Instagram Marketing Tips for 2019

Instagram Marketing Tips for 2020

In today’s post I’m going to share my Instagram marketing tips for 2020. Things have changed on Instagram in the past year or so at over 800 million active users now. On the platform they’ve had to make a lots of changes to accommodate all the growth, new accounts and activity.

Overall it’s just a more saturated platform so there is more competition for space and that coveted newsfeed. There are over 500 million users that are active every single day on Instagram and over 80% of which follow businesses and brands.

Now I could go for a while with these statistics but the main takeaway is what used to work on Instagram just isn’t working anymore. It’s time to adjust your strategy and here is my boiled down condensed guide to Instagram in 2020.

Post engagement is Dropping

The number one complaint that I hear is “I used to get 300 likes and 60 comments per posts and now sometimes I only get 60.” The number of likes and comments on posts to the newsfeed are going down for a lot of people.

Listen I feel ya, it kind of sucks but it is happening but instead of a wallowing in this pit of misery let’s get actionable about it because the algorithm is not going anywhere anytime soon.

People are engaging in different ways, engagement is a lot less in the newsfeed and a lot more in stories. Instagram stories are where it’s at right now.

The feed has gotten to be a little bit less fun and more like Facebook, meaning it’s really influenced by the algorithm and not chronological whatsoever. There seem to be paid ads every two or three posts and because of this Instagram stories are getting way more play than posts.

Be honest with me, how many times do you hit play on an Instagram story and 20 minutes later realize that you’re still watching them. They’re like the new episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that’s the bottom line. People are interacting more in stories than in the newsfeed.

Your Content Lives Longer

You can curse the algorithm up and down all you want but there is one undeniable benefit of the algorithm and that is your content lives much longer than it ever did before.

Before when there was no algorithm and it was all chronological a post would go up and have instant interactions and then completely drop off. This means good news, you can post less often and get more out of the content that you do share.

The bottom line is to share better, more valuable content less frequently. Success looks different to each individual, focus on the big picture. The number of followers that you have matters less than it ever has before.

There are Instagram accounts with 500 followers who have million dollar businesses and there are accounts that have 500,000 followers that makes zero dollars in profit per year.

There is honestly no correlation between the amount of followers that you have and your success. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the numbers, which leads me to my next point.

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Customers Not Followers

Your goal should be customers not your number of followers. Instead of focusing on that number focus on the quality of comments that you get, out of the direct messages that you’re receiving in your inbox, in the quality of your connections rather than the number.

The real key to conversions and growing your customer base is in genuine connections. Relationships are the common denominator that’s going through all social media channels.

Regardless of algorithm, regardless of platform it’s all about relationships and creating valuable content. Don’t try to be like anyone else, stick to your unique voice.

Instagram Marketing Tips for 2020 – Conclusion

Be a gracious host on your page, always comment back when people comment on your posts, respond to direct messages and be genuinely interested in people who take the time to talk to you.

Be a good person overall and the good you do will come back to you I promise. It’s not so different in social media as it is in real life. If you’re looking to monetize your Instagram check out ProfitsGram.

These are my quick Instagram marketing tips for 2020. ready if you’ve found them helpful please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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