Know Like Trust The Importance Of KLT Marketing

Know Like Trust The Importance Of KLT Marketing

So you want more customers to buy from you? Well today we’re going to talk about three simple steps that you can take right now that are going to get more people buying stuff from you.

These three simple steps are free, they’re really easy to implement and you can actually start implementing them right away.

So what are they? They’re called the KLT factor which stands for know, like and trust, those are the three steps. You’ve heard the old adage they say in business that people do business with people they like.

In this post we’re going to help you see your business in more human-like terms so that people can get to know, like and trust your business.

If you think about any business that you repeatedly buy from, chances are that you already know them, like them and trust them. That’s why you go again and again to that business to buy from them.

I really like what author Zig Ziglar had to say on this topic. If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

You have to get people to be able to know you, like you and eventually trust you. These are the three simple steps that we’re going to discuss today.

Get People To Know You

There are two ways that you can immediately get people to know you better. The first one is to get to know them first. You need to  establish who you’re talking to. Who is your ideal customer, who is your ideal audience.

You want to get really specific and drill down into what’s their age, their income, their demographics, what motivates them, what hurts them, what what problems do they have in life, what drives them, who are they.

The more specific you can get about this the more you’ll be able to talk directly with them and that’s going to help you to get to know them and for them to get to know you.

The second thing that you can do to get people to know you is to give away stuff for free. Now while that may sound counterintuitive to actually getting more customers here’s how it works.

When you give away free advice, free products, free samples, free consultation services and so on, you’re actually giving people a little taste of what you’re all about.

In order to establish yourself in business in the beginning and get more people in to buy from you, they have to know what it is exactly that you’re selling.

Give them a little taste of a free service or a free product that you can give away and that will help them get to know you better.

Get People To Like You

So how do you get someone to like you as a person? There are two steps that you can take to get people to like you and then we’re going to discuss how as a business you can implement those two steps.

Step one is to find common ground. Say you’re walking in a park with your dog and somebody else is walking in the park with their dog. The natural commonality is you talk about your pet.

You go to a doctor’s office and you have your toddler with you and so does another parent so of course you start discussing parenting issues with them.

So the idea is as a business to find the common ground that connects you with your customer. For example, what are you all about, what charities do you donate to, what are your values, what are the business practices that you will never do.

Then you simply talk about them in your blog so that other people can find the common ground to be able to connect with you.

The second way to get people to like you is to be selectively vulnerable. What I mean by that is you talk a little bit about a weakness or something that is challenging you now.

The thing is that nobody’s perfect and perfectionism is not a very likable trait in people. So how do you translate that to your business? You do that by showing the challenges that you’re facing.

By showing some big challenges that you’ve overcome, risks that you’ve taken, doubts that you have, so show some part of your business that you’re not hundred percent sure about and expose that.

By doing this people can connect with your struggles and your journey. Be vulnerable to accepting people’s criticisms and people’s advice and that is gonna make you more likable.

Get People To Trust You

So how do you get people from knowing you and liking you to finally being able to trust you enough to buy from you? Here’s the thing, there are three ways to do this.

The first one is to be authentic. Be real, be exactly who you are. Don’t pretend, don’t take on anybody else’s persona and that applies to business as well.

Find out what values you stand for, what kind of a business you want to run and proudly own that. Be authentic!

The second thing is to be transparent. Don’t hide stuff. For example, when a waiter finds a wallet full of money and returns it, people are like “wow this guy’s so honest, so real, so transparent”, that’s what you want your business to be.

Talk to your customers, explain what you’re doing and keep them in the loop all the time and don’t be afraid to talk about your business practices.

The third thing that you can do to gain more trust is to be consistent. You know if somebody shows up at the same time, at the same place every single day you start to feel that that person is more trustworthy. You know that’s how it works.

What you want to do is you want to establish some ground principles and you want to adhere to them so that people come to expect the same standard from you every single time they do business with you.

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Know Like Trust The Importance Of KLT Marketing – Conclusion

So do you think can you easily and quickly implement these three simple steps to get people to know you, like you and trust you in order to get more customers for your business.

It takes time to understand your target audience and build that trust factor but once you do you’ll have a loyal following that will keep growing.

Let me know what your thought are in the comments below, I’d love to hear your feedback. If you liked this post please share it with some friends and make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help in your online journey.


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