How to Improve Your Competitors Videos

How to Improve Your Competitors Videos

If you’ve followed my most recent posts, you should have a decent list of the videos your competitors have produced. You should have also taken the time to view them.

Once you have gone through their videos, you are left with several choices in terms of improvement. Generally speaking, when you’re looking to improve on your competitors’ content, you can improve on the following five points.

Focus on a Subtopic

You can drill down and focus more tightly on a subtopic. For example, your competitors talk about how to make money on Instagram using hashtags. You can drill down and focus on how to make money on Instagram using hashtags that get a lot of brand ambassadors’ attention.

In other words, you’re still within the topic of your competitors, but you’re delivering better value. You’re not talking about the exact same stuff that everybody else is talking about.

This makes you look good. This makes your brand stand out because everybody’s talking about that stuff. Your customer will really not see any difference between the stuff that you’re doing and everybody else’s stuff.

Your competitors are probably better known than you. They probably have more familiar brands. It would not be a surprise if your target audience members would rather go straight to your competitors than have to deal with your stuff.

After all, you’re talking about the exact same stuff that they are already talking about. To get around this problem, focus on a subtopic that is still on point. When you do this, you deliver on the basic needs of your audience members, but you also deliver something new.

This gives you a competitive advantage. You are providing something that they cannot readily get elsewhere. This enables you to develop loyalty around your content.

Use Updated Information

Another way to improve on the quality of your competitors’ content is to simply offer up to date information. Depending on your niche, there might be lots of materials covered by your competitors that are simply outdated or obsolete.

Depending on what you’re talking about, this can be a make or break situation as far as your potential customers are concerned.

For example, if your competitors have SEO search engine optimization techniques for 2017 and your video is for SEO in 2018, you can bet that you will get a lot more attention.

Also, when you talk about the latest Google algorithm update that has a direct impact on SEO, you can bet that your target audience members would pay attention to your stuff instead of your competitors.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all niches. Some niches are actually “evergreen.” These are niches that rarely change. Content that was published ten years ago is just as valid today.

But if you are a niche that involves cutting edge information, you can gain a competitive advantage by simply featuring updated materials in your video.

Focus on Engagement

Another way you can come up with video that’s much better than your reverse engineered competitors is to come up with more engaging content. This can mean appeals to emotion. This can mean easier and more logical presentation of information.

Whatever the case may be, you develop a personality for your content, and this gives a human face to your materials which your competitors may lack.

Human beings are always looking for that human connection. Even though we’re in a hurry, even though we have very short attention spans, with everything being equal, we would prefer to engage with content that make us feel human and make us feel like we matter.

Improve Your Content with Explanatory Elements

If you’re in a niche that involves fairly complicated concepts, you probably would stand out from the competition if you go out of your way to clearly explain what would otherwise be confusing or arcane material.

Maybe you can use an explanatory graphic in your video. Maybe you can present a video that breaks down that complicated concept piece by piece. Maybe you can create a video that has many examples of everyday applications of each and every part of the concept.

If you do this and your competitors don’t, you gain an instant competitive advantage. In fact, your consumers would love your brand because you’re giving them something that your competitors are either unwilling or unable to give them.

More Personality-Driven Content

Depending on your niche, it may make a lot of sense to put a human face on the information you are presenting. As I’ve mentioned above, people like to connect with other flesh and blood human beings.

They would like to get the impression that the person that they are dealing with sees the world the same way they do, or at least responds to the world the same way they do.

You have to understand that one key pillar to persuasion and likeability is the impression that the person you’re dealing with is similar enough to us. When you incorporate personality-driven elements in your content, you trigger this very human need.

Generally speaking, people are more likely to trust people who either look like them, talk like them, or have the same values as them.

Commit to Testing Your Improvements

Once you have come up with a game plan for improving on the reverse engineered features of your competitors’ video content, the next step is to test and improve your stuff.

Now, this is where a lot of video marketers fail. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen video sales pages that are obviously going through audience testing.

The problem is, the marketer behind the video changes the video completely. That’s how they “test” the video. This is a mistake. And if you don’t watch what you’re doing, it’s going to be an expensive mistake.

The best way to test video is to improve one element at a time. Start with the least costly element. This is the length of your video. Start there.

Maybe start with five minutes. Run several tests, and see if you get better engagement or better URL click-throughs and ultimately, sales conversions with either shorter or longer videos.

Once you have reached a point where any further modifications of the element is not going to get you any further improvements in engagement or click-through or conversions, the next step is to optimize the next element. This is called “elemental marketing optimization.”

Key Elements You Can Test When Improving Your Competitors’ Videos

Here are the elements you can improve on:
• Length
• Graphics
• Title
• Description
• Video style

Video style covers explainer videos, whiteboard videos, “talking head” videos, interviews and spokesperson videos. Again, the key here is to go from element to element only after you have fully optimized the element that you started with.

Let’s say, you’re going to pay attention to the thumbnail on YouTube that people will see when your video is listed. Come up with many different thumbnails. Pay attention to whether it improved the engagement levels as well as views of your video.

If it did, then stick to that thumbnail and come up with different versions of that thumbnail. See if the different versions get better results. Keep improving on those versions until there are no longer any improvements possible.

You then switch to optimizing another element. This time, change the title. See if that improves engagement. Once you have maximized engagement and click-through there, mess around with the description.

I hope you see the point here. Go through the whole list of elements until you have completely optimized the performance of that video.

Once you’re clear that this video is a breakout performer, take notes because you’re going to use the combination of elements it has for your other videos.

How to Improve Your Competitors Videos – Conclusion

I hope this post has given you some insight on how to improve on your competitors videos. I know it’s time consuming but it is worth it. If you want results you’ve got to put in the work.

Let me know your thoughts, tips or experiences below and if you’ve found this helpful share it with your friends. Be sure to check out my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve.

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