who to serve those videos to in the first place. It has no problem, the YouTube algorithm has no problem finding an audience for that type of content.

Then it relies on that creator, making a thumbnail and a title, that was good enough to get a click and then, if the video doesn’t suck, it gets watch time. This is really straight forward.

The reason that commentary channels grow fast is because they’re talking about other YouTubers and it’s not just that they’re talking about other YouTubers, you have to think why that matters.

They’re usually talking about the largest creators in the platform and usually when there is attention around those creators good or bad.

The YouTube algorithm bases recommendations on what people have previously watched, and what they are searching for.

YouTube’s 3 Key Places

YouTube shares videos on the home page of the viewer, on the recommended sidebar while they’re watching a video, and in the search results page.

The reason that commentary videos can do so well is because if you’ve watched a video about a certain content creator, you’re a fan of theirs, you’re subscribed to them, and a commentator makes a videos about that, well it’s easy to serve that to you on the YouTube homepage.

Same as why its showing up in search. And then in terms of recommended, well you’re recommended similar videos based on your search and on your view history and also based on what relates to the video that you’re currently watching.

What else can YouTube give you that will keep you binge watching content? It’s gonna look at the title, the descriptions, the tags, the closed captioning. So if you’ve wondered why do commentary channels get a lot of views and a lot of clicks now you know.

Product reviews, whether its tech, or whether it’s beauty products, or something else, work in exactly the same way. This even works with tutorials and education content and this is why people can grow channels based on this type of strategy.

If you think about it, this is also why gaming was popular at a certain point in YouTube because with free to play games, you had access to a broad audience.

You had people that YouTube knew it could serve videos to because free to play games are the most accessible games there are and this is still true today of channels that grow fast.

It was content that people were searching for because they wanted to know more and see what these games were like or find out about an exploit in the game and that’s what ultimately helped grow those channels.

Who Is Your Audience

With all that being said, here’s what you should do if you want to actually grow your YouTube channel fast. You will need the talent and the ability to do it, though. You need to be honest with yourself and about who your audience is.

Who is your target audience and what are they paying attention to right now, and is it a big enough audience for you to grow fast in?

If you have a very specific niche, you probably can’t grow fast simply because it’s a very small niche. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money from it.

You’ll see a lot of youtubers do tips, they do these kind of videos and might wonder “Well I’m not growing,” or “It doesn’t work.” But here’s the thing, a lot of times some of you aren’t honest with yourself.

You have to be honest about the level of quality or knowledge and what’s acceptable for the audience. You also need to consider the time that you’re making the videos, are they relevant for the time and also whether you’re doing enough quantity.

Do you have enough videos of exactly the same type of videos that your subscribers signed up for, in order to keep getting new subscribers and also maintain the subscribers that you have?

You see, having enough videos actually matters. You need enough videos for YouTube to be able to understand that you’re serving a specific type of audience, to have people that it knows it can deliver those videos for.

So by you doing content that’s all over the place, doing one video this week and another video the next week, that’s not enough content. It’s also not enough content quickly enough sometimes, for you to get traction if you wanna grow fast.

You have to do volume and you have to have depth in your library. It really can’t work any other way because its just like sales. You do need to have enough daily sales going on in order to grow a business and it’s the same thing with YouTube.

You need enough opportunities. You need to take more shots. Every video is an opportunity. So, I made a lot of videos. I made daily videos for like 16 months.

Not every single one of those videos was a success, but because I was making so many videos, I had a good shot at getting some of those videos to pop. There’s no one video that blew up or carried the channel.

It was the videos that were successful, not having these huge gaps of time between them, that kept people coming back and also helped new people discover me.

So you need to figure out how many videos a week you can make. I recommend that if you wanna grow faster maybe you can make three to five videos a week because then you have more shots.

Maybe one of those videos will actually land and be successful and then if you’re doing that every week, you have more opportunities, so if you end up with four or five videos in a month that were successful, that’s gonna help grow your channel.

If you’re doing that each and every month, you’re going to have a really good year in YouTube. It’s down to the math, but just because you’re making a lot of videos doesn’t mean that they’re crappy videos.

Everyone wants to say quality over quantity, but you also have to remember that the quality that matters is what an audience said yes to and an audience doesn’t always say yes to drone footage and fancy cinematography.

Sometimes they say yes to you just being real with them.

Help YouTube Understand

Now to help YouTube understand where to put your videos, you’ve got to get those titles to be clickable, and you gotta get a high click through rate.

You need good thumbnails so that still matters, but you also need to optimize your description and your tags and you need to understand where opportunities are for you to get a lot of views where there might not be a lot of competition.

I’m going recommend that you get TubeBuddy if you’re really going to be serious about your YouTube channel and growing it into a business.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will help you seamlessly manage and optimize your YouTube channel. It will help to save you time on YouTube so that you can put that time towards creating more content or spending it with your friends and family.

It will automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video’s Tags and promoting your latest video.

What I like about TubeBuddy more than anything is that it will help you with your research about what videos you’re gonna compete with so that you can make your titles and thumbnails competitive.

You need thumbnails that look just as good or better then anything that’s gonna be on the YouTube home page distracting people, anything that’s gonna show up in recommended, anything that’s gonna show up in search, your thumbnail has to compete with that and so does your title.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast – Conclusion

So there you go, the no click bait truth about how to grow a YouTube channel fast in 2019, and by the way this will still be valid in 2020. It’s not going to change, because this is how human behavior works and this is the core of the YouTube algorithm.

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As always, thanks so very much for reading and don’t forget. Get out of your comfort zone and get started!

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