keywords everywhere chrome extension

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Today I’m going to share with you the best keyword research tool out there right now and best of all it’s absolutely free. I want to introduce you to my favorite keyword research tool, it’s called it’s called Keywords Everywhere.

I want to show you how to use it because it’s such a great tool to find great ideas, great content topics and to know the search volume for each of those topics.

The tool is called Keywords Everywhere and you can access it by going to This is an extension that is applicable for Chrome as well as Firefox.

To install it you simply click install for Chrome or Firefox and once you do that you’re going to see a little icon in the tool area of your search bar, it’s going to be a black circle with a red K.

Once that’s done you need to get your free API key. They’re going to ask for your email so they can send you the API key and once you get it you simply click the icon and paste it in. Once it’s installed you can get started.

How Does Keywords Everywhere Work

Now how does this actually work? Keywords Everywhere is a great tool to use when you’re just doing a google search but it also integrates with many different websites.

Google search, Google Trends, eBay, Answer the Public, Keyword Planner, Bing, Etsy, Amazon are just a few of the websites that it integrates with.

I’m going to show you how it integrates with one of my favorite websites which is Answer the Public but before we go there you can put it to the test by typing in a keyword in Google.

Type in “how-to bake a cake in a microwave”. What you’re going to see when Keywords Everywhere is enabled is that the search volume for this keyword is 3,600 searches every single month.

It also gives you advertiser data so you can find out what the cost per click is and what the competition rating is as well. It gives you data from an advertiser perspective but also from a general user perspective.

I find it great for doing research when I’m putting together a content strategy. Before I write any post or make a video I want to make sure that it has the potential to rank depending on what people are searching for.

Okay, so we see how to bake a cake in the microwave is 3,600 searches a month but that’s not all, the best is yet to come. As you scroll you’ll notice on the right additional keywords.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of Google search you’ll find searches related to your initial search phrase. What’s great about this is that the tool gives you additional search volumes for all of these related terms as well.

Simple cake recipes in microwave oven, how to make cake in a microwave oven, how to make a sponge cake in a microwave are all phrases you’ll see.

Using Keywords Everywhere For Your Posts or Videos

You can see “how to make vanilla cake in the microwave” has 480 searches happening per month so you can gauge what topics are in demand and what additional topics you can make videos on and this is great if you are a youtuber who utilizes the power of playlists.

If you have an entire playlist on microwave cooking then you can use all of these related keyword searches and know what the search volume is, know what the demand is for these.

Knowing this you’re going to have demand ready topics. You’re going to have topics that are going to be in demand that are going to get you traffic over a long period of time and these are all evergreen keywords.

Another example to type in is “how to use Facebook live”. This is a keyword that’s getting 5400 monthly searches every single month and again if you go scroll down you can see all of the related searches that are happening.

You’ll see Facebook live video for Android, how to download a Facebook live, Facebook live for video streaming, Facebook live on laptop, all of these searches are getting good search volumes. This is great for gauging demand.

You can easily get to know what related topics are going to actually drive traffic to your videos or posts and what topics to make your videos and posts about.

Now I want to show you how Keywords Everywhere integrates with other sites. I often use Answer the Public for research, it’s a tool that aggregates data about questions that people are asking Google and then it presents it to you in a circular form.

So if you type in “Facebook live” you’ll get questions and if you scroll down you’ll see that people are asking eighty five questions around the keyword Facebook live.

The best thing is that I can see all of these results: how Facebook live video works, how to use Facebook live, how to Facebook live for iOS, when will Facebook live be available, etc.

As you hover on these keywords because you’ve integrated Answer the Public with Keywords Everywhere you can see the search volumes directly inside Answer the Public.

You can see all of the questions that people are asking and you don’t have to do any guesswork. You can get an accurate estimate about what the search volume is for all of these keywords.

If I’m hesitant about which topic to make a video or post on this is going help me make my decision. I want to be able to choose some of the best performing keywords with the biggest search volume so here is the information in a linear format.

I hope you enjoyed that look into Keywords Everywhere which is one of the best free keyword research tools out there. I think it’s a killer for Google AdWords planner because it’s getting too complicated to use.

What I especially love about it is its integration with all these other tools. You can do the search inside YouTube, Uber Suggests, Answer the Public, Amazon, eBay and most of your favorite tools that you’re already using.

It’s great for just immediately looking up keywords while you’re searching for them and you get ideas because it’s right there in your Google search browser and you can do that search in a matter of minutes.

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did leave me a comment and share this post with a friend so that you can help them get better at keyword research as well.

Let me know how you intend to use Keywords Everywhere and maybe some of the keyword searches that you’re going to perform using it. I would love to hear what your results are.

Make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve and get your business up and running.

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