Internet Marketing Strategies

Choosing The Right Internet Marketing Strategy

Believe me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different internet marketing strategies when you’re starting out and trying to build your online business.

Of course you want to be found on all the media platforms but trying to add your valuable content to each one consistently can become a daunting task.

My advice, sit down and figure out what you enjoy doing and start with that.

If you enjoy writing, focus on publishing great articles on your website and learn the power of keywords and seo. A great tool to use for this is KW Finder.

Content has and will always be king. Google loves quality content and if you learn some seo techniques and stay consistent you can reap the rewards.

If you are comfortable speaking in front of a camera, share helpful content on youtube and build your channel.

I know for most people it’s hard to make those first few videos but trust me, after you make 3-4 it’s just like sitting down with your friends and answering questions.

Love speaking but are camera shy? No problem, start your own podcasts.

Remember, it’s all about value. While it is a little easier to build that trust factor when people can actually see you on youtube you can still build it by solving problems in your niche.

Building On Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Okay, you’ve chosen your favorite internet marketing strategy, now what.

The key is to consistently provide value. Not sure what to write or talk about in your niche? Write down the questions you had when you first started, visit niche related fourms and find out questions others are asking.

Type your niche into qoogle or quora and let the autosearch give you suggestions of what questions people are asking.

Let’s say I’m in the pet niche which is a huge niche. I personally would make it more targeted and perhaps drill down to Labradors.

You can simple type in google labradors then any letter and google will show you auto suggestions of the most often asked questions.

Do that for each letter and when you go down that rabbit hole you will have enough content ideas to last you awhile. lol

Great, now you’ve got the ideas and you create your content. What’s next?

Internet Marketing Strategy – Build Your List

People are watching, listening or reading your content. Now on your capture page or optin form on your site you can offer them more value by sharing a report in exchange for their email.

Let’s say from the example above it could be “3 Ways to Train Labrador Retrievers”

If you go to my homepage you can see exactly my strategy with this method. People visit my site thru various marketing strategies and have the option to learn how to build a passive income.

They click the button, fill out the form, get the free report and I have a new subscriber with which I can share more valuable content with and build a relationship with.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Wrapping Up

As you grow more comfortable with your first internet marketing strategy, have your optin setup and autoresponder letter ready, then you can start to think about adding one of the other strategies.

The great thing is you can streamline and automate much of this process. If you would like to learn more about the tools I use to do this simply visit My Recommended Tools. 

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